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Ireland Travel Guide

The capital city, Dublin, is home to important sights such as St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and Temple Bar. Beer aficionados won't want to miss a visit to the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate and whiskey lovers can't pass up the old Jameson Distillery. Fans of nature will love the Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, and Killarney National Park. Explore all the cities Ireland has to offer like, Galway, Cork, Belfast, Limerick and Waterford. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Ireland tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters.

Ireland Travel Guide
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24 reviews
24 DaysGlobusFirst ClassEscorted3 - Explorer  8+ years old44LondonLondonEngland, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, WalesView Tour
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12 DaysLuxury GoldDeluxeEscorted1 - Light  5+ years old40BelfastShannonEngland, Ireland
From: $6,548
You Save: $563
View Tour
Best Price Guaranteed
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Itinerary Image10 DaysCIEFirst ClassEscorted44DublinDublinIreland
From: $5,515
You Save: $275
View Tour
Best Price Guaranteed
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Itinerary Map
08 DaysCIEFirst ClassEscorted44ShannonShannonIreland
From: $6,535
You Save: $535
View Tour
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10 DaysCIEFirst ClassEscorted44DublinDublinIreland
From: $5,400
You Save: $255
View Tour
Best Price Guaranteed
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Itinerary Map
23 DaysTrafalgarFirst ClassEscortedLondonLondonEngland, IrelandView Tour
Best Price Guaranteed
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Itinerary Image
Itinerary Map
20 DaysInsight VacationsFirst ClassEscorted5+ years old40LondonLondonEngland, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, Wales
From: $6,026
You Save: $289
View Tour
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Itinerary Image
Itinerary Map
1 reviews
24 DaysInsight VacationsFirst ClassEscortedLondonLondonEngland, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, Wales
From: $6,875
You Save: $1,780
View Tour
Best Price Guaranteed
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Itinerary Map23 DaysBrendanFirst ClassEscortedLondonLondonEngland, IrelandView Tour
Best Price Guaranteed
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Ireland Travel Guide

Ireland Tours Highlights

  • Fall in love with the Irish people, their culture, and their land.
  • Enjoy delicious local cuisine.
  • Marvel at the Cliffs of Moher.
  • Sing and dance with buskers on Grafton Street.
  • Receive "The Gift of Gab" from the Blarney Stone.
  • Drive the famous Ring of Kerry.
  • Explore Trinity College and view The Book of Kells.
  • See St. Patrick's Cathedral.
  • Drink a truly 100% authentic Guinness beer at the Guinness brewery in Dublin.
  • Take in the sprawling landscapes while your motorcoach driver takes you from one destination to another.

Ireland Tours Travel Tips

  • Ireland uses the Euro so exchange your currency appropriately.
  • Pack layers as the weather can change in a moment's notice.
  • Depending on where and when you go, it'll be a good idea to bring rain gear.
  • Drinking is a large part of the Irish culture so don't mind the party atmosphere when you're out.
  • The people are super nice so do not hesitate to ask someone a question if needed.
  • If traveling on an escorted tour with one of our partners, you won't have to worry about tickets to attractions or sightseeing. If you're planning to travel on your own, it's recommended to buy tickets early as Ireland is hugely popular!

Ireland Tours Things To Do

  • Stand in Awe at the Cliffs of Moher
    Stand in Awe at the Cliffs of Moher

    No trip to  Ireland is complete without stopping to see the enchantment of the  Cliffs of Moher. This UNESCO Global Geopark is home of glacially-smoothed limestone hills with a stark contrast of the dramatic sea cliffs that tower over the majestic Atlantic coast. Soaring to 702 feet tall on the westernmost edge of the island, the stone reaches a staggering height. What's even more staggering is the beautiful views at the top. One of the most unique and precious aspects of the cliffs is the local wildlife that calls them home. Walking along the magical landscape, you'll soon realize why these cliffs are so famous.

    Best Time To Visit

    This outdoor sight is usually busy when the weather is the best, during the summer months. Peak travel times are between 11am and 4pm. Be sure to check the weather because it's not unusual for a dense fog to roll in and block the view.  Since the cliffs face west, if you're looking for the best time to take a picture, the afternoon and evening offer the best lighting.

    You Should Know

    • Mind the barriers, it is very windy and slippery at the top of cliffs and they are there for your safety.
    • Bird watchers from all over the world come to see the sad-eye puffins and to hopefully catch a glimpse of peregrine falcons.

  • Kiss the Blarney Stone
    Kiss the Blarney Stone

    Located in the famous Blarney Castle, the  Blarney Stone is situated 85 feet up on the east wall. The famous Blarney Stone is officially called the Stone of Eloquence because according to legend, kissing the Blarney stone is said to give "The Gift of Eloquence" or as some simply put it, "The Gift of Gab". Kissing the stone isn't as easy as it sounds- one must hold on to rails, bend backward over a drop from the castle's tower and flip upside down while puckering up. To kiss the  Blarney Stone or to not kiss, that is the question!

    You Should Know

    • Make sure you have a strong friend to guide you if you decide to pucker up to the rock.
    • The stone was set into a tower of the castle in 1446.
    • In addition to the stone, the 600-year-old castle also has an array of gorgeous gardens and several interesting rock formations.

  • Experience the Nightlife Temple Bar
    Experience the Nightlife Temple Bar

    For travelers looking for  Dublin's nightlife district, this area of town will have all the "craic". They have tourist-focused nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. During the day, there are art galleries, theaters, and museums for you to explore. This popular area is a great place to soak up local culture in a fun atmosphere.

    You Should Know

    • Don't miss out on hearing some live performances of ‘The Fields of Athenry' and ‘It's a Long Way to Tipperary' played by high quality traditional Irish musicians.
    • Ask your travel director what pub the locals like to frequent.

  • View the Book of Kells at Trinity College
    View the Book of Kells at Trinity College

    The Book of Kells is one of Ireland's greatest treasures and is also a European cultural icon. It was created by Celtic monks around the year 800 but was never finished for unknown reasons. The book contains manuscripts of the four Gospels of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in Latin, along with other various texts and illuminations. Two of the four volumes of the Book of Kells are on public display.

    You Should Know

    • The volumes and pages of the Book of Kells shown are regularly changed.
    • Trinity library is the only place in the UK where publishers in Ireland must deposit a copy of all their publications for free.

  • Walk Across Ha’penny Bridge
    Walk Across Ha’penny Bridge

    Built in May of 1816 and spanning the width of the River Liffey over which it crosses, Ha'penny Bridge was an expensive replacement from the ferry service that operated across the river previously. The costs were recuperated through the half penny toll, which gave the bridge its popular name, Ha'penny Bridge. In 1916, the bridge was handed over to the Dublin Corporation and three years later, the tolls were abolished. For over 180 years, the bridge remained the city's only pedestrian bridge over the Liffey the Millennium Bridge was constructed in 1999.

    You Should Know

    • Today, 30,000 people a day walk across the famous bridge.
    • The bridge is made out of cast iron in England.

  • Visit St. Patrick's Cathedral
    Visit St. Patrick's Cathedral

    Built in honor of Ireland's patron saint, St Patrick's Cathedral, it was constructed in early English gothic style in 1191 on the site of an ancient well.  Nearly 200 monuments and statues, as well as the beautiful stained glass, make the building a treasure trove of those who love history and art. This medieval gothic place of worship has been at the core of Irish history for over 800 years and is today the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland.

    You Should Know

    • The large cathedral tower, Minot's Tower, you see today isn't the original tower, as it was rebuilt in the 14th century following its collapse.
    • St. Patrick's is the tallest and largest church in Ireland.

  • Tour the Waterford Crystal Factory
    Tour the Waterford Crystal Factory

    In the heart of  Waterford City in Southeast Ireland, you'll find The House of Waterford Crystal, world renowned for their lead crystal stemware, time pieces and exquisite chandeliers. During your visit, from blowing to cutting, you'll get a chance to see The House of Waterford Crystal's most skilled craftsmen at work using a century's old, red-hot manufacturing process. If you're looking to indulge your passion for the world's most famous crystal, visit the lavish retail store. From sporting trophies to seahorse statement pieces, you'll be in absolute awe of the glimmering beauty around you.

    You Should Know

    • It houses the largest collection of Waterford Crystal found anywhere in the world and it is a sight to see itself.
    • There was no production of glass in the city of Waterford until after WWII.
    • For New Years in Times Square in New York, the ball that lowers is specially commissioned from Waterford Crystal.

  • Learn About Beer At The Guinness Storehouse
    Learn About Beer At The Guinness Storehouse

    More than a million travelers a year tour this famous factory to learn how to pour the perfect pint of this Irish beer. (Hint: It involves holding the glass at a 45-degree angle!) Not only is this the place to learn about the ‘black stuff' brewing process, but the top floor Gravity Bar is arguably the best view of the city. During your tour, sniff the raw ingredients, learn about the history of Guinness advertising and, of course, sample some of their beer.

    You Should Know

    • The storehouse is 7 floors and they suggest at least an hour and a half to explore the whole facility.
    • If beer isn't your thing, the Jameson Distillery is also located in Dublin.

  • Take in the Beauty Giant’s Causeway
    Take in the Beauty Giant’s Causeway

    As a result of an ancient volcanic fissure eruption, 40,000 interlocking basalt columns make up the area of  Giant's Causeway located on the north coast of Northern Ireland. Its unique rock formations have, for nearly sixty million years and has stood against many North Atlantic storms.

    Best Time To Visit

    Early in the morning or later in the evening is the best time to avoid the crowds. Since it is an outdoor, natural area, dress for the weather. The winds can be strong so a windbreaker is necessary during the colder months. Keep in mind this is a famous sight and there will always be people there exploring the area.

    You Should Know

    • Most of the columns are hexagonal, although there are also some with four, five, seven or eight sides.
    • It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.
    • Enjoy the walking trails around the area for great views.

  • Learn About History at the Titanic Belfast
    Learn About History at the Titanic Belfast

    Opened in 2012, this visitor attraction is a monument to  Belfast's maritime heritage and is most well known for being where the Titanic was designed and built. Visitors will learn all about her maiden voyage in 1912 and about the events leading up to when she hit the iceberg and later sank. Explore galleries that tell the story and dive deep into the ocean where she now rests through many interactive features. Titanic Belfast is open year-round with varying hours depending on the time of year. Please note that the center is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    You Should Know


    • Titanic Belfast is the world's largest Titanic visitor experience.
    • They opened their doors exactly 100 years after the Titanic first sailed.
    • Titanic had 2 sister ships, RMS Olympic and RMS Britannic.

Ireland Tours When To Visit

With so much to experience in  Ireland, any month is a good time to visit the Emerald Isle! Depending on your interests, you may determine there is a certain month that fits your travel needs more than another. Read about the lure of each season.

  • Between June and September, rainfall will be at the lowest and temperatures will be the most comfortable. This is usually when travelers tend to go to Ireland, so some activities and sites might be more crowded during this time.
  • When the weather is cooler, the probability of rainfall will also be higher. From November to February is usually considered the low season, so keep in mind some attractions can be closed because of the weather.
  • March and April, and September and October can bring nice weather, but there might be extreme temperatures. This shoulder season can be a good time to travel if you are flexible with the weather.
While you could visit  Ireland year-round, decide which activities and sites you would like to see, and plan your visit around that. Since Ireland has so much to offer, even on days where the weather isn't perfect, travelers can explore indoor sites like Trinity College, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Guinness Storehouse, or the Titanic Museum. No matter when you go, make sure you pack appropriate clothing and footwear.

  • Spring

    The Irish greenery really comes to life in the spring. Picture landscapes bursting with colors and stunning sweeping vistas as far as the eye can see. There are plenty of art and literature festivals that take part during this time of year. Check out the Cuirt International Festival of Literature in April or the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in May.

  • Summer

    Because the island is located at such a high latitude, visiting  Ireland during the summer you will get to experience many extra hours of sunlight. Take advantage of all the 18 hours of daylight and spend some time at one of the many equestrian festivals held all over the country. The temperature usually doesn't get above 70F, even in the warmest months of July and August. Keep in mind the crowds are in full swing during these months.

  • Fall

    Autumn has the most relaxed atmosphere with less hustle and bustle. This is the perfect season to take a stroll around a park to watch the vibrant green foliage turns to rich golds, purples, and reds. There will be fewer people lining up to kiss the Blarney Stone and you'll have your pick of the best cafes and traditional music performances.

  • Winter

    Ireland winter temperature averages are in the upper 40Fs, so bring a good pair of shoes and a warm jacket. With the cooler weather, a lot of local pubs host campfires to keep you warm and add to the ambiance. Towards the end of winter, St Patrick's Day is celebrated. They host a major parade with marching bands in Dublin and festivals and events are spread all over the country.

Ireland Tours Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Ireland Tours?

Ireland tours are prepackaged trips with a set itinerary and dedicated tour manager. Many people who want to take an Ireland vacation want to avoid all the planning and logistics involved in a big week or two week foreign trip abroad and are looking to save money by doing it all in a package instead of piecing things together at full price. The trip is led by a tour director who will take care of all the services from beginning to the end of your vacation. Your tour director connects you with local tour guides who will have a lot of knowledge on the specific cities you explore. Typically, hotels, transportation throughout your trip, some meals and sightseeing are arranged and included with the price of your Ireland tour.

Ireland may occupy a relatively small space in the world (it's about the same geographic size as the state of Indiana), but it's a giant when it comes to splendid scenery, rich heritage, magnificent castles and fascinating folklore. The island is politically divided into two countries: the sovereign Republic of Ireland (which is typically known as simply "Ireland") and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.  View all discounted Ireland tours here!

What's Included on an Ireland Tour?

An Ireland tour usually includes at least one overnight in the capital city of Dublin, where its many important sights include St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and O'Connell Street, one of the widest thoroughfares in Europe. Beer aficionados won't want to miss a visit to the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate, where the dark brew was created more than 250 years ago.

Generally, an Ireland tour will include as many services as possible, giving you less to worry about. Usually included on your Ireland tour are: transportation (getting from place to place while on tour), accommodations, most meals, and the services of a dedicated tour director. As per the itinerary, certain sightseeing opportunities are also included: tickets to special VIP access to the most famous landmarks, skip the lines, and when available, access to a personal local guide for expert commentary.  View all discounted tours here!

What’s The Best Ireland Tour?

The best Ireland tour is the one that fits your budget and schedule! The most popular tour operators are Globus, Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Cosmos, Costsaver, CIE Tours, Intrepid, Tauck and others.  You can't go wrong with any Ireland tour. Please speak with one of our travel consultants to find the best tour for you!

How Much Do Ireland Tours Cost?

You can book an affordable Ireland tour starting from under $99 per day per person. Besides our award winning customer service, the best part about booking with AffordableTours.com is you will always receive a discount on your Ireland tour. We are committed to providing you with the lowest prices on all top tour operators.  No one beats our prices on all of our Ireland tours!

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Reviews for Ireland Tours and Vacations

The trip was wonderful. This is our second CIE tour and totally enjoyed both and highly recommend.

Charles K

Our tour guide Helen is excellent, she is very knowledgeable in history and explain things very clear. She is caring and did a very good job and made this trip memorable and the groups are easier going and made a great difference for this trip. Thank you for your services and certainly I will recommend my friends and I hope in near future l will make another trip with you and your company. Thank you.

Susanna L

Our tour director (Bob) and driver (Joe)) we're truly outstanding. The itinerary was great. Highly recommend.

Daniel R

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