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Hungary River Cruises 2023/2024

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Hungary Travel Guide

Prepare to set out on a Hungary river cruise and discover a world where history and culture flow as majestically as the Danube. Cruising through Hungary, primarily along the Danube, offers a unique glimpse into this country's rich tapestry of history, art, and natural beauty. From the vibrant city of Budapest, with its stunning architecture and famous thermal baths, to the serene landscapes of the Hungarian countryside, there's something to captivate everyone. Hungary's unique appeal lies not just in its grand cities but also in its charming towns and villages, each with its own story. You'll be mesmerized by the Gothic and Baroque architecture, and the country's history, from ancient times through the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the present day, is visible at every turn. Whether it's exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, indulging in Hungarian cuisine, or soaking in thermal spas, a river cruise in Hungary offers a memorable and diverse travel experience. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Hungary river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Hungary Travel Guide
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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Dec 01, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVisionaryBudapestPrague12$4,312
Dec 01, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVisionaryBudapestNuremberg10$3,723
Dec 01, 2023EmeraldEmerald DestinyBudapestRegensburg8$7,190
Dec 01, 2023EmeraldEmerald DestinyBudapestMunich8$7,190
Dec 01, 2023EmeraldEmerald DestinyBudapestPrague11$7,810
Dec 02, 2023ScenicScenic JasperPragueAmsterdam18$16,310
Dec 02, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaBellaBudapestPrague13$4,959
Dec 02, 2023EmeraldEmerald DawnBudapestNuremberg8$4,748
Dec 02, 2023EmeraldEmerald DawnBudapestAmsterdam15$11,190
Dec 02, 2023EmeraldEmerald DawnBudapestParis18$12,355
Dec 02, 2023VikingViking EgdirPassauBudapest8$4,199
Dec 02, 2023VikingViking SkadiBudapestAmsterdam15$4,499
Dec 03, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVisionaryBudapestNuremberg8$3,224
Dec 04, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaVerdeGiurgiuBudapest8$3,499
Dec 04, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaBellaBudapestVilshofen8$3,499
Dec 05, 2023ScenicScenic JasperBudapestAmsterdam15$15,390
Dec 07, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaLeaPragueBudapest11$4,399
Dec 08, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaBellaBucharestPrague22$8,998
Dec 08, 2023VikingViking MimirPassauBudapest8$2,799
Dec 09, 2023UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$3,599
Dec 09, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaVerdeBudapestPrague13$4,959
Dec 10, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaLeaNurembergBudapest8$3,499
Dec 10, 2023VikingViking BaldurPassauBudapest8$4,199
Dec 11, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaBellaVilshofenBudapest8$3,499
Dec 11, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaBellaGiurgiuVilshofen15$6,898
Dec 11, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaVerdeBudapestNuremberg8$3,499
Dec 12, 2023Avalon WaterwaysImagery IINurembergBudapest8$3,099
Dec 13, 2023ScenicScenic AmberBudapestNuremberg8$8,790
Dec 13, 2023ScenicScenic AmberBudapestMunich8$8,790
Dec 13, 2023ScenicScenic AmberBudapestPrague11$9,520
Dec 13, 2023VikingViking VilhjalmBudapestPassau8$2,899
Dec 14, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaMagnaBudapestPrague12$5,299
Dec 14, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaMagnaMunichBudapest12$5,299
Dec 14, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaSonataBudapestPrague13$4,959
Dec 15, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaVerdePragueBudapest11$4,399
Dec 16, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaBellaViennaBucharest14$5,359
Dec 16, 2023UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$7,999
Dec 16, 2023ScenicScenic JasperParisBudapest18$23,140
Dec 16, 2023ScenicScenic JasperParisPrague21$24,060
Dec 16, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaSonataBudapestNuremberg8$3,499

Hungary Travel Guide

Hungary River Cruises Highlights

  • Budapest: Budapest, Hungary's capital, is often the starting or ending point of the cruise. This vibrant city is split by the Danube into Buda and Pest. The cruise port is conveniently located near the heart of the city, giving you easy access to famous landmarks like the Parliament Building, Buda Castle, and the Chain Bridge. Don't miss the thermal baths and the lively café culture of Pest.
  • Budapest's Parliament Building: This iconic structure, one of the largest in the world, is a masterpiece of Gothic Revival architecture. Sitting majestically on the banks of the Danube, it's a sight to behold, especially when lit up at night.
  • Buda Castle and Castle Hill: Overlooking Budapest, the castle is a historical palace complex of the Hungarian kings. Castle Hill itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering winding streets, quaint architecture, and stunning views of the city.
  • The Chain Bridge: As one of Budapest's most famous landmarks, this suspension bridge connects Buda and Pest, offering impressive views of the Danube.
  • St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest: This neoclassical church is one of the tallest buildings in Budapest. It houses Hungary's most sacred treasure, the Holy Right Hand of St. Stephen.
  • Esztergom: Known for its immense basilica, the largest in Hungary, Esztergom is a port that offers a mix of religious history and stunning architecture. The basilica, perched on a hill, provides panoramic views of the Danube. This small city, once the capital of Hungary, is rich in historical significance and offers a quieter, more reflective experience.
  • Esztergom Basilica: As the largest church in Hungary, this basilica holds a commanding presence. It features an impressive dome and an ornate interior, reflecting its significance in Hungarian history and culture.
  • Visegrád: Visegrád, with its famous hilltop castle, offers a glimpse into Hungary's medieval past. The ruins of the Royal Palace and the Citadel are a must-visit. The town also provides stunning views of the Danube Bend, one of the most picturesque sections of the river.
  • Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest: This fairy-tale-like terrace offers some of the best panoramic views of the city, including the Danube and the Parliament building.
  • Thermal Baths in Budapest: Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, like the Széchenyi and Gellért Baths, perfect for relaxation and a quintessential Hungarian experience.

Hungary River Cruises Travel Tips

  • Comfortable walking or hiking shoes are a must, as you must trek over cobbled and hilly terrains.
  • Keep all your travel documents in order to ensure you won't run into any complications while traveling. The information—name and contact details—should be correct.
  • Convert your currency so you can easily pay with cash if needed.
  • Pack light for your river cruise, as ship space for bags is at a premium.
  • Don't leave home without a universal travel adapter. Make sure you stay connected during your Hungary river cruise.
  • Depending on the season, pack accordingly. A light rain jacket or umbrella is advisable, as occasional showers are common.
  • Include a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for sunny days, especially if you're planning to relax on the deck.
  • Don't forget a camera to capture the scenic beauty of the Danube and the architectural marvels of Hungary.
  • Download Google Translate to help you with ordering in restaurants that do not have English-language menus.

Hungary River Cruises Things To Do

  • Budapest

    Regardless of whether you travel on a short or longer Hungary river cruise, seeing Budapest is a must-do destination. Budapest is a burgeoning food and beer capital – one that features "Ruins Bars" and the largest synagogue in Europe – a Moorish Revival styled building that was constructed from 1854 to 1859.

    Best Time to Visit

    A great time to see Budapest is during Oktoberfest when the city's beer fest is held in Kincsem Park. Shoulder season is the preferred travel time, or from March through May or September through November. At those times, the river cruise prices are lower as well as the temperatures.


    You Should Know

    If you are younger and more energetic, you may be interested in visiting a ruin bar (a romkocsma concept). Ruin bars represent makeshift pubs set up in run-down pre-war buildings that feature furniture from clearance sales. Szimpla Kert is one of the more iconic examples of the "ruin bar" idea. Budapest has the oldest subway in Continental Europe – an underground rail system that has been operating since 1896. The city offers free public transportation to travelers and locals 65+ years old. This includes the subway,above-ground trains, chair-lifts, the funicular, and boat trips for free.
  • Eger, Hungary
    Eger, Hungary

    Eger is a popular city to visit on in-country river cruises. The city, which sits in northern Hungary, is home to Eger Castle and Eszterhazy Karoly College. The tree-shaded Kossuth Lajos Street reveals much about this city's history with its old buildings and wrought-iron gate in front of the County Building. 

    Best Time To Visit

    Plan to visit Eger on a shorter river cruise from March through May or from September through November.


    You Should Know

    Eger Castle overlooks Eger and is located across the Eger River. The Istvan Dobo Castle Museum at the site features castle exhibits and a picture gallery. Eger red wines are popular wines, savored in Hungary and around the world.
  • Pecs, Hungary
    Pecs, Hungary

    If you limit river cruise travel to Hungary, Pecs is a must-see location. You will have plenty of historic sites to view and restaurants to visit. The quiet town will lull you into its surreal atmosphere – an escape to a faraway time and place.

    Best Time To Visit

    You can enjoy Pecs at any time of the year, but it is best to go, from a cost standpoint, during the spring or fall.


    You Should Know

    The Basilica of St. Peter in Pecs features four towers and dates back to the 11th century. Three of the chapels—the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, the Chapel of St. Mary, and Mor Chapel feature the artwork of Bertalan Szekely. The top square in Pecs, the sloped Szechenyi ter, boasts large baroque buildings and is at the center of people-watching activities. The Zsolnay Fountain in the square displays an eosin glaze or a metallic and iridescent sheen that people either like or hate.
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Lying along the Danube River, the Slovakian capital is bordered by Hungary and Austria. Surrounded by the Little Carpathian Mountains and featuring cycling and hiking trails, the town is also known for its lively eateries and bars. Built in the 1700s, the pedestrian-only capital proves ideal for walking and seeing the sites up-close.

    Best Time To Visit

    Keep your calendar open for traveling from March through May or from September through November.


    You Should Know

    The tower of Michael's Gate is the only remaining medieval gate in the capital. To see a city view, climb to the top of the tower. The structure was built in the 14th century. Step back in time by strolling down peaceful, medieval Kapitulska Street. Visit Bratislava Castle, but skip the tour. Instead, see the view at the top.
  • Vienna, Austria
    Vienna, Austria

    Situated on the Danube River, the capital of Austria dates back to Roman times, when Romans founded the military camp of Vindobona. Today, the cityscape is defined by baroque buildings, most of which were created under the reign and influence of Maria Theresia (from 1740 to 1780) and Franz Joseph, who ruled from 1848 to 1916.

    Best Time To Visit

    According to U.S. News Travel, it is best to visit Vienna in the spring or fall when the crowds and temperatures are lower. 


    You Should Know

    The former imperial summer estate, Schloss Schonbrunn, features beautiful formal gardens and a zoo. The Hofburg, or Imperial Palace, on the grounds served as a home base for the Habsburgs over a span of 6 centuries. The baroque building, Belvedere Palace, contains Osterreichische Galerie. The gallery displays the largest representation of works by the Austrian artists, Oskar Kokoschka and Gustav Klimt. Prime landmarks include the gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral and the large Ferris wheel, located in the Prater (an old amusement park).
  • Wachau Valley
    Wachau Valley

    A scenic vista along the Danube River, the Wachau Valley nestles between the towns of Melk and Krems and stretches 18 miles. The historic valley is known for its memorable wines and its outdoor activities, especially hiking and cycling.

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit the Wachau Valley is during the spring or fall, or when you can see the vineyards and sights with fewer distractions. 


    You Should Know

    Take a day excursion during a port stopover at Krems, and cycle or hike through the Wachau Valley. Krems is a town also known for its wine tastings. In addition, you can cycle from Krems to the town of Melk during an offshore excursion - a journey of about 20 miles. Bike along either side of the Danube River. The north bank features more villages while the south bank is less crowded.
  • Durnstein, Austria
    Durnstein, Austria

    Another town near the Wachau Valle, Durnstein is a charming and friendly stopover. The river town is full of history and culture. Durnstein is where Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned by Austria's king. You can access the ruins from town, although you will face a somewhat steep climb. If you want to forego the climb, you can see the sites of the town up-close, including historic monuments, wine houses, and colorful buildings.

    Best Time To Visit

    Plan to visit Durnstein when the weather is balmier, or from March to May or September through November.


    You Should Know

    While you won't see much if you visit the ruins of Castle Durnstein, the site's position, high atop a hill, will give you a great view of the town below. Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned at the site from December 1192 to March 1193. Walking along the Danube River in Durnstein allows you to escape to another time and see some of the town's memorable historic sites, including the Stift Durnstein monastery's church tower. The gothic and baroque styled monastery was built between 1400 and 1700.
  • Linz, Austria
    Linz, Austria

    The capital of Upper Austria, central Linz, is frequently included on Hungary river cruises from Vienna to Budapest or vice versa. The city's mix of stunning architecture, historical structures, and green space offers visitors a chance to see a large number of interesting sites.

    Best Time To Visit

    You will be rewarded with sunshine, cooler temperatures, and fewer crowds if you plan a shoulder season visit from March through May or from September to November.


    You Should Know

    The Austrian architect, Johann Michael Pruner, managed much of the construction of Linz in the early part of the 1700s. The Trinity Column, at the time, was erected in the main square – celebrating the fact that Linz had been spared of the plague. Situated 75 miles west of Linz, Braunau am Inn was the birthplace of a tyrannical dictator, Adolph Hitler, who spent a large part of his childhood in Linz. Hitler, who was born in 1889, moved to Vienna from Linz in 1907.

Hungary River Cruise Packages

  • Getting There

    Embarking on a Hungary river cruise typically begins in Budapest, the country's vibrant capital situated on the Danube River. Geographically, Hungary is nestled in Central Europe, making it easily accessible from various European cities. Budapest's central location along the Danube makes it an ideal starting or ending point for river cruises.

    For international travelers, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the main gateway, well-connected with flights from across the globe. From the airport, the city center is a short ride away, where the main cruise ports are located. These ports along the Danube are well-equipped to welcome river cruise ships, offering easy access for boarding. The central location of these ports also means you're just steps away from starting your exploration of Budapest's rich history and culture.

  • The Perfect Time for a Hungary River Cruise

    Choosing the right time for a river cruise in Hungary largely depends on what you're looking for in terms of weather and crowd levels. Hungary experiences a continental climate, with distinct seasons offering different cruising experiences.

    Spring (April to June) is a delightful time for a cruise. The weather is generally mild, and the landscape starts to bloom, making the scenery along the Danube especially beautiful. Plus, the tourist crowds haven't peaked yet.

    Summer (July to August) brings warmer temperatures, perfect for enjoying the sun on the deck. However, this is also peak tourist season, so expect more visitors and a lively atmosphere in cities like Budapest.

    Autumn (September to October) offers cooler weather and the turning of the leaves, which creates a picturesque backdrop. It's also less crowded, offering a more relaxed experience.

    Winter (November to March) is chilly and sometimes snowy, which can add a magical feel to the cruise, especially around Christmas with Hungary's festive markets. However, some cruise services may be limited during this off-season period.

    For the best combination of pleasant weather and fewer crowds, late spring and early autumn are ideal for a Hungary river cruise.

  • Experience the Flavors of Hungary on a River Cruise

    A river cruise through Hungary offers more than just scenic beauty; it's a journey into the heart of Hungarian culinary tradition. The country's cuisine is famously rich and hearty, characterized by its love for flavors, especially the iconic paprika. A dish you absolutely must try is Goulash, Hungary's national dish, a comforting stew made with beef, vegetables, and a generous amount of paprika. For a quick, savory bite, Lángos is a popular choice. This deep-fried flatbread, often topped with sour cream and cheese, is a street food staple. Another classic is Chicken Paprikash, a creamy, paprika-rich chicken dish served with dumplings known as nokedli, offering a true taste of Hungary's culinary heritage. For dessert, the spiral-shaped Chimney Cake, or Kürtoskalács, coated with sugar and often cinnamon or nuts, is an irresistible sweet treat.

    When it comes to dining, traditional restaurants in Budapest or the bustling Great Market Hall are perfect spots to savor these delights. Your river cruise will likely offer a chance to sample these dishes, too, along with other Hungarian specialties. To perfectly complement your meal, a glass of Tokaji wine from Hungary's renowned Tokaj wine region is a must-try. This river cruise is not just a passage through Hungary's landscapes but an indulgence in the rich, flavorful world of its cuisine.

  • Immerse Yourself in Hungarian Culture

    Exploring Hungary through a river cruise provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in its rich and diverse culture. Hungarian culture is deeply rooted in tradition, with a history that blends Eastern and Western influences. One of the most noticeable aspects is the country's music and dance, particularly its folk traditions. These are often showcased in festivals or local performances, where the vibrant folk costumes and energetic dances are a sight to behold.

    Festivals play a significant role in Hungarian life, with various celebrations occurring throughout the year. Notable ones include the Budapest Spring Festival, showcasing a range of arts and music, and the colorful Sziget Festival, one of Europe's largest music and cultural events. Additionally, the country's rich history is evident in its architecture, from Roman ruins to Ottoman-era thermal baths, offering a window into the past.

    In terms of customs, Hungarians are known for their hospitality and enjoy sharing their culture with visitors. A simple greeting in Hungarian, like "Jó napot" (Good day), is appreciated. These cultural experiences, combined with the stunning scenery and rich history encountered on a Hungary river cruise, make for an unforgettable journey.

  • Why Book a River Cruise to Hungary?

    Booking a river cruise to Hungary is an excellent way to explore this central European gem. One of the biggest advantages of a river cruise is the unparalleled convenience it offers. Imagine unpacking once and relaxing in your floating hotel as you travel from one fascinating destination to the next. Each day brings a new location to explore without the hassle of changing accommodations or dealing with the logistics of land travel.

    The value for money is another significant benefit. Your cruise typically includes meals, accommodations, and various sightseeing tours, which can be more cost-effective than arranging everything separately. Plus, cruising along the Danube offers unique views and perspectives of Hungary's stunning landscapes and cityscapes, which you might not experience from land.

    Additionally, river cruises often provide exclusive access to certain areas and activities. This could include private tours of historical sites, special onboard cultural experiences, or even visits to attractions that are off the beaten path. These unique experiences add an element of exclusivity and depth to your travel adventure.

  • Ready to Book Your Hungary River Cruise?

    Are you considering a river cruise through Hungary? It's an excellent choice for a unique and memorable vacation. Sailing along the Danube, you'll experience the best of Hungary's stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. From the iconic sights of Budapest, like the Parliament Building and Buda Castle, to the serene beauty of the Hungarian countryside, each day brings new discoveries.

    Hungarian cuisine will delight your taste buds with its hearty flavors, and the country's music and dance will add a lively dimension to your journey. Plus, the chance to immerse yourself in local customs and festivals makes this more than just a trip—it's a cultural experience.

    Booking a Hungary river cruise is your ticket to an adventure filled with scenic beauty, historical treasures, and cultural richness. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or a culinary enthusiast, Hungary offers something for everyone. So why wait? Book your cruise and get ready to explore the heart of Hungary from the majestic Danube.

Hungary River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Hungary River Cruises?

    Hungary river cruises are exciting European river cruises that run along the Danube River. Most of the cruises are designed for 7 days and include the ports of Budapest, and the Austrian cities and towns of Vienna, Linz, Durnstein, and, on some lines, Slovakia's capital, Bratislava. Some of the tours lead to Prague or Amsterdam. If you want to river cruise within the borders of Hungary, take a river cruise that includes the Hungarian cities of Eger and Pecs.

  • What’s Included on Hungary River Cruises?

    Luxury or all-inclusive Hungary river cruises offer the best in river cruise amenities. Not only do some staterooms include balconies, but you can also enjoy meals, including drinks and beverages, free of charge. In addition, activities onboard and off-board the river cruise ship are part of the river cruise package. Unlike ocean cruise journeys, river cruises enable you to see a new port each day.

  • What’s the Best River Cruise for a Hungary River Cruise?

    The best river cruise for a Hungary river cruise depends on where you plan to travel and the length of the river cruise journey. If you travel past Budapest and Hungary, you should choose a river cruise line, such as Viking River Cruises, which features tour escorted journeys and a large variety of Hungary river cruise trips. JayWay Travels provides cruise trips inside of Hungary.

  • How Much Do Hungary River Cruises Cost?

    What you will pay for a Hungary river cruise will depend on the length of the river cruise and the time of year you plan to go. You will also have to factor in the type of river cruise, and whether it is all-inclusive or self-guided. On average, expect to pay $200 per person per day for lower-priced river cruises, and about $500 per person per day for luxury sailings.

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