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Thailand Tours December 2023

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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand's rich cultural heritage awaits you when you embark on a Thailand tour. Discover one of the most popular Southeast Asia destinations to uncover its history, culture, and beauty. From a modern metropolis like Bangkok to the tranquil beach scenery of Phuket and everything in between, Thailand is a diverse place to travel. You'll create lasting memories while immersing in a place like you've never experienced before. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Thailand tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters. View Thailand Tour Deals and Discounts

Thailand Travel Guide
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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Tours Highlights

  • Visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha inside the Grand Palace
  • Read Thai inscriptions on the feet of the Reclining Buddha
  • Shop fresh fruit at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • Relax on famous Thailand beaches for picturesque scenery
  • Celebrate Songkran to bring in the new year
  • Discover the story of the forgotten Buddha in the Temple of the Golden Buddha
  • Boat trip to the Golden Triangle to see three countries at once
  • Go island hopping at the famous Thai islands
  • Cycle around the temple ruins inside of the Sukhothai Historic Park
  • Trip to the Elephant Sanctuary to play with elephants
  • Explore the Bang Pa-In Palace to see how the royal family vacations in the summer

Thailand Tours Travel Tips

  • Be sure to wear proper attire when visiting the sacred sites and attractions around the country. Many of the temples require proper shoes and clothing with enough coverage. You can typically purchase items near popular tourist attractions if you forget.
  • Negotiate a price before the ride when traveling by tuk-tuk or ensure that the taxi cabs are using the meter. It's a common scam to change the price if a set price isn't determined.
  • Try street food! Street food is very delicious and much cheaper than restaurant prices. It gives a chance to experience some of the Thai cultures while traveling around the country.
  • Songkran is the Thai New Year, held annually in April. If you're visiting one of the major cities, there are always water activities – water balloons, water guns – be careful about your valuables as you might get sprayed as part of the celebrations.
  • Markets during the day are a great place to shop, but night markets are a popular pastime for locals where you'll experience a unique atmosphere.
  • Thailand is known as the land of smiles, and the people are very nice. You'll come across many people that speak English, especially around major tourist areas.

Thailand Tours Things To Do

  • Visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha inside the Grand Palace
    Visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha inside the Grand Palace

    The iconic Grand Palace serves as a symbol of Thailand with some of the most important buildings and temples in Bangkok. The complex once was the residence of the King and Royal government but is now open to the public to explore the various attractions housed on the palace grounds. Built I 1782, the Grand Palace features several buildings, including government offices, halls, gardens, and temples. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is the most sacred of all temples and houses the Emerald Buddha statue. The palace also features a museum to showcase historical Thailand architecture and various Buddha images.  

    Best Time To Visit

     The Grand Palace is the most visited tourist attraction in Bangkok. Visit early to avoid the large crowds that arrive throughout the day.

  • Read Thai inscriptions on the feet of the Reclining Buddha
    Read Thai inscriptions on the feet of the Reclining Buddha

    The impressive scale of the Reclining Buddha housed within Wat Po is a must-see for anyone visiting Bangkok. Wat Po is the largest and oldest Buddhist temple in the city, built in the 16th Century. Wat Po is an entire temple complex with a variety of temples, schools, and other structures. It's most famous for the Reclining Buddha – it measures over 150-feet long, making it the largest Reclining Buddha in Thailand. The golden figure features inscriptions on his feet.  

    You Should Know

    Take a walk around the temple to see Thailand's most extensive collection of Buddha art. More than 1,000 pieces – sculptures, paintings, and other art - decorate the temple.

  • Shop fresh fruit at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
    Shop fresh fruit at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

    Experience a traditional style of shopping in Thailand by visiting the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Floating markets have vendors established along the canal banks where visitors ride in long-tail boats for shopping or sightseeing. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a major attraction to immerse in a traditional lifestyle while enjoying Thai delicacies. The vibrant colors of the market showcase local fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs. It's the most popular floating market in the country, although there are several others to see.  

    Best Time To Visit

    While most attractions you'll want to avoid peak times, visiting the floating market at its peak gives you the best view of the market activity and offers the best food selection. It's usually busiest during the morning.

  • Discover the story of the forgotten Buddha in the Temple of the Golden Buddha
    Discover the story of the forgotten Buddha in the Temple of the Golden Buddha

    The golden Buddha housed in the Temple of the Golden Buddha is one of the most storied statues you'll find in the country. It went from a seemingly ordinary figure to now of the most valuable Buddha statues in the world. Temple of the Golden Buddha, or Wat Traimit, was built after rediscovering the concealed golden Buddha statues. The temple, itself, is an impressive sight with gilded rooftops and white walls, but the inside reveals stories of the historical stature.  

    You Should Know

    The golden Seated Buddha statue was covered in valueless materials as a way to hide its real value. It was forgotten in ruins until 200 years later when an accident during transportation revealed the gold hidden beneath the layers. The statue weighs more than five tons of pure gold, giving it an estimated value of $250 million.

  • Cycle around the temple ruins inside of the Sukhothai Historic Park
    Cycle around the temple ruins inside of the Sukhothai Historic Park

    The preserved ruins of the Sukhothai Historic Park reveal the lost Sukhothai kingdom – one of Thailand's former major kingdoms. Visitors can walk around the various sites of the former kingdom's capital to see its scale and evidence of the past. Sukhothai Historic Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for preserving nearly 200 different ruins on the site. Many remaining structures show hints of the royal palace, over two dozen temples, city statues, and Buddha statues. The park includes a museum with thousands of excavated artifacts from the Sukhothai Kingdom and information about the various ruins.  

    You Should Know

    Bike rentals are popular for exploring Sukhothai Historic Park. Rentals are available outside of the park, and cycling paths wind around the ruins.

  • Trip to the Elephant Sanctuary to play with elephants
    Trip to the Elephant Sanctuary to play with elephants

    Elephants roam freely within the jungles outside of Chiang Mai, where tourists can visit elephant sanctuaries to interact with the gentle giants. Several local elephant sanctuaries offer up-close engagement, including feeding, bathing, and playing. Elephant sanctuaries are a much different experience than seeing elephants in the zoo. The primary purpose of the sanctuaries is for rescuing and maintaining the elephants. The sanctuaries offer various activities for tourists and volunteers – feed them, give them a mud bath, and nurture with some fun.  

    You Should Know

    Be sure to check reviews and information about the different elephant sanctuaries before visiting. It's best only to support sanctuaries that provide ethical treatment of the animals.

  • Relax on famous Thailand beaches for picturesque scenery
    Relax on famous Thailand beaches for picturesque scenery

    Thailand has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. The iconic beaches are often featured in movies and travel photos, and the real-life experience is just as good, if not better. There are several popular beach destinations in Thailand, including Phuket, or some beautiful island destinations. Visit Phuket to experience Thailand's favorite beach destination. The scenic beaches have soft white sand and turquoise waters for enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, swimming, diving, jet-skiing, and other fun water sports.  

    You Should Know

    Visitors can travel to nearby Thai islands such as Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, and more via boat from the coast. The islands are great for a day trip with lots of things to do at each destination.

  • Boat trip to the Golden Triangle to see three countries at once
    Boat trip to the Golden Triangle to see three countries at once

    The Golden Triangle is a region in Northern Thailand where the country meets with Myanmar (Burma) and Laos. The intersection of the three countries is a historical site with a few visitor attractions and incredible views. Visit the Golden Triangle for a chance to see three countries at the same time. The intersection point is where the Mekong River and the Ruak River meet. One of the most popular ways to experience the site is via boat ride on rivers. Take a longboat or speed boat tour of the area.  

    You Should Know

    The site was once infamous for its Opium trade – it was once the largest producer of opium in the world. There is an opium museum located onsite to learn the history of the trade at the Golden Triangle.

  • Explore the Bang Pa-In Palace to see how the royal family vacations in the summer
    Explore the Bang Pa-In Palace to see how the royal family vacations in the summer

    Visitors can see where Thai kings spent their summers during a visit to the Bang Pa-In Palace. Also called the Summer Palace, the remarkable palace complex features lots of notable buildings to explore during a tour. Bang Pa-In Palace is a riverfront palace along the Chao Phraya River in Ayutthaya. It was initially built in the mid-1600s but wasn't widely used until it was updated in the 19th Century. Many of the structures you see today showcase a variety of worldly architecture blended with Thai-styles. The complex includes the palace, residence halls, and manicured gardens.  

    You Should Know

    The palace grounds are extensive – take a cart around the site to see all of the buildings while avoiding some of the Thai heat.

Thailand Tour Packages

Quick Facts

The best time to travel to Thailand is during the cool season. Thailand has a tropical climate, although the weather can vary significantly depending on if you're traveling the country's northern region or in the south. Northern Thailand has an overall cooler climate compared to a consistent hot season in southern Thailand.

  • Cool Season – November to February – High season

    The cool season is the best time to visit Thailand. The cool season is also the dry season, so you'll experience the best ideal weather in Thailand. Average temperatures in the country are in the 80's F with little precipitation. Thailand's cool season still feels like summer with lots of sunshine. Peak travel season in Thailand coincides with the cool season, so you'll find many more people at the popular tourist sites.

  • Hot Season – March to June – Low season

    Thailand already has a tropical climate, but in the hot season, it feels much hotter. Daily temperatures average in the 90's F, which remains in the daytime and the night.

  • Wet Season – July to October – Good season

    The wet season is also referred to as monsoon season – for a few months, Thailand experiences a significant amount of rainfall. If you're traveling to the country during the wet season, you can expect daily rain for a couple of hours. It's still a good time to visit because you will avoid massive crowds. Since the rain is only temporary, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors.

Thailand Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Thailand Tours?

    Thailand tours provide an experience around one of the world's most enchanting countries. Travel to Thailand and visit the top tourist destinations – Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and more. The tours package the best Thailand experiences in one trip to fulfill your dream vacation wishes. Experience Thailand like never before!

  • What’s included on a Thailand Tour?

    Thailand Tours has experiences for everybody. Explore some of the top attractions in Thailand, including the Grand Palace, famous Buddhist temples, floating markets, and picturesque beaches. Travel for a few days around Thailand before visiting some of the neighboring countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. You'll get a complete Southeast Asian experience on the tour!

  • What’s the Best Thailand Tour?

    Thailand Tours has tour options suitable for all travelers. Whether you're looking for a family vacation filled with history and culture or a solo backpacking journey through the country's scenic natural sights, there's the perfect tour available. Travel Thailand for a few weeks or just a couple of days – enough to satisfy your wanderlust!

  • How Much Do Thailand Tours Cost?

    Thailand is a very budget-friendly destination. You can experience a top-rated travel destination without breaking the bank. Focus your Thailand trip on one immersive experience for about $300 or opt for a broader scope of visiting multiple destinations. Thailand Tours provides the best prices available thanks to our partnerships and bulk purchases with some of Thailand's largest tour operating companies.

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Reviews for Thailand Tours and Vacations

It met all my expeditions.

Mehran A

One of our best trips ever. We have traveled to 44 countries as a married couple and so can be considered veterans. This was our 5th tour with Gate 1 and have always been happy with the tours. In this instance, our tour director, was outstanding!!!! Cannot say enough to describe how he cared for us and kept his cool at all times. Really the best tour guide we've ever had. Southeast Asia should be on everyone's bucket list!

Elizabeth F

It was a memorable trip, Our guide was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, respectful , happy to be with, calm and compassionate, Our bus driver was a safe driver very experienced, calm , relaxed and friendly, our bus assistant always have a smiling face and very attentive and thorough. We have a nice and friendly group . Kudos to the Thailand team they made it so special for me and my husband. The whole itinerary was a complete experience of Thailand culturaly, spiritually, historically and an immersive experience.

Nida C

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