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Garonne River Cruises 2024/2025

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Garonne Travel Guide

Sailing the Garonne River takes you straight to the heart of Southwestern France, where every bend in the river tells a story. This isn't just a journey; it's a passage through time, from Bordeaux's wine legacy to the ancient towns that dot the scenic banks. The Garonne is your gateway to world-famous vineyards, gothic cathedrals, and the undisturbed countryside. The region thrives on its winemaking, so expect to taste some of the world's best reds. Cultural attractions abound, from the art-filled streets of Bordeaux to the historic battlefields of the Hundred Years' War. There's no shortage of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, either. And it's not all about the past; contemporary culture thrives in bustling markets and in the culinary innovations of local chefs. Ready for a truly French experience? A Garonne River cruise might just be the perfect pick. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Garonne river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Garonne Travel Guide
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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Mar 10, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$6,179
Mar 14, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$3,599
Mar 17, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$6,279
Mar 21, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$3,699
Mar 24, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$6,479
Mar 24, 2024UniworldSS Joie de VivreBordeauxParis15$15,299
Mar 24, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxParis15$15,299
Mar 24, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxBordeaux8$1,999
Mar 28, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$3,899
Mar 31, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$6,679
Mar 31, 2024UniworldSS Joie de VivreBordeauxParis15$9,799
Mar 31, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxParis15$9,799
Mar 31, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxBordeaux8$2,299
Apr 04, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$4,099
Apr 07, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$6,779
Apr 07, 2024UniworldSS Joie de VivreBordeauxParis15$16,099
Apr 07, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxParis15$16,099
Apr 07, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxBordeaux8$2,599
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxBordeaux11$13,590
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxMadrid14$15,045
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxLyon21$28,450
Apr 11, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$4,199
Apr 14, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$6,879
Apr 14, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxBordeaux8$3,599
Apr 18, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$4,299
Apr 21, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$6,979
Apr 21, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxBordeaux8$4,999
Apr 25, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$4,399
Apr 25, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxBordeaux11$13,590
Apr 25, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxMadrid14$15,045
Apr 28, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$7,079
Apr 28, 2024UniworldSS Joie de VivreBordeauxParis15$8,499
Apr 28, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxParis15$8,499
Apr 28, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxBordeaux8$2,999
May 02, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$4,499
May 05, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBilbaoParis15$7,079
May 05, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxBordeaux8$10,790
May 05, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxBordeaux8$2,999
May 09, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDolceBordeauxBordeaux8$4,499
May 12, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxBordeaux8$11,390

Garonne Travel Guide

Garonne River Cruises Highlights

  • Bordeaux: Bordeaux, the cruise's usual starting point, is a bustling port city and a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its exceptional wine and impressive 18th-century architecture. The port is well-equipped, offering easy access to the city's main attractions, such as the Place de la Bourse and the Cité du Vin, a state-of-the-art wine museum.
  • Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux: This iconic square reflects the city's elegant classical architecture. At night, the Miroir d'eau, the world's largest reflecting pool, beautifully mirrors the grand buildings.
  • La Cité du Vin, Bordeaux: A modern museum dedicated to the history of wine, offering interactive exhibits and, of course, tastings of wines from around the world.
  • Saint-Émilion: A medieval village perched above the vineyards, it's famous for its catacombs, monolithic church, and wine heritage dating back to Roman times.
  • Cadillac: This quaint town is a gateway to the Sauternes wine region. The port here is smaller but welcoming, with the impressive Château de Cadillac within walking distance. It's an ideal spot for wine enthusiasts looking to sample some of the world's finest sweet wines.
  • Château de Cadillac: A historic château offering a glimpse into the region's past, complete with opulent rooms and a turbulent history.
  • Libourne: Libourne's port leads you into the heart of French winemaking tradition. It's close to Saint-Émilion, famous for its full-bodied red wines. From the port, you can easily visit the historic town center or venture into surrounding vineyards for a tasting tour.
  • The Dune of Pilat: Near the Bay of Arcachon, it's the tallest sand dune in Europe and offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Coast.
  • Pauillac: Pauillac Port sits amidst the prestigious Médoc wine region. The docking areas are surrounded by an expanse of famous vineyards, and a short trip from the port can lead you to several renowned chateaux, including Château Lafite Rothschild and Château Latour.
  • Château de Roquetaillade: This well-preserved castle provides insight into medieval life and features renovations by famed architect Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century.
  • Bordeaux Wine School: For those looking to deepen their knowledge of wine, this institution offers classes for all levels of enthusiasts.
  • Museum of Aquitaine, Bordeaux: Chronicles the history of the region from prehistoric times to the present day, highlighting its cultural and archaeological heritage.

Garonne River Cruises Travel Tips

  • France is much more than Paris and visiting Garonne will show you that.
  • Make sure to keep your commonsense travel tips in mind when you are visiting and off the ship. 
  • Have your ID on hand when you are off the ship. Not only for alcohol, but also to ensure you have some sort of identification.
  • Try to learn some French before you go, so you can be prepared to have some sort of conversation while there. 
  • Familiarize yourself with some of the wine and food that you will find throughout France before you go, since some of the dishes are a bit different. 
  • Their meals consist of more than one course, so make sure to go out to eat if you are actually hungry.
  • The shops close somewhat early, so keep this in mind.

Garonne River Cruises Things To Do

  • Bordeaux Wine Tasting
    Bordeaux Wine Tasting

    Regarded as one of the biggest and best ways to spend time in France, this is a must. You want to make sure to try for yourself the wine that is delicious, crisp, and provides the delightful taste you want from a bottle. Of course, you can pair this with some of the most delicious treats that they provide and make right there.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Visiting this attraction during the warmer months is ideal. You can sit out on the terraces and try a number of different wines and even bring a bottle or two of your favorites home.


    You Should Know

    This is one of the six best wine regions in the area worth seeing. Make sure to have your ID ready, since many of them might ask for it while you are there.  
  • Watersports at St Ferreol
    Watersports at St Ferreol

    Who doesn't love watersports? St Ferreol is a man-made lake that you can rent some items on to spend a bit of time out in the water. Between jetskis, jumping pads, and more; you can be sure to get more from the time you are in the water. With slides and other pieces of equipment, choose which you want to use.   

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to see this attraction is during the warmer months, especially in the summer. This is because the weather is more comfortable to be in the water during.   


    You Should Know

    Children need to be with adults at all times while in the water, as this can be dangerous. There are fees that you have to pay to use their equipment, but it is generally affordable.
  • Les Marins de la Lune
    Les Marins de la Lune

    This is a nautical club that provides the user with a way to do kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, canoeing, and anything else. Whatever you want to do while on the water can be done with the help they provide. Enjoy all that they offer within the club, then come back for a drink and a bite to eat.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Since this is a water-type of activity, you want to make sure you are visiting during the summer months. This is important to think about, and then plan ahead so you can book your cruise during the summer months.   


    You Should Know

    There is a charge for the items if you want to use them but you can book and pay ahead for these items so you can skip the line when you get there. The club is open from April to the end of summer.  
  • Terre et Ocean

    You can take part in many of the scientific and observational activities that they teach you. The activities that you do here are great for children and adults, so regardless of how old you are, it is definitely a great way to learn more. You can learn more about the animals in the area, but also about nature.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Many of the activities are done outside, so the weather should be comfortable. It doesn't have to be too hot, but it shouldn't be raining, as this can be tough to do the activities.   


    You Should Know

    In addition to the science information they give, you can also learn more about the history of the area. You might get wet, so make sure to dress accordingly.
  • Historical Walking Tour of Toulouse
    Historical Walking Tour of Toulouse

    Toulouse is a beautiful city within the area and if you want to learn more about history, then this tour is one that can provide you with more information. Of course, you will want to stop at the cafes, shops, and restaurants to make sure to try a piece of France around every corner you turn.  

    Best Time To Visit

    There is no right or wrong time, but usually, the tours are not running during the winter months, so keep this in mind. Make sure it is also not raining, as this can ruin the tour.   


    You Should Know

    This tour does cost money and you do need a ticket, so you can purchase while you are there or skip the lines and purchase ahead of time online. The tour is beautiful regardless of when you go, but many recommend taking one when the sun goes down to see all of the lights.
  • Carcassonne Cite Medievale
    Carcassonne Cite Medievale

    This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, so it is protected. There are many medieval pieces that are found inside the castle that have been there since it was found. It is a deep piece of history that everyone is invited to come inside and learn from. Just make sure to be respectful and make sure not to touch a bunch of things.  

    Best Time To Visit

    You can view this at any point in time, just make sure to check the hours before you go since they do close the castle and the bridge down from time to time.   


    You Should Know

    Tickets are required for this, so make sure to purchase them in advance. Leave a whole day open to view the drawbridge and the castle together.
  • Painting Class
    Painting Class

    As one of the best and most recommended attractions from previous visitors, you can come and have a portrait drawn of you. Many choose to take their clothes off and make it more of a ‘French' style painting, but you can work with the artist to come up with the best possible print for you and your situation.  

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time is anytime to do this. Just make sure to purchase your tickets in advance and book a time and date, as the artist needs to make sure to have you in the schedule books.  


    You Should Know

    You don't need to be experienced to pose for the picture, and you get to keep it. You can have the picture mailed to your home, or you can leave with it once it is completed. The art should only take around 20 to 40 minutes to complete in total.  
  • Aeroscopia

    Leading aviation and aeronautical museum in the area, you can make sure to enjoy learning more about the planes and other pieces of machinery. The collection is huge and many of the pieces come from the wars in the past. This is a great part of history for you to take part in and enjoy. Learn more.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Those who visit this area tend to visit when the weather is not the best since it is mostly inside. You can be sure that you see everything within the building without having to worry about the outside weather.   


    You Should Know

    It is a self-guided tour, so you just look at everything on your own time and at your own pace. There are simulators that you can make use of and try for yourself.

Garonne River Cruise Packages

  • Getting There

    The Garonne River flows through the heart of Southwest France, and getting there is straightforward. If you're joining a cruise, it typically starts in the city of Bordeaux, famous for its wine and historic architecture. Bordeaux has an international airport, Bordeaux-Mérignac, which is well-connected to major cities across Europe and offers convenient transfers to the city center.

    Cruise ships dock right at the Port of Bordeaux, which is located on the Garonne River close to the city center. This port is accessible and equipped to welcome international travelers embarking on their river cruise journey. Whether you're flying in or arriving by train from other parts of France, getting to the starting point of your Garonne River cruise is as simple as it gets.

  • The Perfect Time for a Garonne River Cruise

    The Garonne River region enjoys a temperate climate that makes it a year-round destination. However, the best time for a river cruise here is arguably from April to October when the weather is warm, and the vineyards are lush and green or harvest-golden in the fall.

    Summers can be quite warm, especially in July and August, which are also the busiest months. If you prefer a quieter cruise with fewer travelers and still pleasant weather, consider late spring (April to June) or early fall (September to October). The temperatures are milder than, and the landscape is stunning with spring blooms or autumn leaves.

    Winter cruises can be chilly, and some attractions might be closed, but they offer the charm of festive markets and the beauty of the region in its peaceful, off-season slumber. Plus, you'll find that the prices are often lower and the experience more intimate.

  • Immerse Yourself in the Culture of a Garonne River Cruise

    Taking a Garonne River Cruise isn't just about the beautiful sights; it's a golden ticket to dive into local culture. Life here moves to a rhythm of age-old traditions and vibrant festivals. In the small towns along the river, you might stumble upon a local fête, where music, dance, and regional costumes fill the streets with color and life.

    The French here are proud of their customs. If you're cruising in June, you could catch the music-filled Fête de la Musique, where the air buzzes with tunes from every corner. Wine is more than just a drink here—it's a culture. The Bordeaux Wine Festival, held in the heart of wine country, is a must for anyone interested in the art of viticulture.

    And let's not forget about Bastille Day on July 14th, when fireworks and festivities honor French national pride. Any time you choose to visit, the Garonne will offer you a slice of its rich cultural pie.

  • Experience the Local Flavors on a Garonne River Cruise

    When you hop on a Garonne River Cruise, you're in for a treat, especially when it comes to food. This region is all about fresh, flavorful dishes that'll make you want to savor every bite. You've got to try the classics like cassoulet, a hearty slow-cooked stew with beans and meat that's super popular in Toulouse. And don't pass up on the foie gras – it's a bit of a local legend around here.

    For seafood lovers, the oysters and mussels are top-notch, thanks to the nearby Atlantic coast. They're fresh, juicy, and often served with a simple squirt of lemon – just perfect. For something sweet, canelés from Bordeaux are these cute, caramelized pastries with a soft custardy center – absolutely delicious with a cup of coffee.

    For the best eating spots, ask the locals. They know where to find the best meals, whether it's a cozy bistro by the river or a lively market stall selling just-made street food. Oh, and wine enthusiasts, you're in the right place. The Bordeaux region is just a stone's throw away, so a glass of local red or white is a must-try. If you can, take a wine tour – it's a fantastic way to get a real taste of the region's flavors.

  • Why Book a River Cruise on the Garonne?

    Booking a river cruise on the Garonne is an excellent way to see this beautiful region of France from a unique perspective. Cruises offer great value for your money because you get comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and transportation all rolled into one. Plus, there's the convenience of unpacking once, and your 'floating hotel' takes you from one destination to another while you sleep or relax, making the most of your travel time.

    The views from a cruise are unmatched; imagine sipping a glass of local wine on the deck while floating past vineyard-covered hills and historic castles. You'll also get the chance to dock right in the heart of small towns and major cities alike, stepping off the ship and straight into the action.

    What's more, some cruises offer exclusive experiences like private tours of estates and châteaux that are not typically open to the public or special wine tastings that showcase the best of the region's world-famous viticulture. The local guides that come aboard or meet you at the ports can give you insider tips that elevate your travel experience beyond the usual tourist paths.
    So, a river cruise on the Garonne isn't just about going places; it's about experiencing them in comfort and style, with a touch of exclusivity that you wouldn't get traveling any other way.

  • Ready to Book Your Garonne River Cruise?

    Ready to see what the Garonne River Cruise has to offer? This journey is a unique mix of serene river views, historic sites, and rich cultural experiences. As you float by ancient vineyards, bustling ports, and picturesque landscapes, you'll understand why this part of France is so special. It's a chance to unwind and soak up the French way of life at a leisurely pace.

    Whether you're keen on diving into the local history, savoring world-class wines, or just watching the world go by from the deck of a cruise ship, the Garonne has something for you. Booking a cruise here means gifting yourself the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. So why wait? Get your Garonne River Cruise on the calendar and start looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime.

Garonne River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • Best Time to Take Garonne River Cruises

    The best time that many states to visit the Garonne River is in July and August. This is the warmest time, and also when a lot of festivals and extras are happening. You can make sure to enjoy all that comes from cruising down the river when the weather is the nicest. Of course, this is also when there are a lot of tourists flocking the area. There are fewer crowds and lower rates in the spring and autumn. However, if you are coming for wine, autumn might not be the best time because wineries tend to shut down during this time.

  • What is a Garonne River Cruise?

    A Garonne River Cruise lets you go from the Great Pyrenees all the way to the Atlantic Coast in France. You can find that the trip from one end to the next is the best way to get more out of the vacation. You would go on a cruise to see many of the top destinations along the way. You can be sure to make use of everything that is being offered, but also find that this is an affordable way to see a lot of the world, including France. The cruise goes down the Garonne river and stops in multiple places.

  • What’s Included with a Garonne River Cruise?

    The cruise is all-inclusive, so you can expect that your food, drinks, lodging, and activities are all included in the price, as well as the round trip. Any extras such as alcohol and specialty items or treatments are not included in the price but can be purchased as an extra package to be added to the cruise. Many enjoy cruises because of the fact that almost everything is included in the price that you pay.

  • What’s the Best River Cruise to Take a Garonne River Cruise?

    Viking River Cruises are one of the biggest and most recommended cruise lines to take for a Garonne River Cruise because of the luxury that they provide. Another great choice for a cruise line would be Avalon Waterways. They provide great staterooms, as well as wonderful views and amenities. However, there is no right or wrong cruise line to take. Just make sure to look into each of them to find out what they are providing and go with the one that is best for you.

  • How Much Does a Garonne River Cruise Cost?

    The cost of a Garonne River Cruise can vary depending on the length of the stay, the cruise ship you choose to take, the ports of call, type of room, and more. You can customize your stay on the ship and the price you pay but to have an idea of how much it costs, it runs between $1,899 and run up to $11,999. With many of the cruises running up to 15 days or more, this can be more costly than a stay of around 3 days.

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