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Monarch Countess

Sail the Rhine in comfort and style on the Monarch Countess by Gate 1 Travel. With deluxe amenities such as an indoor dining room, bar & lounge, and outside lounge, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Europe while on your river cruise.

    • 360

    • Length
    • 2010

    • Built Year
    • 40

    • Crew
    • 136

    • Pax Capacity
    • 4

    • Suites


Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Sep 01, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,099
Sep 04, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,699
Sep 04, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,349
Sep 08, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,449
Sep 08, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,049
Sep 11, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,699
Sep 11, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,299
Sep 15, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,349
Sep 18, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,599
Sep 22, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$4,149
Sep 25, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$3,399
Sep 29, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$4,049
Oct 02, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$3,299
Oct 06, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$4,049
Oct 06, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,749
Oct 09, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$3,299
Oct 09, 2022Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,899
Apr 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,599
Apr 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,099
Apr 13, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,799
Apr 13, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,199
Apr 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,299
Apr 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,799
Apr 20, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamBasel9$2,399
Apr 20, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,399
Apr 20, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$2,899
Apr 24, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,299
Apr 24, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,799
Apr 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBaselParis12$2,899
Apr 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBaselAmsterdam9$2,099
Apr 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,399
Apr 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$2,899
May 01, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,299
May 01, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,799
May 02, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamBudapest20$4,149
May 02, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamAmsterdam18$3,599
May 04, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest18$3,749
May 04, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamBudapest16$3,299
May 04, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,399
May 04, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$2,899
May 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,499
May 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,149
May 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,599
May 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,249
May 15, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,499
May 15, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,199
May 18, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,599
May 18, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,299
May 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,649
May 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,149
May 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,699
May 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,199
May 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,699
May 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$3,099
May 29, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,549
May 29, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,049
May 30, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,149
May 30, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,549
Jun 01, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,599
Jun 01, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$1,999
Jun 01, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,699
Jun 01, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,199
Jun 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichBudapest14$3,399
Jun 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,599
Jun 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichMunich12$2,849
Jun 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,149
Jun 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,399
Jun 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,899
Jun 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,549
Jun 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$1,999
Jun 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,599
Jun 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,099
Jun 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,599
Jun 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$2,999
Jun 13, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,049
Jun 13, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,449
Jun 15, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,499
Jun 15, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$1,899
Jun 16, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest17$3,799
Jun 16, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest15$3,249
Jun 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,399
Jun 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$2,949
Jun 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,349
Jun 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$1,799
Jun 24, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,349
Jun 24, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$2,799
Jun 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$2,799
Jun 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,249
Jun 29, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,249
Jun 29, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$1,699
Jul 03, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichBudapest14$3,099
Jul 03, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,249
Jul 03, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichMunich12$2,549
Jul 03, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$2,799
Jul 06, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,249
Jul 06, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$1,699
Jul 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,199
Jul 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$2,649
Jul 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$2,699
Jul 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,149
Jul 13, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,149
Jul 13, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$1,599
Jul 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest17$3,949
Jul 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest15$3,399
Jul 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,549
Jul 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,099
Jul 20, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,549
Jul 20, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$1,999
Jul 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,199
Jul 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$2,649
Jul 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$2,699
Jul 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,149
Jul 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,149
Jul 27, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$1,599
Jul 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichBudapest14$3,399
Jul 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,549
Jul 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichMunich12$2,849
Jul 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,099
Aug 03, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,549
Aug 03, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$1,999
Aug 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,299
Aug 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$2,749
Aug 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$2,799
Aug 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,249
Aug 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,249
Aug 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$1,699
Aug 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest17$3,749
Aug 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest15$3,199
Aug 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,349
Aug 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$2,899
Aug 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,349
Aug 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$1,799
Aug 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,549
Aug 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$2,949
Aug 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,049
Aug 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,449
Aug 24, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,499
Aug 24, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$1,899
Aug 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichBudapest14$3,399
Aug 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,549
Aug 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessMunichMunich12$2,849
Aug 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,099
Aug 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,199
Aug 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,999
Aug 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,549
Aug 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$1,999
Aug 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,399
Aug 31, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,199
Sep 02, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,799
Sep 02, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$3,199
Sep 04, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,599
Sep 04, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,099
Sep 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,249
Sep 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,649
Sep 07, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,699
Sep 07, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$2,099
Sep 07, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,699
Sep 07, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,199
Sep 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest17$4,399
Sep 08, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest15$3,849
Sep 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,799
Sep 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,349
Sep 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,599
Sep 11, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,099
Sep 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,749
Sep 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$2,199
Sep 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,699
Sep 14, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,199
Sep 16, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawPrague17$3,999
Sep 16, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessWarsawBudapest14$3,399
Sep 18, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,499
Sep 18, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,999
Sep 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,449
Sep 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich11$2,849
Sep 21, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,899
Sep 21, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestMunich9$2,299
Sep 21, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,599
Sep 21, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,099
Sep 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest17$4,599
Sep 22, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBerlinBudapest15$4,049
Sep 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessPraguePrague12$2,999
Sep 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestPrague14$3,549
Sep 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,499
Sep 25, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,999
Sep 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$2,949
Sep 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessRegensburgBudapest9$2,399
Sep 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,599
Sep 28, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,099
Oct 02, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,349
Oct 02, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,849
Oct 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBucharest9$2,599
Oct 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,499
Oct 05, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$2,999
Oct 09, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,249
Oct 09, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,749
Oct 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBucharest13$3,499
Oct 10, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBucharestBucharest11$2,949
Oct 12, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBucharestBudapest9$2,599
Oct 12, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest11$3,149
Oct 12, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$2,399
Oct 12, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$2,899
Oct 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamBudapest20$4,999
Oct 17, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestBudapest18$4,549
Oct 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamAmsterdam18$4,449
Oct 19, 2023Gate1Monarch CountessBudapestAmsterdam16$3,999

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2010
  • Length: 360
  • Passenger Capacity: 136
  • Normal Crew Size: 40
  • Staterooms: 64
  • Suites: 4


As specified in each itinerary. Meals are based on the hotel's or restaurant's buffet or set menu. In general, beverages are not included, unless specifically stated. Although Gate 1 cannot make guarantees, every effort will be made to honor special dietary requests submitted in writing at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Age Restrictions

All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age for children on escorted tours is 8. Minimum age on Discovery Tours is 12. Minimum age for European River Cruise programs is 16. Minimum age for game drives in Kruger National Park (South Africa) is 12. Minimum age for Uganda programs is 15. Minimum age for Norwegian Cruise Line® is 6 months old and to sail unaccompanied by an adult is 21 years of age. There is no minimum age on independent packages except for the Beijing & Shanghai special programs which have a minimum age of 5. Discounts for children sharing a room as third may apply to children under 12. Most hotels do not permit children under 18 to occupy a room without an adult. Accompanying adults are responsible for the safety of their children including to provide any necessary safety equipment (such as infant/child seats) where appropriate. Please note that many countries have adopted practices to prevent international abductions of children. If a person under the age of 18 years will be travelling with an adult other than his/her parents, or with only one parent, a notarized letter written by the parents, or non-travelling parent, granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel should be carried.


Complete tipping guidelines are provided with final travel documents and on each program's website presentation, Trip Preparation/At Your Destination section.


Category E
Square Footage: 172

Category E

Cabin E features a Flat screen TV, direct dial telephone, safe, individual climate control, hairdryer and mini-fridge. Located on the Indigo Deck.

Category D
Square Footage: 172

Category D

Cabin D features a Flat screen TV, direct dial telephone, safe, individual climate control, hairdryer and mini-fridge. Located on the Sapphire Deck.

Category C
Square Footage: 172

Category C

Cabin C features a French balcony, Flat screen TV, direct dial telephone, safe, individual climate control, hairdryer and mini-fridge. Located on the Sapphire Deck.

Category B
Square Footage: 172

Category B

Cabin B features a French Balcony, Flat screen TV, direct dial telephone, safe, individual climate control, hairdryer and mini-fridge. Located on the Royal Deck.

Category A
Square Footage: 172

Category A

Cabin A features a French Balcony, Flat screen TV, direct dial telephone, safe, individual climate control, hairdryer and mini-fridge. Located on the Royal Deck.

Category Suite
Square Footage: 258

Category Suite

The Suite features a French Balcony, Flat screen TV, direct dial telephone, safe, individual climate control, hairdryer and mini-fridge. Located on the Royal Deck.

Life on Board


Coffee Station

Grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee as a pick me up over at the coffee station.


Panorama Lounge

Enjoy a cocktail or meet up with your new-found friends while you take in the stunning views at the Panorama Lounge. Located on the Royal Deck.


Fitness Room

Get your heart rate up and stay in shape while you cruise in the state of the art fitness room.

Hygiene and Safety Protocols

At Gate 1 we take your safety and security very seriously. We have a strong network of tour managers, local offices, ground operators and colleagues which help us stay informed in all the destinations that we operate. We closely monitor local situations which enable us to make the operational decisions necessary to keep our tours running safely. Millions of people travel the world each year and experience enjoyable and safe trips but crimes against people and property are sadly a fact of life. It is very important to be aware of your surroundings and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Please remember that you have the same responsibility for your personal safety and possessions as you do at home. It is essential to prepare for a safe and healthy travel abroad. Therefore before you travel, we strongly recommend that you visit the website of the US Department of State at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel.html for up-to-date travel advice on the countries that you are visiting. The website provides useful information on subjects such as safety and security information, health precautions and medications, health insurance and additional tips for traveling abroad. If you do not reside in the United States, we recommend you check your government's travel advisory website for any country you will be visiting. We recommend that you review the safety guidance that may be provided by us, our agents or suppliers, either before you go or when you arrive in your destination. You can also find helpful tips on our website in the "Trip Preparation" tab of each of our tour packages. We do know that in-spite of careful planning, things can sometimes still go wrong, so rest assured, we will be there to help and support you.

Monarch Countess Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 18 reviews about Monarch Countess - currently showing 5 reviews with comments only
Reviewed on Nov 17, 2019

great and fun experience

Reviewed on Oct 27, 2019

Our tour was outstanding. Great service every day and always friendly and very accommodating.

Reviewed on Oct 27, 2019

We really enjoyed our Gate 1 river cruise. It was a great value for the money. Everything was as good or better than the Viking River Cruise we took the following week The crew was exceptional and the ship was clean and nice. The beds/pillows were the most comfortable we've ever had. Food was good with a nice variety. The trip through Belgium to Paris was a nice plus.

Reviewed on Jul 14, 2019

My husband, Peter, and I, together with two other couples took Gate 1's Monarch Countess, 7-day Amsterdam to Basel. It was a very well-organized Cruise. The staff were all pleasant and accommodating. The cabin and dining area were very clean. Our tour director Maarten was very knowledgeable and helpful. The activity host Nico was absolutely fun and energetic. We never had a dull moment aboard the riverboat. We used AT's emergency phone number when we couldn't find the embarkation point and our flight was delayed - and we got the response right away. Local tour guides in the included tour were very good except for the elderly lady in Mannheim. Affordable Tours = traveling for less, without sacrificing the quality. We will recommend Affordable Tours in a heartbeat. The invitation to review however, was only sent to my husband Peter, and he forwarded it to me. I wish that it was sent to me directly. I'm top 1% reviewer in NY for Trip Advisor. Actually I wanted to review Monarch Countess but it didn't pop up yet in TA's website.

Reviewed on Jun 28, 2019

Lots of walking, cobblestones, steps and hills. Few people if any changed clothing from their daytime tour for dinner.

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