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Egypt River Cruises 2023/2024

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Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt River Cruises are ideal for those who want to cruise around and see portions of Egypt. Find some of the most precious secrets hidden along the banks of the Nile. You can look at the pyramids that are found in Cairo, along with the temples that housed many of the Pharaohs in the past. You can stop along the way and see so many different places, visit the past, and come together with the local people to experience their culture. Egypt River Cruises have everyone wanting to visit the area, go down the Nile, and experience all that they have to offer. Book your Egypt River Cruise today. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Egypt river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Egypt Travel Guide
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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Sep 29, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoAmman14$6,098
Sep 29, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoCairo10$4,149
Sep 29, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,499
Sep 29, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo8$5,499
Oct 06, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoAmman14$6,098
Oct 06, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoCairo10$4,149
Oct 20, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoAmman14$6,098
Oct 20, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoCairo10$4,149
Oct 20, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,799
Oct 20, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo8$5,799
Oct 27, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,899
Oct 27, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo8$5,899
Nov 03, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoAmman14$5,998
Nov 03, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoCairo10$4,049
Nov 03, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,899
Nov 03, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo8$5,899
Nov 10, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoAmman14$6,098
Nov 10, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoCairo10$4,149
Nov 18, 2023UniworldRiver ToscaCairoCairo12$13,199
Nov 22, 2023VikingViking OsirisCairoCairo12$8,999
Nov 24, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,899
Nov 24, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo8$5,899
Dec 09, 2023UniworldRiver ToscaCairoCairo12$7,299
Dec 15, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoAmman14$6,098
Dec 15, 2023Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoCairo10$4,149
Dec 16, 2023UniworldSS SphinxCairoCairo12$7,299
Dec 16, 2023UniworldRiver ToscaCairoCairo12$7,299
Dec 22, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,799
Dec 22, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo8$5,799
Dec 23, 2023UniworldSS SphinxCairoCairo12$9,999
Dec 23, 2023UniworldRiver ToscaCairoCairo12$7,299
Dec 24, 2023VikingViking AtonCairoCairo12$5,999
Dec 27, 2023VikingViking OsirisCairoCairo12$7,299
Dec 30, 2023UniworldSS SphinxCairoCairo12$9,999
Dec 30, 2023UniworldRiver ToscaCairoCairo12$7,299
Jan 05, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,999
Jan 05, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo8$5,999
Jan 05, 2024Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoCairo10$4,299
Jan 05, 2024Avalon WaterwaysMS FarahCairoAmman14$6,098
Jan 05, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDahliaCairoCairo12$5,999

Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt River Cruises Highlights

  • See how Egypt was in the past, but also how the people are living there now. 
  • Choose how long you want to be on the cruise for, with options ranging from just a few days to a few weeks. 
  • You are able to enjoy the entire trip and see many places for an affordable price with a cruise.
  • Have your entire trip planned out more efficiently with the use of the cruise since they have activities and excursions to choose from.
  • The cruise is a hotel, so you don't have to worry about booking a bunch of places to stay when checking out each one of them. 
  • Customize your experience with the many options they offer. This is your cruise and you can choose what to do, what not to do, and many other extras. 
  • Many of the attractions throughout Egypt are the biggest and best highlights that you can find while floating down the Nile.

Egypt River Cruises Travel Tips

  • Look into the many things you can do before you head out on your trip. You want to make sure that you know what to expect when you go on the excursions.
  • Consider bringing some of the local currency with you but exchange yours in your hometown because exchanges can be expensive there. 
  • Do not drive yourself around Cairo, or any of the other areas. The traffic is bad, and it is worse if you don't know the area. Consider hiring a driver.
  • Consider not standing in line to see the inside of the pyramids. They are long and they are usually crowded with nothing to see. 
  • Stop into the local restaurants and make sure to try some of the highlighted food on the menus. 
  • Use a podcast or app as a guide to find your way around the area. It is more affordable and easier to use than finding an actual guide for the time you are going to be there. 
  • This is an area that is unfamiliar, so make sure to watch out and follow normal protocols when it comes to being out and about in a new place. Common sense is ideal.

Egypt River Cruises Things To Do

  • Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
    Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

    This museum is set up to show you the many parts of Egypt that were found and now displayed proudly for all to see. You can easily find that these pieces come together to tell a story. Walkthrough the building, take in the history, ask questions, and really dive deep into the past, which is what Egypt takes pride in.  

    Best Time To Visit

    You can visit the museum at any point since it is all inside. If you wanted to do something on a rainy day, this would be the most ideal since you can spend your time walking through the halls.   


    You Should Know

    They do charge admission to get in. It is around $35, so you may want to purchase tickets in advance if you're going to be visiting.  
  • Temple of Karnak
    Temple of Karnak

    Everyone loves the energy that this temple gives off. With a beautiful appeal, you can walk through the ruins yourself and really take in everything. You don't need to worry about walking with a guide when you are here, either. You can find yourself having the best time when you are enjoying the temple for yourself.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit when it is not raining and when the weather is nice. The temple is mostly outdoors, and you will walk through a few different buildings, so doing so in the nice weather might be more ideal.   


    You Should Know

    There are sometimes celebrations that are held in the area, so this is something you might want to take part in. Give yourself at least two hours to get through all this temple has to offer.  
  • Abu Simbel Temple Complex
    Abu Simbel Temple Complex

    This was said to have been transported from the original location to where it is now back in the '60s, and they have done a great job. The temple stands tall, and you can walk through the various areas. Many who have visited this temple say it is the highlight of their trip to Egypt, making it a top place to visit for many.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Since the complex is mostly outdoors and you have to walk from building to building, it is ideal to go on a nice day. Of course, if it is going to be hot, then make sure to bring some water because there is not a lot of shade there.   


    You Should Know

    You will have to show up early to get to the temple complex because the shuttles only go there very early in the morning.   
  • The Heavenly Cathedral
    The Heavenly Cathedral

    Taking in a piece of something that has been built in the past with love and devotion might be high on your list. If so, then this is the cathedral you want to spend some time in. The paintings that are located all over the inside of the cathedral tell stories.   

    Best Time To Visit

    There is no right or wrong time to visit. You can visit when the weather is however outside as this is all inside. You can visit while everyone is there for service or during the downtime hours.   


    You Should Know

    This is a holy place and you should be respectful of that. Make sure to follow the customs and be polite while you are there.  
  • Tomb of Queen Nefertari
    Tomb of Queen Nefertari

    You can't visit Egypt and not visit a tomb while you are there. This is something that so many do not consider doing. There are a lot of paintings and love letters that are on the walls of this tomb, with many of them that look like they have just been done. This is something that really stands out and makes the tomb beautiful.   

    Best Time To Visit

    You can go at any time when the weather is nice, or even if it is not. It is recommended that you go very early in the morning if you want to skip the lines and take as much time as you need while there.   


    You Should Know

    You can purchase an advanced ticket and pay a little extra for a special one to see much more. Many say this is worth the price.   
  • ACE – Animal Care Complex
    ACE – Animal Care Complex

    If you want to learn more about the animals who are living in Egypt, and really talk a walk through a place that helps them get back on their feet, then ACE is a great place to visit.  Providing free care to neglected and abused animals and ensuring that they are taken care of, you can visit the patients that are there and watch them as they work on others.  

    Best Time To Visit

    They are mostly running inside, though some of the animals are outside. If you want to view those, then going during a nice day is recommended, as they are more likely to be outside.   


    You Should Know

    You will spend around an hour learning about everything that they do here, and it can be worth the trip. Consider donating to the center because they are doing a lot for the animals of the area.  
  • Valley of the Kings
    Valley of the Kings

    This is a desert valley where many pharaohs are buried and have been. They have been untouched for centuries and continue to sleep soundly here. If you want to come see for yourself the kings who are sleeping, including King Tut, then this is where you can find them all. Preserved, perfect, sleeping.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit when the weather is nice because it is outside. You want to walk around comfortably and be able to take in the sights and other specifics of the area.  


    You Should Know

    The area can become quite hot, so you want to make sure to dress accordingly and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.  
  • Dendera Temple Complex
    Dendera Temple Complex

    This is one of the most intact temples in Egypt and it is one that you can visit and get the most out of when you walk the halls. You can walk through the halls yourself and take pictures. Make sure to look at the walls because they tell stories of those who lived here before.   

    Best Time To Visit

    You will want to visit at any point in time. Make sure to check the hours to see when they are open and if they will be when you want to show up. This will ensure you can go whenever you want or need.  


    You Should Know

    There is rooftop access at the top of the twisting staircase, and it is definitely worth spending some time to visit while you are there.  

Egypt River Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

Cruising down the Nile is something that you can do almost any time of the year but knowing the perfect time to spend a bit of downtime is essential. Egypt is generally a warm and dry place, and it follows almost the same seasons as Europe. If you want to go during the most pleasant time of the year for them then between October and April would be the most ideal. This is also the time when most tourists show up.    Visiting during these months make visiting the tombs and ruins more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Summer - May to September

    The summers in Egypt can be extremely hot with temperatures exceeding 100 F on most days. If you decide to take a cruise during this time, keep in mind to pack light clothing, sunglasses, and maybe a hat to keep you as cool as possible. 

  • Fall and Winter - October to April - Good Season

    During the fall and the winter, the temperatures in Egypt decrease but don't descend less than the 50s. Making it the perfect time to cruise the Nile and visit the attractions, in comfortable and tolerable weather. keep in mind that this is the time when most people decide to travel to Egypt so there will be more tourists and prices might increase.

Egypt River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • Best Time to Take an Egypt River Cruise

    Cruising down the Nile is something that you can do almost any time of the year but knowing the perfect time to spend a bit of downtime is essential. Egypt is generally a warm place, so you want to consider their seasons. If you want to go during the most pleasant time of the year for them then between October and April would be the most ideal. This is also the time when most tourists show up.    Visiting during these months make visiting the tombs and ruins more enjoyable for everyone.

  • What is an Egypt River Cruise?

    An Egypt River Cruise is a cruise that takes you down the Nile and welcomes you to the various areas in Egypt along the way. You will be able to stop in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and so many other cities that are high on the list of places to see while you are in Egypt. You won't have to worry about not being able to see places because the ship stops at each. The cruise usually runs 3, 5, and 7 days though you might find some that provide longer trips if you want one.

  • What Comes with an Egypt River Cruise?

    These cruises are all-inclusive, so you will not only have your lodging on the ship, but you also can enjoy food, drinks, activities, and the ability to see so many places. This is one of the most affordable ways for you to spend some time and see a lot of places along the way. Alcohol, gifts, and excursions are something that costs extra, so keep this in mind when you book your trip and get ready to go.

  • How Much Does an Egypt River Cruise Cost?

    The costs can change based on any extras you might add to your trip, as well as the length of the trip and the specific cruise line you choose to take. It is important to consider your budget and then customize your trip based on that. For a general idea, an Egypt River Cruise can cost between $800 to $2,000.

  • What are the Best Cruise Lines for an Egypt River Cruise?

    Some of the more recommended cruises you can take are on Viking River Cruises, Avalon Waterways, and AmaWaterways. They all provide quality cruising activities and amenities while also providing a way to see Egypt while on the go.  

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