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Vietnam Tours May 2024

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Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam is a land of unmatchable natural beauty and cultural complexities. Vietnam is a country that has established itself from a war-torn state into an emerging economy that is praised everywhere in the world. The country's villages and tribal areas are one of the reasons why a lot of backpackers tend to spend most of their time exploring the rural areas of this dynamic nation. Vietnamese people are one of the most resilient and they have brought themselves back on their feet but you can still feel the unforgettable experiences that they have had, after communicating with them. Vietnam has a diverse yet complex culture because of its history. You may witness the Chinese influence on this country by the ancient temples and alongside you can also witness the Hindu temples in the south. Vietnam has always held a pivotal position of being close to the epicenter of East Asian power and prosperity. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Vietnam tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters. View Vietnam Tour Deals and Discounts

Vietnam Travel Guide
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Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam Tours Highlights

  • In Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, be inspired while exploring the world's most spectacular cave systems.
  • Feel the rush while witnessing the tsunami of motorcycles on the roads of Hanoi, which can take several minutes for you to just cross a single road.
  • Pay gratitude to the war heroes of Vietnam while witnessing a solitary grave of several war victims in one of Vietnam's cemetery.
  • Enjoy a satisfying meal while taking a street-food tour in Asia's culinary heaven.
  • Go on a hike into the hills and meet the hill-tribes in the villages. These tribes will give you a peek into various cultures and traditions of Vietnam and you will get a chance to meet some of the most welcoming and friendly people on earth.
  • You will be mesmerized to witness Hanoi's colonial charm.
  • Take a day cruise to explore the mythical Halong Bay.
  • Take a stroll in Vietnam's ancient capital city and feel the country that it used to be several years ago. This walking tour of the ancient city of Hue will take you into the world of true Vietnamese people who have been living here for many years.

Vietnam Tours Travel Tips

  • Vietnam is a fairly big country, area-wise, as opposed to what many people believe, you can take an idea of this by just looking at the distances between cities, for instance, the distance between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is around 1700 kilometers which is huge and that means that train ride from one city to another can easily take around 35 hours. 
  • You must plan your Vietnam tour wisely because exploring each destination properly will need you to make sufficient stops in each of these destinations and if you are planning to take a tour of the entire country from north to south then you must at least plan a trip for around 3 weeks or you might miss a lot of attractions and also not be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest in the rush.
  • In Vietnam, you can easily negotiate for a better price for whatever thing you are planning to buy. In case if you are satisfied with the price it is still a good option to haggle for the best price because there is a fair chance that the price that seems right to you might not be right and you may be getting ripped off so it is always better to stay on the safe side and try your luck for the best price.
  • You will be shocked to know that the cuisine in Vietnam is ranked no 1 in entire Southeast Asia and the food there is simply amazing so if you are a foodie and plan on eating a lot on this trip, be prepared because Vietnam has a lot to offer.
  • If you are a person who likes to go on a beach or if your idea of Vietnam is somewhat similar to Thailand or the Philippines then there is bad news because Vietnam's beaches are not what you might be expecting. The trash accumulated along 90% of Vietnam's supposedly best beach, Sao Beach, will disappoint the beachgoer inside you.
  • In this country, the conversion rate from 1 U.S dollar is equal to around 23 thousand Vietnamese Dong, as of the day this article is written, which means that you are going to have to carry a lot of cash and making the conversions from U.S dollar into the local currency can be very cumbersome.
  • The condition of the traffic in Vietnam has very deteriorated over the past few years since the economic boom in the country. On your first day in any major city of Vietnam, you will notice that there are some thousand motorbikes on the road and it is advised that you make up your mind about how you are going to tackle the problem of crossing the road amidst this chaos.

Vietnam Tours Things To Do

  • Ho Chi Minh City
    Ho Chi Minh City

    Ho Chi Minh caters to those looking to spice up their holiday with interesting activities and journeys to the most prominent sites. Ho Chi Minh City is full of French architecture, shiny skyscrapers, embellished temples, and pagodas. Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its nightlife scene including lively bars, night clubs, and rooftop bars, and restaurants over there offer both local and international flavors.    

    Best Time To Visit

    Anytime in of the year is a perfect time to visit Ho Chi Minh as the city is famous for its pleasant weather and rarely suffers from disasters.  


    You Should Know

    Ho Chi Minh is undoubtedly the most attractive city with cutter edge buildings and the exciting nightlife offered here. The street food scene is also one of the most liked things about the city in Ho Chi Minh as it is famous for street food and food lovers can happily spend their days. This is a place with so much inventions and it includes historical attractions, museums, and religious sites.   

  • Mekong Delta
    Mekong Delta

    It is a network of tributaries in Southwestern Vietnam, between Ho Chi Minh and Cambodia. It is a vast maze of rivers, swamps, and islands, home to floating markets, Khmer pagodas, and village surrounded by rice paddies. More than half of Vietnam's rice and fish comes from the delta region. It's vital to the Vietnamese economy and diet. Peoples' lives revolve around water, from the famous floating markets to the vast agricultural industries. They have an amazing variety of fruits, flowers, and livestock grow in the region.    

    Best Time To Visit

    Mekong Delta is heavily affected by the weather as boating is the main source of transportation there. The best time to travel to Mekong Delta is between November to January as its cool and the water level is at its peak.    


    You Should Know

    It is known for its tropical climate, tasty food, and friendly people. You'll find yourself submerged in rice and coconut paddies. This place is one of Vietnam's most attractive stops and nature and culture lovers. There are many alluring places to visit including coconut groves and cycling in Ben Tre, Temples and small-town life, legendary lakes, floating rides, and sampan rides.

  • Cu Chi
    Cu Chi

    It is a considerable labyrinth of underground tunnels that stretch all the way to the Cambodian border. Cu Chi served as a means of communication between villages and helped the Vietnamese to evade scouting French soldiers and it is home for thousands of soldiers. Cu Chi is famous for its unique architecture and structure. There were hospitals, theatres, schools, kitchens, all built into this extraordinary tunnel network.     

    Best Time To Visit

    Cu chi is open in the rainy season from May to November and there will be no flooding inside the tunnels.    


    You Should Know

    Cu chi is the first tunnel and it is one of the best trip options from Ho Chi Minh City, as it makes a great history lesson in combination with a visit to the War Remnants Museum. Experiencing Cu Chi Tunnels by motorbike is the best of all. If you want to make a full day out of it and have amazing experiences not pertaining to just the tunnels, then Ben Duoc is for you. 

  • Da Nang
    Da Nang

    It is a city in the center of Vietnam and has a rich history for being a French port during the time of colonialism. In De Nang, you can visit some well-known Buddhist Pagodas which will remind you of the centuries-old traditions of Vietnam.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit the De Nang is during the months of February until May because this is the period when De Nang sees very favorable weather conditions with beautiful long sunny days and low humidity. Since De Nang is a very famous beach destination in Vietnam so it is very important that you get enough sunshine and less humidity while on your day out on the beach.  


    You Should Know

    The best place to visit in this city is the 20 miles long, My Khe Beach; this spot is very famous amongst the tourist who would want to spend some time relaxing on the beach. You may find a number of high-end resorts and luxurious hotels along the beachfront. The landscape of this city is very diverse and you can also visit the Marble Mountains that surround the city, enhancing the beauty of it.

  • Ninh Binh
    Ninh Binh

    This town of Vietnam is located in the southeast of the capital city, Hanoi. Most of the tourists visiting this city use it as an entry point into the exquisite sceneries of the surrounding areas. The town itself does not have many attractions of its own but acts as a very nice base for all the other attractions around it.    

    Best Time To Visit

    The months from May to July are considered as the best time to travel to this city by frequent travelers because it is the harvest season during those months. While visiting the region during this time you will be able to capture some of the most picturesque moments of Vietnam while the locals reap the rice.   


    You Should Know

    There are multiple attractions that you can access from Ninh Binh town like Tam Coc which is one of the best natural landscape destinations of Vietnam. You will be captivated to witness the magnificent limestone hills, dotted amongst emerald green rice paddies.

  • Hoi An
    Hoi An

    This city is famously known as the imperial capital of Vietnam. It has wonderful architectural sites of temples, tombs, and the well known Purple Forbidden City, although, this city and its beautiful architecture was destroyed in the recent war. This town is a very quiet place to spend an evening by the river.  

    Best Time To Visit

    It is suggested that you visit this town during the dry season that starts from February and goes till July. These 3 months are filled with plenty of sunshine which is not too hot and provides a very nice climate to stroll in the streets or take a boat ride during the day.   


    You Should Know

    There are a lot of activities to participate in, so you will need to dedicate a lot of time to this town. You can take a cooking class and learn about the culinary skills and how to make the delicate cuisine of this Southeast Asia's paradise for the foodies. The best way to tour the city is via a bicycle, which will let you explore some of the most unseen gems of this town and give you a chance to connect with the local Vietnamese people who have a lot of stories to tell you. The best thing about this town is that you will experience, probably for the first time, a concept of farm to table in which you will be able to see how the food you are eating is grown in the farm and served to you directly.  

Vietnam Tour Packages

Quick Facts

The overall weather in Vietnam is very hot and humid which is why most of the tourists tend to visit the country during the months of February until May because those are the months when the weather is not so hot and humidity is at its lowest. While planning your visit to Vietnam you also need to make sure that the rainy season has passed as well because a lot of tourist destinations become inaccessible due to the rain. If you want to visit the country in seclusion and don't want to see a lot of tourists, then the best time for you to visit is during the winters, when there are fewer crowds on the streets.

Vietnam Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Vietnam Tours?

    Vietnam is consistently becoming one of the most sought after tourist destination. Due to this high influx of tourists, a lot of tour operators offer packages that let you design your trip and you don't have to be bothered about how you will be traveling or where you will be staying because most of these things are covered in your Vietnam tour. These tours take you to multiple destinations in Vietnam, some of which are listed above.

  • What’s included in a Vietnam Tour?

    A Vietnam tour includes the most basic facilities like two meals, transportation, nice accommodation, and an English speaking tour guide. These facilities are included in most of the basic packages of the tour. The tour usually includes picking you up from the airport and then taking you to all the destinations that are mentioned in your itinerary. The best thing about these tours is the comfort that you have while traveling with an experienced travel guide.

  • What’s the Best Vietnam Tour?

    There are a lot of options for Vietnam Tour available to the tourists. All these tours are different in prices and durations of stay, also some other factors that distinguish different tours are the facilities, number of destinations, and names of the destination. Some of the tours recommended to you are Hoi An Express, INTRO Travel, Contiki, Legend Travel Group, and Intrepid Travels.

  • How Much Does a Vietnam Tour Cost?

    The tour prices for Vietnam tours range in between $500 and $2000 per person on average. These are the prices for the tours that include most of the basic facilities but if you want to customize the tour according to your own preferences then you can also have that but for a higher price. 

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Reviews for Vietnam Tours and Vacations

I love the friendly professional service from the whole G Adventures team. Thank you!

Annie L

One of our best trips ever. We have traveled to 44 countries as a married couple and so can be considered veterans. This was our 5th tour with Gate 1 and have always been happy with the tours. In this instance, our tour director, was outstanding!!!! Cannot say enough to describe how he cared for us and kept his cool at all times. Really the best tour guide we've ever had. Southeast Asia should be on everyone's bucket list!

Elizabeth F

The itinerary made it seem as though there was more included than what actually was. The wording on the itinerary could be different to allow for that clarification. The accommodations were great quality and great location.

Brittney E

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