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Peru Travel Guide

Peru is a charming country where cultural heritage and traditions still exist as an everyday way of life for many locals. Traveling to Peru gives visitors a chance to experience one of the most culturally rich South American countries. From the cuisine to the clothing to the history, Peru has a lot to discover for curious travelers. Peru Tours provide the best opportunity to embark on a journey through the enchanting lands of Peru. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Peru tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters. View Peru Tour Deals and Discounts

Peru Travel Guide
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Itinerary Map05 DaysG AdventuresBudgetGuided/Hosted5 - Challenging  12+ years old16CuscoCuscoPeru
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Itinerary Map10 DaysIntrepidBudgetEscorted4 - Active  10+ years old16CuscoLimaPeruView Tour
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Peru Travel Guide

Peru Tours Highlights

  • Visit Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Watch the "Changing of the Guards" ceremony in Plaza Mayor.
  • Shop for locally made handicrafts in the Pisac Market to find authentic souvenirs.
  • Visit local homes on the Uros Floating Islands to see the traditional way of life of the unique community.
  • Take a half-day trip to see the perfectly laid stones of the Sacsayhuaman fortress.
  • View the traditional weaving demonstrations to see how the intricate woven textiles get made
  • Ride through the Urubamba Valley in the Vistadome train to see the rich Peruvian landscape of mountains and valleys
  • Witness the former gold-covered walls of the Koricancha temple in Cusco
  • Trek through the Amazon Rainforest and discover the diverse wildlife in the Tambopata National Reserve
  • Tour Ollantaytambo to see the well-preserved Incan ruins

Peru Tours Travel Tips

  • Peruvians are very friendly and proud of their country. Tourists get a lot of attention from the locals who are always pleased to share their heritage.
  • Try some of the local Peruvian cuisines you won't find anywhere else in the world like the papa Peruana, Isla bananas, and a pisco sour.
  • Prepare for visiting the high elevation destinations in Peru. Sites such as Machu Picchu can cause elevation sickness because of the height, but there are many local remedies to alleviate the symptoms such as chewing or drinking coca leaves.
  • Peru is a Spanish-speaking country, so it's advised to know simple Spanish for navigating during your trip. In popular tourist areas, like Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu, you'll find several people who can speak basic English.
  • Many of the local vendors are cash only. If you're shopping in a market, haggling is common practice, but avoid doing so when purchasing crafts or souvenirs from the streets as it could be their only livelihood. Several local communities thrive off of tourism.

Peru Tours Things To Do

  • Visit Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World
    Visit Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

    Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and Peru's most visited tourist destination, surpassing more than 1.4-million visitors every year. The 15th-century Inca empire built in the Sacred Valley mountains preserves one of the most impressive communities built by civilization. Machu Picchu is an archaeological site for uncovering the wonders of the Incan Empire. Walk the site to explore the architectural feats, which showcase advanced technology in the construction and irrigation system. Thanks to preservation efforts, tourists can see a lot of the structures in their original forms. Some of the points of interest include the Temple of the sun and the Intihuatana stone. Visitors can take hiking trails to some of the observation platforms overlooking Machu Picchu.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Arriving at Machu Picchu requires a train, so try to take one of the earlier departing trains to have time to explore the site. For early risers, you can take a Machu Pichu sunrise tour for one of the most scenic views of the site.

  • Take a half-day trip to see the perfectly laid stones of the Sacsayhuaman fortress
    Take a half-day trip to see the perfectly laid stones of the Sacsayhuaman fortress

    The Incans built several notable sites around Cusco, the empire capital, including Sacsayhuaman, one of the favorite local tourist spots. The Incan fortress showcases incredible craftsmanship of the large wall which surrounded the site. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site for preserving the structure. Visitors can walk around the fortress to see the perfectly fitting large stones used to construct the tiered walls. Take a close look at the walls to see petroglyphs carved in them of Incan Gods, animals, and other symbols. Additionally, the site is used by the locals for Incan festival celebrations.  

    You Should Know

    Sacsayhuaman is a frequent half-day trip destination from Cusco. The site provides lots of local tour guides to learn more about the Incan empire and the use of the fortress.

  • View the traditional weaving demonstrations to see how the intricate woven textiles get made
    View the traditional weaving demonstrations to see how the intricate woven textiles get made

    Peru is famous for its hand-woven crafts that many tourists take back home for souvenirs. While the woven goods make excellent souvenirs, getting a glimpse at the production process makes the skill even more admirable. Many of the local communities, such as Awanakancha, host visitors for traditional weaving demonstrations. Onlookers can see every step of the process, from naturally dying the llama hair to weaving intricate patterns from memory using traditional tools like llama bones. Local women learn how to produce woven fabrics into clothing, accessories, rugs, and more at a young age.  

    You Should Know

    If you're thinking about purchasing souvenirs during your trip to Peru, these demonstrations are a great option to support the local communities. The demonstration tours and selling souvenirs are part of their livelihood.

  • Shop for locally made handicrafts in the Pisac Market to find authentic souvenirs
    Shop for locally made handicrafts in the Pisac Market to find authentic souvenirs

    The Pisac market, held in Plaza Constitución, the main square in Pisac, is one of the best public markets in Peru. Pisac is a small community in the Sacred Valley that transforms into a bustling market atmosphere where you can find everything – most locally made and locally sourced. Vendors set up weekly to create the atmosphere of the Pisac market. The numerous stalls sell everything, including fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, souvenirs, and other goods. It's also a great place to eat, where you'll find lots of homemade Peruvian dishes to sample.  

    You Should Know

    It's an extraordinary photography opportunity while walking through the vibrant colors emerging from all the stalls. Many of the vendors also dress in traditional clothing to give an authentic sense of Peru. Feel free to haggle the prices of the goods and leave a small tip if you're taking photos of anyone.    


    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to tour the Pisac market is on Sunday when it features the most vendors. Throughout the week, the plaza features a small version of the main market.

  • Watch the “Changing of the Guards” ceremony in Plaza Mayor
    Watch the “Changing of the Guards” ceremony in Plaza Mayor

    Plaza Mayor is the main historic square in Lima, where the capital was established in the late 16th Century. The square is a popular tourist site for seeing the beautiful plaza surrounded by colorful Spanish colonial-style architecture. It features some of the most notable government and religious buildings. Plaza Mayor was initially used as a public market, bullfighting, and other entertainment. Now, it's one of the best sightseeing locations in Lima to see famous attractions – The Cathedral of Lima, Government Palace, Municipal Palace, and more. It's a picturesque area with beautifully kept lawns, flowers, and the distinct yellow buildings.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit Plaza Mayor at noon when it hosts the "Changing of the Guards" ceremony at the Government Palace. Lots of people gather in the plaza for the ceremony, and remains a busy area with locals and tourists throughout the day.

  • Visit local homes on the Uros Floating Islands to see the traditional way of life of the unique community
    Visit local homes on the Uros Floating Islands to see the traditional way of life of the unique community

    Uros Floating Islands are one of the most unique communities you'll ever see in the world. The man-made islands float on Lake Titicaca, South America's largest lake, and support thousands of the indigenous Uru peoples. The Uru people maintain a traditional lifestyle, established on over 120 islands made from dried plants found around the lake. To support the traditional economies of handicrafts and fishing, the community gladly welcomes visitors to experience their way of life. Visitors can walk through designated islands, which can feature several houses. Walk inside the homes to see how the locals live, hear singing, and see some local hobbies like weaving and traditional cooking.  

    You Should Know

    The Uros floating islands are only accessible by boats from the mainland. Tourism is the main economic driver in the community, so purchasing goods local goods helps support your visit to the community.

  • Trek through the Amazon Rainforest and discover the diverse wildlife in the Tambopata National Reserve
    Trek through the Amazon Rainforest and discover the diverse wildlife in the Tambopata National Reserve

    Tambopata National Reserve lets visitors explore a well-protected area of the Amazon rainforest located within Peru's borders. The nature reserve preserves the biodiverse ecosystems and landscapes of the rainforest. Established in 2000, the Tambopata National Reserve has some of the most diverse flora and wildlife in the Amazon rainforest. It has over 1700 species of plants; some common animals are jaguar, puma, monkeys, sloths, and eagles. Outdoor recreation is popular for tourists, including sightseeing wildlife, birdwatching, and hiking. The reserve also permits camping in designated areas.  

    You Should Know

    Tambopata National Reserve is accessible from Puerto Maldonado via a boat ride.  


    Best Time To Visit

    The Amazon Rainforest is the wettest region in Peru. It always experiences heavy precipitation, so you can visit at any time and expect some rainfall.

Peru Tour Packages

Quick Facts

Peru is a travel destination to visit at any time of the year, but it has preferred travel times depending on what activities you'll be doing. When planning a trip to Peru, consider the things that you want to do before booking, so that you'll get the best travel experience.

  • Dry season – April to October – Best Season

    Most travelers visiting Peru arrive during the winter when the weather is the nicest. The dry climate and the sunny days make it perfect for getting out to explore the favorite attractions. It's also an excellent time for visiting the higher elevations like with Machu Picchu. The warm climate makes the elevation more bearable. The winter is also the busiest time for tourists, so you'll experience larger crowds at popular sites.

  • Wet season – December to March – Low Season

    The summer receives significantly more rain than in the winter – a primary reason why it's the low season. The climate tends to be cooler all around the country. There are a couple of advantages to visiting during the summer. It typically has daily rain showers that last temporarily, so there is still a lot of time to enjoy the trip outdoors. You can find better rates and few tourist crowds. It's also the best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest since it's naturally wet and with a tropical climate. The rivers are fuller during the summer.

Peru Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Peru Tours?

    Peru Tours offers a cohesive travel experience for exploring the wonders of Peru. Visitors embark on multi-day tours to highlight attractions and destinations such as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World or trek through the largest rainforest in the world. You've never seen Peru like you will on a Peru tour!

  • Will I get elevation sickness?

    Elevation sickness is a frequent problem with travelers, especially those not used to higher elevations. Machu Picchu and the Andes region have high elevations that can cause shortness of breath, headaches, and other issues. Locals use coca leaves to remedy the sickness or visit a local pharmacy before visiting the sites.

  • What’s included on a Peru Tour?

    Peru tours provide an overview experience in Peru. Many of the tours are multi-day and visit several cities throughout the trip. Some of the main destinations include Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, and the Amazon Rainforest. You'll spend a day or two in each destination with time available for free days to take day trips to other areas of interest.

  • Are Peru Tours expensive?

    Peru Tours has options available for all travelers – couples, adventure, solo, families. You can reserve a rare homestay opportunity with a local family for less than $200 USD or opt for a package deal for a multi-experience trip. You won't find better prices with the all-inclusive trips for hotels, guides, transportation, food, and more. Find the best Peru Tour for your trip!

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Had a great time with our Peru tour. The tour manager made our trip fun and memorable. We had a very safe driver. The assistant Tour manager was very attentive to all the passengers and very friendly.

Nida C

It would help if the accommodation includes the departure time. Since hotel check out time is around 12:30 pm and my departure is 11:20 pm and I have to pay extra to stay. Thank you.

Emelita P

The director was very knowledgeable about the places we went and was always able to provide a lot of history around each place we visited. He had great suggestions of things to do in the areas during free time and treated us like family during our stay. He even had meds to give us when our tummies were a little upset a couple days of the trip. He is passionate about his job and it shows. We highly recommend him to anyone else wanting to tour Peru!

Anne R

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