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Norway Tours November 2025

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Norway Travel Guide

Welcome to Norway, a country known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant cultural heritage. As a touring destination, Norway offers an array of unforgettable experiences, from the awe-inspiring Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle to the majestic fjords in the west. Destination tours in Norway bring you closer to nature with its dramatic landscapes of towering mountains, deep forests, and expansive coastlines. The appeal of Norway lies in its ability to blend natural wonders with rich history and modern Scandinavian living. Whether it's through guided tours of historic Viking sites or exploring modern cities like Oslo and Bergen, Norway offers a unique mix of adventure and cultural exploration. Tours to Norway are perfect for those seeking a destination that combines outdoor activities with insights into a rich cultural tapestry. This is a place where every turn offers a new, breathtaking view, making Norway a top choice for travelers seeking beauty and tranquility. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Norway tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters. View Norway Tour Deals and Discounts

Norway Travel Guide
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Norway Travel Guide

Norway Tours Highlights

  • The Norwegian Fjords: The fjords, such as Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, are Norway's most famous attractions. These UNESCO World Heritage Sites offer dramatic landscapes with steep cliffs and deep blue waters. Tours to these fjords often include boat trips, providing an up-close view of their majestic beauty.
  • The Northern Lights: Experiencing the Northern Lights in places like Tromsø is a highlight of any tour to Norway. Guided tours offer the best chance to witness this natural phenomenon, with clear nights in the Arctic Circle providing the perfect backdrop.
  • Bryggen in Bergen: The historic harbor district of Bryggen in Bergen, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its colorful wooden houses and maritime history. Walking tours through these old Hanseatic commercial buildings are a journey back in time.
  • Viking Ship Museum: In Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum showcases well-preserved Viking ships and artifacts, offering insights into the Viking Age. Tours here are educational, highlighting the craftsmanship and seafaring skills of the Vikings.

Norway Tours Travel Tips

  • Polar Bears, although a common misconception, do not roam freely in the streets of Norway. In fact, there are no wild Polar Bears on mainland Norway at all
  • Ensure that you have exchanged your dollars and Euros for Norwegian Krone or else you won't get far in terms of spending
  • If you aren't able to speak Norwegian don't worry, most Norwegians can speak English. They may be shy to carry on full conversations, but they can understand enough to help you out with any questions you may have
  • Norway is one of the safest countries in the world, with an extremely low crime rate
  •  Some attractions are only open during a certain season, so be sure to do your research before booking your tour
  • Be sure to bring an extra layer of clothing, regardless of the season that you are visiting in. The weather can be a little unpredictable
  • Wild camping is something that is popular in Norway, meaning that in most of the country you can pitch a tent wherever you please unless it is stated otherwise
  • Most Outdoor Locations and National Parks are free to access and use, but be sure to clean up after yourself

Norway Tours Things To Do

  • Visit and Explore Mount Floyen
    Visit and Explore Mount Floyen

    If you are looking to experience the best vistas across Bergen then you have to come and see Mount Floyen, which has a summit that overlooks the entire city. While you are able to hike the paths that will take you up the 399-meter climb, you can also opt to take the funicular railway to the top and avoid exhaustion. Once you arrive at the top you can gaze out over the entire city and vista and really take in the absolutely breathtaking view. Another bonus is the Floyen Folk Restaurant which has amazing food and traditional music recitals all year round.   

    You Should Know

    The hike up the mountain is rather relaxed, and you can also rent bikes from the city to help with the ascent. Don't let the height scare you, walking or biking will give you some incredible photo opportunities.

  • Visit Oslo Cathedral
    Visit Oslo Cathedral

    While in Oslo it is customary to visit the Oslo Cathedral, which happens to be one of the main draws to the city. The Cathedral, built in the 11th century, is still in its original form and offers you some absolutely breathtaking architectural features, as well as incredible pieces of art. The style of the church is baroque, and it was the first church to ever be established in Norway. The history of the cathedral is something that you may want to dive deeper into, but today the Cathedral is still functioning and is often used for iconic events, such as those of the Royal family.   

    Best Time To Visit

    If you are looking to attend a service at the cathedral, we mentioned that it is fully functioning, offering a variety of services throughout the week. However, it does get quite busy so we suggest deciding on a certain time and being early.

  • Ferry Rides
    Ferry Rides

    While on one of our tours there will be chances to take Ferry rides across various bodies of water. With so many various islands and inlets to see sometimes a Ferry ride is the only way to see them. While the Ferry's you will be boarding will be tours that last a few hours, there are some Ferry's that set sail for days at a time to show you even more of Norway. Rest assured, the Ferry rides that we have booked for you will show you some incredible sights while you are here.   

    You Should Know

    The climate in Norway can change rapidly, dropping temperatures rather fast. We do suggest, especially on the Ferry rides, to have jackets with you, as well as rain ponchos in case of inclement weather.

  • Take a Tour Through Akershus Castle
    Take a Tour Through Akershus Castle

    Akershus Castle was built during the medieval period in 1299 and was meant to be a protection for Oslo from any enemy invasions. Over the years the uses of this fortress changed, becoming a renaissance castle, and even a prison in more modern times. Today it is used by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, and you are able to visit the castle and get a lesson in some of the History of Medieval Norway. You are also able to view some of the pretties rooms here, such as the banquet rooms and chapel. The castle is also home to a variety of antiques that will show you a more in-depth history of the castle itself.   

    Best Time To Visit

    The castle is a very popular attraction and you are sure to find crowds regardless of the time of year that you visit. To get the most out of your experience we do suggest visiting in the morning, before noon.

  • Go Sightseeing at the Vigeland Sculpture Park
    Go Sightseeing at the Vigeland Sculpture Park

    Norway is known for many things, including food, music, and architecture, but they also pride themselves in being the home to some incredible artists, including sculptor Gustav Vigeland. At the Vigeland Sculpture Park you will find over 200 incredible pieces by this amazing artist. Not only is the park full of incredible sculptures, it is also the biggest sculpture park in the world that has a single artist focus. The park is home to some astounding pieces, and eerie pieces as well. Do not be alarmed to find skeletons in the tree branches while enjoying your tour!  

    Best Time To Visit

    For some of the best photo opportunities we do suggest visiting in the early evenings. The sunset through the park is incredible, and some of the sculptures have an even more dramatic look in the twilight. 

  • Take a Walk Through the Viking Ship Museum
    Take a Walk Through the Viking Ship Museum

    Of course one of the main things people seem to know about Norway is our Viking history. While there are not any Viking settlements left in present-day Norway, at the Viking Ship Museum you can take a step back in time and see what things were like back then. Don't let the name fool you, it's not all boats in this museum, but some well-preserved artifacts from the time period as well. There are three longboats in the museum that have been dated back to the ninth century and are in incredible shape. One of the most famous ships is the Oseberg Boat, which was said to have been used in funerary arrangements as a burial vessel specifically for Viking nobility.   

    You Should Know

    The museum can get fairly busy regardless of the time that you visit, so we suggest adding it to your list, and hoping for entrance during your time here. Be prepared to come back at different points throughout the day to try again.

  • Travel to Lillehammer
    Travel to Lillehammer

    Sitting close to the scenic Lake Mjosa, Lillehammer is one of the top tourist destinations for domestic and international travelers alike. Malhaugen Park, one of the main attractions here, takes the form of an open-air museum, showcasing over 100 ancient buildings that give you a glimpse into Norway's past. Some of these buildings include churches, farmhouses, and even workshops from the 18th century.   

    Best Time To Visit

    We suggest visiting in the winter months as you will be able to try out skiing, skating, curling, or even snowshoeing through some of the amazing Nordic trails that are in the area.

  • Take a Tour of the Royal Palace
    Take a Tour of the Royal Palace

    While you are in Norway you need to make sure that you leave yourself time to tour the Royal Palace. Constructed at the beginning of the 19th century, the palace was meant to be the residence of King Charles iii who dies before the work was finished. Now it is home to King Harald V and Queen Sonja, and in the summer months, you are able to visit and tour some of the rooms here. One incredible room is the bird room where there are over 40 species of birds on display. There is also the Hall of Mirrors and the Grand Hall, both of which have intricate crystal chandeliers that are admired by all who see them.  

    Best Time To Visit

    As we stated, the palace can only be toured during the summer months of so be sure to take that into consideration when deciding on the time of year that you wish to book your Norway Tour.

Norway Tour Packages

Choosing the best time to tour Norway depends on what experiences you're seeking. The country's climate varies significantly throughout the year, offering different attractions in each season.

Each season in Norway offers unique experiences, making it a year-round touring destination. Whether you're drawn to the midnight sun, the Northern Lights, or the scenic beauty of the fjords, Norway provides an unforgettable journey.

  • Summer (June to August)

    Summer (June to August) is the most popular time for touring Norway. The weather is at its warmest, and the days are longest, especially in the north, where you can experience the midnight sun. This is the ideal time for fjord tours, hiking, and exploring the coastal areas.

  • Spring and Autumn

    Spring (April to May) and Autumn (September to October) are great for those who prefer fewer crowds. The landscapes are stunning, with spring bringing blooming flowers and autumn displaying vibrant fall colors. These seasons are perfect for destination tours that focus on natural scenery and outdoor activities.

  • Winter (November to March)

    Winter (November to March) in Norway is magical, especially in the Arctic Circle, where you can witness the Northern Lights. This is the best time for winter sports like skiing and dog sledding. Guided tours during this season often focus on snow-based activities and chasing the aurora borealis.

Norway Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Norway Tour?

    A Norway Tour is the most relaxing and cost-effective way to see as much of the wonderful country of Norway as you can within a certain time limit. While you could easily fly and travel around the city at your own cost, flights, hotel accommodations, and meals can add up quickly and can often make the entire experience much too expensive. By booking a Norway Tour some of your meals are covered by the charter, deals on accommodations are available, and you have the chance to visit some of the most luxurious places that Norway is known for.

  • What is Included on a Norway Tour?

    The Norway Tour will include some delicious food, and some incredible excursions, all covered by your initial cost. Any travel costs are covered by the tour company, including motorcoach, ferry crossings, and boat cruises. You will be provided with a full Scandinavian breakfast each day, 1 lunch at an area along the tour route, and 7 three-course dinners, which includes dinner at a local restaurant in Oslo. While you are traveling you shouldn't need to purchase any additional food, barring any snacks that you wish to grab. You can choose to eat in other restaurants during the tour, but those costs will not be incurred by the travel company.

  • What is the Best Norway Tour?

    The best type of Norway Tour truly depends on what you are hoping to see. Our most popular tour hits many of the incredible tourist spots but also hits some areas of Norway that you may not get to see on any other tour. We also include a variety of excursions that you will be participating in each day, which gives you even more of an authentic Norwegian experience. Be sure to research if some of the things you are hoping to do are seasonal and book accordingly. 

  • How Much Does a Norway Tour Cost?

    The cost of a Norway Tour depends on the time of year that you are hoping to visit. While the prices do not change by much, they do change slightly, with higher prices in the peak seasons (Summer and winter). A typical tour will cost you between $2500-$2900 but includes quite a bit. Your travel costs including motorcoach, ferry crossings, and boat cruises are all covered under the cost, as are your meals. If there are any excursions booked for your tour they are also included under this price. The only thing not included in is your lodging at hotels, but the deals offered to the tour groups are very good, some as low as $70 per night. 

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