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Cambodia River Cruises 2024/2025

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Cambodia Travel Guide

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Embarking on a Cambodia river cruise offers an intimate glimpse into the soul of Southeast Asia. Picture this: serene waters, lush jungles whispering the tales of ancient civilizations, and cities bustling with the warmth of everyday life. The journey takes you along the mighty Mekong, unveiling Cambodia's many treasures— from the iconic, awe-inspiring temples of Angkor to the vibrant riverine life along the Tonle Sap. What sets Cambodia apart is its blend of spectacular historical wonders with its gentle, inviting culture. You're not just visiting; you're being welcomed into a story that's been unfolding for thousands of years. Along the way, enjoy the sandy stretches of riverbanks, peer into the past through ruins that have withstood time, and bask in the cultural richness that is as much a part of Cambodia as the waterways themselves. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Cambodia river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Cambodia Travel Guide
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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Jul 15, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritSiem ReapHo Chi Minh City15$15,655
Jul 15, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritSiem ReapHo Chi Minh City13$15,020
Jul 25, 2024EmeraldEmerald HarmonySiem ReapHanoi19$10,500
Jul 25, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritHo Chi Minh CitySiem Reap15$15,655
Jul 27, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritHo Chi Minh CitySiem Reap13$15,020
Jul 28, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritHanoiHo Chi Minh City20$33,615
Jul 29, 2024EmeraldEmerald HarmonySiem ReapHo Chi Minh City15$9,265
Jul 29, 2024VikingViking SaigonHo Chi Minh CityHanoi15$14,999
Jul 31, 2024EmeraldEmerald HarmonyHanoiSiem Reap23$13,190
Aug 01, 2024EmeraldEmerald HarmonyPhnom PenhHo Chi Minh City10$7,990
Aug 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonBangkokHanoi21$7,979
Aug 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHanoiBangkok19$7,369
Aug 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHanoiSiem Reap16$6,349
Aug 02, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritSiem ReapHo Chi Minh City15$15,655
Aug 02, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritSiem ReapHo Chi Minh City13$15,020
Aug 02, 2024VikingViking SaigonHanoiHo Chi Minh City15$7,499
Aug 03, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDaraHo Chi Minh CityHanoi16$4,818
Aug 03, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritHanoiSiem Reap24$19,650
Aug 05, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDaraHo Chi MinhSiem Reap8$2,399
Aug 05, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHo Chi Minh CityHanoi18$6,959
Aug 05, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHo Chi Minh CitySiem Reap13$5,064
Aug 05, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHo Chi Minh CityBangkok16$6,114
Aug 06, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDaraHanoiHo Chi Minh16$4,818
Aug 08, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHo Chi Minh CityPhnom Penh8$3,429
Aug 08, 2024EmeraldEmerald HarmonyHo Chi Minh CitySiem Reap15$11,365
Aug 09, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHanoiHo Chi Minh City16$6,384
Aug 09, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonBangkokHanoi21$7,859
Aug 09, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHanoiBangkok19$7,394
Aug 10, 2024EmeraldEmerald HarmonyHo Chi Minh CityPhnom Penh10$10,090
Aug 11, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritHanoiHo Chi Minh City24$20,650
Aug 12, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDaraSiem ReapHo Chi Minh8$2,399
Aug 12, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonSiem ReapHo Chi Minh City13$5,004
Aug 12, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonSiem ReapBangkok16$6,049
Aug 12, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonSiem ReapHanoi18$6,789
Aug 12, 2024EmeraldEmerald HarmonySiem ReapHanoi19$10,500
Aug 12, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritHo Chi Minh CitySiem Reap15$15,655
Aug 14, 2024ScenicScenic SpiritHo Chi Minh CitySiem Reap13$15,020
Aug 15, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonPhnom PenhHo Chi Minh City8$3,429
Aug 16, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonBangkokHanoi21$9,609
Aug 16, 2024Avalon WaterwaysSaigonHanoiBangkok19$8,999

Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia River Cruises Highlights

  • Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh, the bustling capital city, sits on the confluence of the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers. As a key stop, you'll find a city that mixes the traditional with the new. The port is close to major sites like the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, and the National Museum. For a somber but important visit, the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum are also accessible.
  • Angkor Wat: The world's largest religious monument and a symbol of Cambodia. Massive and mysterious, it's a whole city of temples surrounded by jungle.
  • Siem Reap (Tonle Sap Lake): While Siem Reap is not directly on the river, many cruises offer excursions to this gateway city to the ancient temples of Angkor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the high-water season, some boats can sail close to Tonle Sap Lake's floating villages.
  • Royal Palace in Phnom Penh: A stunning example of Khmer architecture, filled with majestic buildings and the beautiful Silver Pagoda.
  • Kampong Cham: Kampong Cham is quieter but rich in local color. Here, the port gives you access to rural life in Cambodia, the impressive Wat Nokor temple, and the bamboo bridge (rebuilt yearly) that connects to Koh Paen Island.
  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: Once a high school, then a prison, and now a museum, it's a sobering reminder of Cambodia's past under the Khmer Rouge.
  • Kampong Chhnang: This port takes you close to the pottery and fishing industries that thrive on the Tonle Sap River. A short trip from the dock, you can see floating villages and life on the water that's remained unchanged for decades.
  • Tonle Sap Lake: Southeast Asia's largest freshwater lake with floating villages and unique ecosystems.
  • Wat Phnom: The tallest religious structure in Phnom Penh, set on a hill and said to be the founding place of the city.
  • Silk Island (Koh Dach): Just a short boat ride from Phnom Penh, this island is where you can see traditional silk weaving.
  • Sambor Prei Kuk: These pre-Angkorian temple ruins are nestled in the forest, a less-visited site with a peaceful atmosphere.

Cambodia River Cruises Travel Tips

  • U.S. dollars are widely used in Cambodia. Use small denominations, or $1, $5, and $10 bills for tips and souvenirs. You should have about $200 extra in cash on you during your trip. If you go to Vietnam, the Dong is used more frequently than the US dollars.
  • Charge cards, such s Master Card, Visa, and American Express, are accepted in major cities in Cambodia. Carry two types of charge cards with you in case a restaurant or store does not accept a certain card. 
  • Check, when shopping, for charges for overseas purchases, and if you are subject to any restrictions.
  • Cambodia has a hot and humid climate. Therefore, you need to pack clothing made of materials that breathe, wick away moisture, or dry out fast. Pack light-weight, long-sleeved shirts and slacks, as well as t-shirts and shorts. A wide-brimmed hat will keep the sun off your face and neck.
  • If you take prescription medicine, make sure you have enough of the medication to last through your trip
  • Bring Pepto-Bismol, in case of stomach upset, sunscreen, and a first-aid kit. Wet naps may come in handy as well.
  • Give children in villages and town school supplies instead of candy or money. Money encourages begging and candy is not good for their teeth, which often do not get professional care because of the lack of dental facilities.
  • You may experience sporadic Internet use or may be off-grid, from time to time. Expect limited online access while sailing.

Cambodia River Cruises Things To Do

  • Siem Reap
    Siem Reap

    Located in northwest Cambodia, Siem Reap is a resort town and the portal to the Angkor ruins. The ancient complex was the base of the Khmer kingdom during the 9th through 15 centuries. Angkor's large complex of stone buildings features the main temple of Angor Wat, which also is featured on the Cambodian flag. You can also see mysterious expressions displayed at the Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom. The Old Market in Siem Reap is popular because of its bar, pubs, and restaurants.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit the attraction between November and April when skies are clear and sunny.   

    You Should Know

    Night markets in the Old Market area set up in the afternoon and stay open until late at night. Before you visit the temple complex of Angkor Wat, pay a visit to the Angkor Wat Museum. The museum allows you to learn more about Angkorian antiquities, and the ancient history and culture of the area during the Khmer era.   
  • Angor Wat
    Angor Wat

    You simply cannot take one of the Cambodian river cruises featured online without visiting Angor Wat. You will need to head deep into the rainforest to find the lost city and religious monument. The temple facility is distinguished as being the biggest in the world. Large tree roots wrap around many of the temples and bas-relief carvings tell ancient tales.  

    Best Time To Visit

    November through April is the most auspicious time to see Angkor Wat.    

    You Should Know

    The temple has been shared by two religions – Hinduism and Buddhism. At the end of the 12th century, the temple was being used for Buddhist worship. It is still used for practicing Buddhism today. The Angor Wat temple was thought to be designed for funerals because of its westward-facing direction. Usually, Angkorian temples face east while death is symbolized by facing a building west. The building of Angkor Wat required 300,000 laborers and 6,000 elephants working over a 35-year period.
  • Kampong Cham
    Kampong Cham

    Kampong Cham is Cambodia's third-largest city. The rural-like geographical setting of the city contrasts with its thriving city center. While most of Cambodia is primarily Buddhist and Khmer, a large portion of Kampong Cham is Muslim and Christian as well as Chinese. As a result, the city features various religious centers and a variety of foods.  

    Best Time To Visit

    It is best to see Kampong Cham from November through April.      

    You Should Know

    The local market is authentic and does not feature any touristy gimmicks. It is simply a place where the residents buy spices, meat, products, clothes, and toys. Koh Paen Island allows you to experience the farm life in Kampong Chang. You can rent a bicycle and do some exploring. Mountain Srey and Mountain Pros represent two mountains situated west of the city. Mountain Pros is home to pagoda temples, fruit statues, and vendors selling sugar cane juice. If you visit Mountain Srey, you will need to take 308 steps to get to the top. A magnificent abandoned temple will greet you at the top.
  • Kratié Town
    Kratié Town

    If you want to see Mekong dolphins, you can spot pods when you visit Kratié Town. This part of Cambodia allows you to experience Cambodian village life while seeing some one-of-a-kind sites. The town is home to several pagodas and the largest wat in Cambodia.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Try to visit Kratié Town in November or December when it is drier and more temperate.  

    You Should Know

    Koh Trong Island is a good place to cycle. You will need to catch a ferry, which will deliver you to the island or sandbar in about 5 minutes. It is only about 9 miles around the island, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, including the rice paddies, pagodas, and floating village. In the center of town sits Krong Krachen Pagoda, whose gold and pink façade glimmer at sunset.
  • Tonle Sap Lake
    Tonle Sap Lake

    During the wet season, Tonle Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. After the rains, the lake shrinks but is still considered a large body of water. Stretching from Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat, the lake is known for providing for the agricultural needs of the surrounding communities as well as the country's fishing industry.  Best Time To Visit Visit Tonle Sap Lake during the dry season, or November to April, when things are calmer and there are mostly sunny skies. Birds visit the area from December to May, so you may want to schedule a time to see the lake in December.

    You Should Know

    One of the most attractive floating fishing villages on Tonle Sap Lake is Prek Toal. The village features restaurants, a school, a hospital, and a pagoda. Tonle Sap features fishing lots and floating houses where locals raise and catch fish for a living.  
  • Han Chey Mountain
    Han Chey Mountain

    Known officially as Chey Kiri Mountain, Han Chey Mountain sits on the north side of the Mekong River. You can climb the mountain by taking 295 stair steps. The mountain is home to many temples and a pagoda.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Add Han Chey Mountain to your travel itinerary from November to April.    

    You Should Know

    A temple, called Pra Sat Neang Khmao, lies in the valley of the mountain and is made of stones, each is seven square meters. The pagoda at the mountain's top is called Wat Han Chey. From here, you can enjoy gorgeous views of the Mekong River. A vihara or Buddhist monastery sits at the site.
  • Phnom Penh
    Phnom Penh

    The busy capital of Phnom Penh lies at the confluence of the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers. It was once a base for the Khmer Empire, and later a hub for French colonials. The city's riverfront promenade features bars, restaurants, and parks. Top sites include the National Museum, the Royal Palace, and Silver Pagoda.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Phnom Penh is always pleasant to visit in the spring or fall, especially April or November.  

    You Should Know

    The city's Central Market boasts an Art Deco décor. Besides the Khmer New Year in mid-April, the holiday, P'chum Ben is another significant celebration. During the festival, locals visit pagodas to make offerings to deceased relatives. During the rainy monsoon season in September and October, Phnom Penh can receive a whopping 200 inches of precipitation in one month.  
  • Hoh Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Hoh Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Hoh Chi Minh City is a thriving metropolis and is a great way to conclude or begin a Cambodia river cruise. As the largest city in Vietnam, it offers river cruise-goers with contrasting sites to see – places that may be modern or traditional.  When you visit the city, you can enjoy shopping and dining in upmarket venues as well as check out the vendor markets at night.  

    You Should Know

    The city boasts the second-largest number of motorcycle owners in the world, only falling second after Taiwan. Therefore, be very careful about crossing the street. Ho Chi Minh City has some of the best street food in Vietnam. Try vendor specialties, such as cao lau, which is a pork noodle dish, or pho, rice noodles and broth.

Cambodia River Cruise Packages

  • Getting There

    Getting to the starting point of a Cambodia river cruise is pretty straightforward. Most cruises kick off from Phnom Penh, the capital city, which is accessible by plane from many international destinations. Once you land, you'll find the city's port nestled along the banks of the Mekong River, often just a short ride from the airport.

    If your cruise starts upstream, Siem Reap is your likely launch city near the famous Angkor Wat. Siem Reap is also well-connected by air, and cruise operators often offer transfers from the airport to the port, which is on the Tonle Sap River. Either way, the journey to your cruise ship is an easy one, with these ports serving as gateways to the adventures that await on Cambodia's historic waters.

  • The Perfect Time for a Cambodia River Cruise

    Considering a river cruise in Cambodia requires thoughtful timing due to its tropical climate, which remains warm throughout the year but is characterized by distinct seasons. The dry season, spanning from November to April, is widely regarded as the optimal time for river cruising in Cambodia. During these months, the skies are generally clear, and the countryside is beautifully lush, enhancing the river cruising experience. This period is particularly favorable for river cruising as the water levels in the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers are stable, ensuring that all cruise routes are navigable.

    On the other hand, the wet season, which lasts from May to October, brings more rainfall to Cambodia. However, this season also transforms the landscapes into even greener vistas, and the rivers swell, occasionally making certain routes accessible that are not available during the dry months. Additionally, river cruising during the wet season in Cambodia might offer better deals and more space for exploration due to fewer tourists.

    While most travelers prefer the dry season for its comfort and predictability, the wet season also holds a unique appeal for river cruising in Cambodia. If you're open to experiencing a bit of rain, the wet season can provide a distinctly charming and lush environment for your river cruising adventure. Each season in Cambodia offers a different perspective and experience for river cruising, making it a versatile destination for enthusiasts.

  • Experience The Flavors of Cambodia on a River Cruise

    Cambodian cuisine is all about the balance of flavors. You've got to try 'Fish Amok,' a creamy curry that's like a hug in a bowl. Another star is 'Kuy Teav,' a noodle soup that's perfect for breakfast. Don't skip on 'Bai Sach Chrouk' either; it's pork and rice, simple but oh-so-tasty.

    For something to sip, 'Tuk Meric,' a pepper sauce, is a must on pretty much everything. And to wash it down, the local rice wine or a cold 'Angkor Beer' does the trick.

    Where to eat? Street food is king here. Find a busy stall, and you're in for a treat. For a sit-down meal, the riverside restaurants in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap offer great local dishes with a view.

    On some cruises, you'll get cooking classes or market tours. Join in! It's the best way to understand the local flavors. Just remember to go easy on the spice if you're not used to it.

  • Immerse Yourself in Cambodia's Culture

    Diving into Cambodia's culture is like opening a book that's alive with stories and colors. The Khmer culture, shaped by Theravada Buddhism, is friendly and respectful. When you greet someone, do the 'sampeah,' placing your palms together near your chest and bowing slightly.

    Festivals? They're a big deal. Don't miss the 'Water Festival' or 'Bon Om Touk,' where boat races light up the rivers. And 'Pchum Ben,' where Cambodians pay respects to their ancestors, is a time of reflection and community.

    Visiting temples? Dress modestly. Cover your shoulders and knees; it's a sign of respect. And remember, shoes off at the door!

    Everywhere you go, there's a sense of community, a rhythm of life that's inviting and warm. Smile and show kindness, and you'll fit right in. Cambodia's culture is rich, welcoming, and incredibly beautiful to experience.

  • Why Book a River Cruise to Cambodia?

    Booking a river cruise to Cambodia is a smart move for several reasons. First off, it's a great deal. You get to see and do a lot without the hassle of booking multiple hotels or transportation between cities. Your floating hotel takes you from one incredible spot to another while you sleep or enjoy onboard amenities.

    On a river cruise, you also get to see parts of Cambodia that are tough to reach by land. You'll drift past landscapes that aren't just beautiful; they're also unique. Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee as you glide by villages that are waking up, fishermen casting nets, and temples that seem to appear out of nowhere.

    The convenience factor is huge, too. Instead of packing and unpacking at each new place, you settle into your cabin, and that's it—you're done. Your room travels with you, and so does your restaurant. Plus, many cruises include guided tours, so you're not just seeing the sights; you're getting the stories behind them.

    And then there are the special access perks. Some cruises offer activities and stops that you can't get any other way. Think private tours of ancient temples or evening cultural performances just for guests. That's not something you can easily organize on your own. So, a cruise here isn't just about going places; it's about getting closer to the heart of Cambodia.

  • Ready to Book Your Cambodia River Cruise?

    Are you ready to set off on a journey that's packed with a mix of adventure, tranquility, and cultural richness? A Cambodia River Cruise ticks all these boxes. It's a chance to glide along serene waters, taking in views of lush landscapes and timeless villages. Plus, the ease of travel is unbeatable—you unpack once, and your floating hotel takes you from one extraordinary spot to another.

    Imagine waking up to the sight of a misty sunrise over the Mekong, exploring hidden temple ruins, and ending your day with flavorsome local cuisine. On a Cambodia River Cruise, you get an all-in-one experience that combines relaxation with discovery.

    Why wait to discover the hidden gems of Cambodia from the unique vantage point of its rivers? Book your cruise today and get ready to create unforgettable memories in this enchanting part of the world.

Cambodia River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Cambodia River Cruises?

    While some of the river cruises stop at cities in Vietnam, such as Hoh Chi Minh City, many of the river cruise packages solely cover Cambodian attractions. Major Cambodian cities on the river cruise include Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Kampong Cham. River cruise offerings cover 4 days to 2 weeks.

  • What Is Included on Cambodia River Cruises?

    Taking a Cambodia river cruise allows you to immerse yourself in shore excursions that enable you to see locals involved in day-to-day life. Your tour will be supported with English-speaking guides, and you can participate in cycling or water sports activities as you travel along the Mekong River. Transfers and ground transport are normally included in the river cruise package price.

  • What’s the Best River Cruise of Cambodia River Cruises?

    Try to book a river cruise that meets your travel interests and budget. For example, some river cruises focus more on eco-tours while other river cruise lines plan full days that include visiting temples and historical sites.  One top river cruise company is Avalon Waterways, which features Cambodia river cruises.

  • How Much Do Cambodia River Cruises Cost?

    If you choose a 7-night package, that takes you down the Mekong River, expect to pay around $6,800 per person during the peak month of November. This rate covers a river cruise trip for two people sharing a cabin. 

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