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The Avalon Expression sets sail in Europe, adding to the unique offering of Suite Ships. The Expression's two full decks of suites feature Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Windows that transform the living space into a unique Open-Air Balcony. Cruise along the legendary Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers, enjoying fresh breezes and enchanting scenery from the comfort of your suite.

    • 443

    • Length
    • 2013

    • Built Year
    • 47

    • Crew
    • 140

    • Pax Capacity
    • 2

    • Suites


Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Jun 21, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon20$9,586
Jun 21, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon22$10,024
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMarseille16$7,737
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBasel8$3,599
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBarcelona20$9,794
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamNice19$9,057
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamPort St. Louis15$7,448
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMilan14$5,734
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLucerne10$4,637
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLake Como12$5,171
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon19$9,297
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon21$9,735
Jun 22, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisAmsterdam15$7,448
Jun 27, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneAmsterdam10$4,637
Jun 27, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneLondon14$6,486
Jun 29, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon12$5,448
Jun 29, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselAmsterdam8$3,599
Jun 29, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon14$5,886
Jul 06, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamFrankfurt8$3,599
Jul 13, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionFrankfurtAmsterdam8$3,349
Jul 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleAmsterdam16$7,737
Jul 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon20$9,585
Jul 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon22$10,023
Jul 20, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBasel8$3,599
Jul 20, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMilan14$5,614
Jul 20, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLucerne10$4,637
Jul 20, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLake Como12$5,171
Jul 20, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon19$9,296
Jul 20, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon21$9,734
Jul 20, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisAmsterdam15$7,448
Jul 25, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneAmsterdam10$4,637
Jul 25, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneLondon14$6,485
Jul 27, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon12$5,447
Jul 27, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselAmsterdam8$3,599
Jul 27, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon14$5,885
Aug 02, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleAmsterdam16$7,487
Aug 02, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon20$9,335
Aug 02, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon22$9,773
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMarseille16$7,487
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBasel8$3,599
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBarcelona20$9,492
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamNice19$8,678
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamPort St. Louis15$7,198
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMilan14$5,614
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLucerne10$4,637
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLake Como12$5,171
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon19$9,046
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon21$9,484
Aug 03, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisAmsterdam15$7,198
Aug 08, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneAmsterdam10$4,637
Aug 08, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneLondon14$6,485
Aug 10, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon12$5,447
Aug 10, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselAmsterdam8$3,599
Aug 10, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon14$5,885
Aug 17, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamFrankfurt8$3,349
Aug 24, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionFrankfurtAmsterdam8$3,349
Aug 30, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleAmsterdam16$7,937
Aug 30, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon20$9,799
Aug 30, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon22$10,243
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMarseille16$7,887
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBasel8$3,599
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBarcelona20$9,907
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamNice19$9,207
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamPort St. Louis15$7,598
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMilan14$5,810
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLucerne10$4,637
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLake Como12$5,171
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon19$9,510
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon21$9,954
Aug 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisAmsterdam15$7,648
Sep 05, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneAmsterdam10$4,937
Sep 05, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneLondon14$6,799
Sep 07, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon12$5,761
Sep 07, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselAmsterdam8$3,899
Sep 07, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon14$6,205
Sep 13, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleAmsterdam16$8,187
Sep 13, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon20$10,049
Sep 13, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon22$10,493
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMarseille16$8,187
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBasel8$3,149
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBarcelona20$10,168
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamNice19$9,432
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamPort St. Louis15$7,898
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMilan14$5,271
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLucerne10$4,187
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLake Como12$4,721
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon19$9,760
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon21$10,204
Sep 14, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisAmsterdam15$7,898
Sep 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneAmsterdam10$4,937
Sep 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneLondon14$6,799
Sep 21, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon12$5,761
Sep 21, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselAmsterdam8$3,899
Sep 21, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon14$6,205
Sep 28, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamFrankfurt8$3,899
Oct 05, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionFrankfurtAmsterdam8$3,549
Oct 11, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleAmsterdam16$7,587
Oct 11, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon20$9,447
Oct 11, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon22$9,891
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMarseille16$7,337
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBasel8$3,499
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBarcelona20$9,318
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamNice19$8,473
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamPort St. Louis15$7,048
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMilan14$5,646
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLucerne10$4,537
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLake Como12$5,065
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon19$9,158
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon21$9,602
Oct 12, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisAmsterdam15$7,298
Oct 17, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneAmsterdam10$4,537
Oct 17, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneLondon14$6,397
Oct 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon12$5,359
Oct 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselAmsterdam8$3,499
Oct 19, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon14$5,803
Oct 25, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleAmsterdam16$6,837
Oct 25, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon20$8,509
Oct 25, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleLondon22$8,931
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMarseille16$7,087
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamBasel8$3,149
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamPort St. Louis15$6,798
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamMilan14$5,182
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLucerne10$4,087
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamLake Como12$4,632
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon19$8,220
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisLondon21$8,642
Oct 26, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionPort St. LouisAmsterdam15$6,548
Oct 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneAmsterdam10$3,837
Oct 31, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionLucerneLondon14$5,509
Nov 02, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon12$4,521
Nov 02, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselAmsterdam8$2,849
Nov 02, 2021Avalon WaterwaysExpressionBaselLondon14$4,943
Mar 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$6,707
Mar 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$8,535
Mar 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$8,979
Mar 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,258
Mar 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$8,567
Mar 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$7,704
Mar 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,354
Mar 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$6,916
Mar 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$6,257
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$6,557
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,899
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$8,208
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$7,345
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$5,898
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$3,995
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$7,876
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$8,320
Mar 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$6,048
Apr 03, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,095
Apr 03, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,923
Apr 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$4,827
Apr 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$2,999
Apr 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,271
Apr 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$7,307
Apr 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,135
Apr 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$9,582
Apr 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$2,708
Apr 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$9,236
Apr 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$8,295
Apr 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$3,804
Apr 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$7,466
Apr 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$6,807
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$7,107
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,349
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$8,877
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$7,936
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$6,448
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$3,445
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$8,476
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$8,923
Apr 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$6,648
Apr 17, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$3,645
Apr 17, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,473
Apr 19, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$4,377
Apr 19, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$2,549
Apr 19, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$4,824
Apr 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,408
Apr 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,049
May 03, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionFrankfurtFrankfurt8$3,499
May 08, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$8,057
May 08, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,965
May 08, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,447
May 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$9,306
May 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,788
May 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$7,398
May 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$3,945
May 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,853
May 17, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$4,757
May 17, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$2,849
May 17, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,239
May 23, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,958
May 24, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,599
May 31, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionFrankfurtFrankfurt8$3,599
Jun 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$8,147
Jun 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$10,118
Jun 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,606
Jun 06, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,208
Jun 06, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$10,199
Jun 06, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,451
Jun 06, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,304
Jun 06, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$8,506
Jun 06, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$7,807
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$8,147
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,849
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,840
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$9,092
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$7,448
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$3,945
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$9,419
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,907
Jun 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$7,448
Jun 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,695
Jun 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,666
Jun 14, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,570
Jun 14, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,599
Jun 14, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,058
Jun 19, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$7,897
Jun 19, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,788
Jun 19, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,262
Jun 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,208
Jun 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$10,304
Jun 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,558
Jun 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,304
Jun 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$8,656
Jun 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$7,807
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$8,297
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,849
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,945
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$9,199
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$7,448
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$3,945
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$9,089
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,563
Jun 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$7,198
Jun 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,695
Jun 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,586
Jun 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,490
Jun 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,599
Jun 28, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,964
Jul 03, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$8,047
Jul 03, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,901
Jul 03, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,375
Jul 04, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,708
Jul 04, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,804
Jul 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,349
Jul 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,445
Jul 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$9,052
Jul 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,526
Jul 05, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$7,198
Jul 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,695
Jul 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,549
Jul 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,453
Jul 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,599
Jul 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,927
Jul 18, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,708
Jul 19, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,349
Jul 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionFrankfurtFrankfurt8$3,349
Jul 31, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$7,797
Jul 31, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,613
Jul 31, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,123
Aug 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,708
Aug 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$9,723
Aug 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$8,895
Aug 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,804
Aug 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$8,156
Aug 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$7,307
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$7,797
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,349
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,364
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$8,536
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$6,948
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,445
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$8,764
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,274
Aug 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$6,948
Aug 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,445
Aug 07, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,261
Aug 09, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,165
Aug 09, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,349
Aug 09, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,675
Aug 14, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$7,797
Aug 14, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,651
Aug 14, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,170
Aug 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,958
Aug 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$9,873
Aug 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,021
Aug 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$5,054
Aug 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$8,156
Aug 15, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$7,457
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$7,797
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,599
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,514
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$8,662
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$7,098
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,695
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$8,802
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,321
Aug 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$6,948
Aug 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,445
Aug 21, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,299
Aug 23, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,203
Aug 23, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,349
Aug 23, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,722
Aug 29, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,708
Aug 30, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,349
Sep 06, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionFrankfurtFrankfurt8$3,899
Sep 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$7,847
Sep 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,755
Sep 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,237
Sep 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,508
Sep 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$10,649
Sep 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,901
Sep 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,604
Sep 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$8,956
Sep 12, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$8,257
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$8,597
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,149
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$10,290
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$9,542
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$7,898
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,245
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$9,056
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,538
Sep 13, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$7,148
Sep 18, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,995
Sep 18, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,903
Sep 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,807
Sep 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,899
Sep 20, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,289
Sep 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$8,247
Sep 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$10,153
Sep 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,637
Sep 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,508
Sep 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$10,549
Sep 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,801
Sep 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,604
Sep 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$8,816
Sep 26, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$8,157
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$8,457
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,149
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$10,190
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$9,442
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$7,798
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,245
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$9,454
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,938
Sep 27, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$7,548
Oct 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,895
Oct 02, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,801
Oct 04, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,705
Oct 04, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,799
Oct 04, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,189
Oct 09, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$7,707
Oct 09, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$9,613
Oct 09, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$10,093
Oct 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$4,058
Oct 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$9,899
Oct 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,034
Oct 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$5,154
Oct 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$8,166
Oct 10, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$7,507
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$7,807
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,699
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$9,540
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$8,675
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$7,148
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,795
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$8,954
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$9,434
Oct 11, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$7,048
Oct 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$4,345
Oct 16, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$6,251
Oct 18, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$5,155
Oct 18, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$3,249
Oct 18, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,635
Oct 23, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice17$7,007
Oct 23, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice21$8,720
Oct 23, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionNiceNice23$9,199
Oct 24, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,508
Oct 24, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam21$9,193
Oct 24, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$8,354
Oct 24, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam11$4,593
Oct 24, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam18$7,566
Oct 24, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam16$6,907
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam17$7,207
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$3,149
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam20$8,834
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam19$7,995
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam15$6,548
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,234
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille19$8,061
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille21$8,540
Oct 25, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionMarseilleMarseille15$6,348
Oct 30, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich10$3,945
Oct 30, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,658
Nov 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich12$4,562
Nov 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich8$2,849
Nov 01, 2022Avalon WaterwaysExpressionZurichZurich14$5,041

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2013
  • Length: 443
  • Passenger Capacity: 140
  • Normal Crew Size: 47
  • Staterooms: 83
  • Suites: 2


Early Riser Coffee, 6 a.m. Start your day right with self-service coffee, hot water, croissants, cookies, and assorted finger foods. Breakfast Buffet, 7 a.m.-8:30 a.m.
Enjoy a tempting selection of breads, cereals, fruits, cold cuts and cheeses, smoked salmon, pastries, yogurts, and juices. Hot items such as eggs, sausage, and bacon vary daily.

*Buffet breakfast items are conveniently color coded on all Avalon Waterways river cruise ships to indicate foods that are low calorie, low fat/low calorie, high fiber, low cholesterol, and high energy

Lunch Buffet, 12:30 p.m. Select from intriguing appetizers, hearty soups, hot dishes, homemade breads, cold cuts and cheeses, salads, and delectable desserts. Afternoon Tea, 4 p.m. Take a mid-day break with coffee or tea and cake or cookies served in the lounge or on the top deck. Dinner, 7:30 p.m. Dine elegantly with a sit-down meal served in a single sitting. The chef will delight you with gourmet selections and the perfect, complimentary wines (complimentary beer or soft drinks also available). Menus typically feature an appetizer, soup, entree, dessert, and coffee or tea. 

Note: Meal times may vary depending on cruise schedule.

Age Restrictions

Travelers who are less than 18 years old on the departure date must be accompanied by an adult throughout the duration of the vacation. We do not accept children less than 8 years old on any Avalon Waterways vacations. If a child will be traveling with adults other than the parents or with only one parent, it is recommended that a notarized letter be written by the parents or non-traveling parent granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel.


Gratuities on board and on land are not included in the cruise price. Tipping is a personal way to show your satisfaction for good service and is always appreciated. It is recommended that tips be paid in cash.


Category E
Square Footage: 172

Category E

Staterooms have comfort collection beds, deluxe beds with memory foam mattress toppers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, choice of soft or firm pillows, extra blankets, choice of bed configuration, nightly turn-down service, bedside tables with reading lamps, hair dryer, L'Occitane bath amenities, spacious 3-door closets with shelves for ample storage, easy under-bed luggage storage, flat screen satellite TV with movie channels, alarm clock, direct-dial telephone, bathrobes & slippers, well-stocked minibar, complimentary bottled water, in-room safe, individual climate control, elegant, contemporary design throughout, and a large mirror in bathroom. Located on Indigo Deck Forward.

Category D
Square Footage: 172

Category D

Staterooms have comfort collection beds, deluxe beds with memory foam mattress toppers, egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, nightly turn-down service, bedside tables with reading lamps, hair dryer, L'Occitane bath amenities, spacious 3-door closets with shelves for ample storage, easy under-bed luggage storage, flat screen satellite TV with movie channels, alarm clock, direct-dial telephone, bathrobes & slippers, well-stocked minibar, in-room safe, individual climate control, elegant, contemporary design throughout, and a large mirror in bathroom. Located on Indigo Deck Aft.

Category B
Square Footage: 200

Category B

Panorama Suites feature comfort collection beds, deluxe beds with memory foam mattress toppers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, nightly turn-down service, bedside tables with reading lamps, hair dryer, L'Occitane bath amenities, spacious 3-door closets with shelves for ample storage, easy under-bed luggage storage, flat screen satellite TV with movie channels, well-stocked minibar, wall-to-wall panoramic window with open-air Balcony, open-air balcony with full 6-person seating area. Located on Sapphire Deck Aft.

Category A
Square Footage: 200

Category A

Panorama Suites feature comfort collection beds, deluxe beds with memory foam mattress toppers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, nightly turn-down service, bedside tables with reading lamps, hair dryer, L'Occitane bath amenities, spacious 3-door closets with shelves for ample storage, easy under-bed luggage storage, flat screen satellite TV with movie channels, well-stocked minibar, wall-to-wall panoramic window with open-air Balcony, open-air balcony with full 6-person seating area. Located on Sapphire Deck Forward.

Category P
Square Footage: 200

Category P

Panorama Suites feature comfort collection beds, deluxe beds with memory foam mattress toppers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, nightly turn-down service, bedside tables with reading lamps, hair dryer, L'Occitane bath amenities, spacious 3-door closets with shelves for ample storage, easy under-bed luggage storage, flat screen satellite TV with movie channels, well-stocked minibar, wall-to-wall panoramic window with open-air Balcony, open-air balcony with full 6-person seating area. Located on Royal Deck.

Category Royal Suite
Square Footage: 300

Category Royal Suite

Suites include Comfort Collection Beds, Deluxe beds with memory foam mattress toppers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, Nightly turn-down service, bedside tables with reading lamps, Hair dryer, L'Occitane bath amenities, Spacious 3-door closets with shelves for ample storage, Easy under-bed luggage storage, Flatscreen satellite TV with movie channels, Alarm clock, Direct-dial telephone, Bathrobes & slippers, Well-stocked minibar, In-room safe Individual climate control, Elegant, contemporary design throughout, Large mirror in bathroom, Marble countertops in bathroom, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Complimentary use of iPad mobile digital devices, Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window with Open-Air Balcony, Open-Air Balcony with full 6-person seating area, Full shower with glass door, Writing desk and Coffee table. Located on Royal Deck.

Life on Board


Dining Room

When it comes to dining, you'll savor your destination in more ways than one. Professional chefs will delight your taste buds with regional specialties as well as Western favorites. Located on the Sapphire Deck.


Panorama Bistro

Enjoy a light dinner alternative in the Panorama Bistro featuring regional specialties and wines. Located on the Royal Deck.


Sky Bistro

Why not sit outside and enjoy your lunch while watching the passing scenery. Located on the Sky Deck.


Club Lounge

An ever-changing landscape serves as the ultimate backdrop as you relax in the Club Lounge. Located on the Royal Deck.


Internet Corner

If you need to check your email and keep in touch, there are computers available for your personal use. Located on the Royal Deck.


Observation Lounge

Enjoy onboard lectures, activities & nightly entertainment with any outside viewing area. Located on the Royal Deck.


Panorama Lounge

Sit back and relax meeting new friends while having a drink at the lounge. Located on the Royal Deck.


Sky Deck

Relax at the Sky Deck with premium lounge chairs and a shade system or have fun at the game area. Located on the Sky Deck.


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is well equipped so you can stick to your fitness program while on vacation. Take advantage of state-of-the-art cardio equipment while enjoying the view of unforgettable passing landscapes. Located on the Indigo Deck.



Of course you want to look your best on vacation, there is a salon for all your hair care and manicure needs. Located on the Royal Deck.



The whirlpool is the perfect place to unwind after an exciting day of sightseeing. Located on the Sky Deck.

Hygiene and Safety Protocols

Today's world has changed, but what remains certain is Avalon Waterways' commitment to guest safety, comfort and peace-of-mind while traveling with us. To that end, Avalon Waterways has established a worldwide Assurance program, with enhanced on-trip protocols and procedures, to ensure the health – and happiness – of guests throughout their travels with us.

It all starts with Avalon Waterways' Global Health & Safety Team, dedicated to ensuring that cleanliness of all operations exceeds today’s travel standards—from start to finish. The following areas address Avalon Waterways' commitment to providing a safe and clean environment for guests.


New embarkation procedures to offer guests a safe start to their journey, including:

  • Social distancing throughout embarkation
  • Mandatory health screening, including touch-free temperature-check, for all guests and crew
  • Luggage disinfection prior to onboarding (with crew wearing gloves and masks)


In addition to Avalon Waterways' Open-Air staterooms, the air in the ships is not circulated between staterooms; only within an individual stateroom and mixed with fresh, outside air.


New social distancing guidelines for guests throughout their Avalon cruise include:

  • Reducing ship capacity as required for more space on board per guest
  • Introducing more dining venues for more dining space per person
  • Crew wearing masks for the duration of the cruise during any guest interaction
  • Providing masks for guests to wear during any event where social proximity could become an issue, including disembarkation for excursions and safety drills
  • Adjusting ratio of guides and coaches for excursions, as required


  • Electrostatic disinfecting systems
  • UV disinfecting systems


Reducing risk with hands-free service, including:

  • More hand-sanitizing stations throughout the ship
  • Required use of hand-sanitizing stations when leaving the ship, returning to the ship and entering dining venues as well as entering each public/common space
  • Self-serve stations, including buffets, drinks, specialty coffees and snacks have been replaced with crew service
  • All buffets (breakfast and lunch) replaced by a full range of á la carte menu choices
  • Hourly (or more frequent) disinfection of all public areas


Enhanced cleaning procedures throughout each ship, including these additional steps that go above-and-beyond Avalon’s already strict procedures:

  • Deep disinfection of each stateroom between cruises, including:
    • Use of disinfectants and cleaning materials that meet the highest standards
    • Soft goods in each stateroom (mattress, sofa, window coverings, chairs, etc.) disinfected between cruises
  • Disinfection of all dining areas between meals
  • Disinfection of all shared items like umbrellas, bicycles and other Adventure Center items
  • Disinfection of all goods prior to loading on the ship
  • Ongoing crew training in protective equipment use and hygiene


Ensuring a healthy crew, including:

  • Medical certificate required prior to start of contract
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Social distancing in crew living quarters
  • Regular health screenings

Expression Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 54 reviews about Expression - currently showing 5 reviews with comments only

Avalon vs. Viking: I would probably go back to Viking, but each has it's favorable points and room for improvement. The Avalon ship was spotless and the staff was quite good. The food was fine. The Cruise Director was the best I have experienced anywhere. The cabin was spacious, but I missed having the lanai. The guides were great and timing was spot-on. The onboard entertainer was mediocre at best, though, and that really was a downer. On our Viking cruise two years ago, the onboard entertainer was awesome and a good part of our social time was spent enjoying him in the lounge. This guy on Avalon could not sing and his music was intended for the 80 year old+ audience. No one danced or sang along. Disappointing. One of the special music guests was incredibly good, and the other was incredibly bad.

Romantic Rhine With 3 Nights Paris & 3 Nights London - Northbound 2019
5/5 - Excellent
Professional Staff
Repeat with Operator
Value for Money
Reviewed on Aug 27, 2019

Our Avalon Waterways river cruise was phenomenal! So much fun! The cruise director was wonderful! The staff and the wait service are going to be missed! The excursions kept us up and moving everyday, which was expected. The local guides were all great! It was a dream vacation for sure! A guided tour of Europe was our best decision. Very happy indeed!


Very pleasant and helpful and resulted in significant savings versus booking directly.

Reviewed on May 28, 2019

I was a bit skeptical when I booked but that went away the first day. Everyone was very helpful and everything was fabulous, hope we can do another trip soon.


OUr cruise was exactly as described and actually exceeded our expectations. Everything was so well done. Ship was great. Staff wonderful. Food excellennt. Couldn't have asked for moore.

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