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Imperial River Cruises offers highly affordable rates for great quality voyages.They know it perfectly well at Imperial River Cruises that best ships do sell first. Imperial River Cruises has a fleet of deluxe ships that were thoroughly and thoughtfully renovated to meet the most exquisite expectations of experienced travelers wanting to get the most from cruising in Russia and Ukraine. There really are opportunities to choose between classic interiors of m/s Rachmaninov or m/s Stravinsky and modernly fresh designer interiors of m/s Kandinsky for example. Ship is important, because she becomes home for a while. So is the cruise price – therefore the cruise rates offered are one of the best on the market.

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When you book a trip with us, whether it's halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from our vast experience in the travel industry, our award winning service, low prices, and client satisfaction.

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Imperial Ships

  • Kandinsky Prestige

    Kandinsky Prestige

    MS Kandinsky Prestige has a vividly modern interior - the designers used bright rainbow colors for decorations generously but incredibly smartly. Ship's indoors really keep the mood up! She's fresh and thoroughly renovated inside: the vessel has three bars, a small souvenir boutique, music salon, dance hall, reading lounge, beauty salon. Outside promenade walkways, spacious outer decks with cozy sitting areas - all these together with conveniently arranged internal premises make her really a great choice for Russian river cruising.

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  • MS Dnieper Princess

    MS Dnieper Princess

    MS Dnieper Princess is a four-deck ship that cruises along the Dnieper River. The interior of public areas is of classical cruise ship style. The ship has two bars, a small souvenir boutique, and music salon, dance hall, reading lounge, sauna and beauty salon. Outside promenade walkways, spacious outer decks with cozy sitting areas - all these together with conveniently arranged internal premises make her really a great choice for Ukrainian river cruising.

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  • MS Ivan Bunin

    MS Ivan Bunin

    MS Ivan Bunin is the only Imperial ship with an outdoor swimming pool. The interior of public areas is elegantly kept in moderate traditional style. The ship has three bars including special beer bar, a small souvenir boutique, music salon, dance hall, library, fitness area and a beauty salon. Outside promenade walkways, spacious outer decks with cozy sitting areas. All these together with conveniently arranged internal premises make her really a great choice for Russian river cruising.

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  • MS Rachmaninoff

    MS Rachmaninoff

    MS Rakhmaninov, recently refurbishment creating maximum comfort and style to maintain high present-day standards of hospitality and cruising. A team of skilled designers and engineers turned her interior into a masterpiece, and now it arouses similar emotions that music by composer Sergey Rakhmaninov does. Outside promenade walkways, spacious outer decks with cozy sitting areas - all these together with conveniently arranged internal premises make her really a great choice for Russian river cruising.

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  • MS Tchaikovsky

    MS Tchaikovsky

    MS Tchaikovsky was named after a world-famous Russian composer - Peter Tchaikovsky. It is one of the best and the most elegant ships of their fleet. The ship has been renovated several times; her major renovation has turned her to much upper class: ship has lost one-fifth of her passenger berths but incredibly gained in comfort and style. Facelifting is done every year, so the ship is kept all brand new.

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  • MS Tikhi Don

    MS Tikhi Don

    MS Tikhi Don has undergone complete general reconstruction to meet the demands and requirements particularly of the North American market. Now she has elevator, better arrangements of internal premises and Western decor with portraits of Russian tsars and famous nobles of Russian Empire. Outside promenade walkways, spacious outer decks with cozy sitting areas - all these together with conveniently arranged internal premises make her really a great choice for Russian river cruising.

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  • Shevchenko


    Shevchenko - one of the best ships of the fleet. Specially designed for inland waterways cruising, and feature outside cabins that allow picturesque views of the passing countryside.

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  • Volga Legend

    Volga Legend

    Volga Legend elegantly kept in moderate traditional style with a touch of thoughtful luxury. Full sightseeing programs in each of the ports of call. Nightly entertainment, dancing and lectures, provided by guides.

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  • Volga Spirit

    Volga Spirit

    Volga Spirit provides full sightseeing programs in each of the ports of call. Lectures, provided by guides, nightly entertainment and dancing. Russian or Ukrainian language and song lessons.

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Learn More About Imperial River Cruises

Imperial River Cruises which was founded in the year 1993 has been a name of trust and budget-friendly luxury tours since its inception. With the experience of so many years, this tour company had proved itself as one of the leading tour operators in the industry. Imperial river cruises is a US-based tour operator that takes you on cruises to different regions of Russia and Ukraine. These cruises have specialized on the routes along the classic waterways of Ukraine, the Black sea, and the Caspian Sea. The cruises operated by Imperial do not only take you to the offshore tours of these two seas but also take you on a tour of around five countries starting from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and going up to the historical city of Istanbul in Turkey. The cruise that you will take via Imperial river cruises will be at a guaranteed low price as compared to what others in the market offer. These cruises are not only just low in price but also offer a great quality of service to its guests. Most of the travelers that choose Imperial river cruises are experienced travelers and have high expectations from these tours. This company promises to always keep up with those expectations and has never disappointed its guests with the quality of service that they provide. Imperial river cruises has played a vital role in the development of Russia and Ukraine as one of the finest river cruise destinations for the North American market. This company is a partner with Orthodox Cruise Company which is the largest ship operator in Russia. They have a wonderful team of experienced professionals that will not hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure that your journey on this cruise is an unforgettable one.

  • Imperial river cruises have been providing tours and cruise services for more than 25 years.
  • Imperial river cruises are specifically designed for people who love music, orchestras, choirs, and other similar forms of music. Because the cruises provided by Imperial river cruises include musical and cultural events during the cruise.
  • Imperial river cruises are most famous on the waterways of Russia and Ukraine. The route of this US-based river cruise operator is around this region.
  • Imperial river cruises have a fleet of around nine Imperial ships that offer highly affordable prices for one of the best quality voyages.
  • The fleet of Imperial River cruises includes a number of deluxe ships which are renovated every now and then to incorporate the latest and the most exquisite features that are up to the expectations of seasoned travelers who want to have the best time of their life during the cruise on the river-ways of Russia and Ukraine.
  • This company offers its guests an option of choosing between ships that vary in features from one another. They have ships that have classic interior for the ones with a vintage taste and at the same time, Imperial will offer you options to cruise on ships that have a very modern looking Interior.
  • The prices for the packages that they offer are also very competitive and you can expect to go on a cruise with Imperial cruises at a very nominal cost.
  • Since Imperial River cruises have been cruising on a similar route for so long they have mastered the art of cruising on this route and have familiarized themselves with these rivers like nobody else.
  • The company offers a vast variety of packages to its budget-friendly as well as VIP customer base likewise. This gives an opportunity for people from different walks of life to connect and bond with each other during the cruise.
  • Imperial cruises is a designated member of many international organizations that keep a check on the company's performance and whether the company is up to the international standards of safety, hygiene, and other operational procedures. This helps customers build trust in Imperial river cruises.
  • The best thing about Imperial river cruises is that they take you on voyages to the rivers and shores that are hidden from the usual crowds of tourists. They not only take you to the rivers and seaways of Russia and Ukraine but you may find packages that will include vibrant cities like Istanbul as a destination.
  • While taking a trip on Imperial river cruises you need to make sure that you give yourself at least 2 weeks to fully participate in the tour as most of the cruises take at least 10 to 12 days.
  • The cruise will not make you feel like you are in the sea but you will instantly make yourself at home while on the cruise because of the home-like atmosphere that they have on board.
  • You will be accompanied by an English speaking tour guide during your cruise and the ships offer everyday musical performance, educational speeches as well as cultural dramas.

Top Reasons To Choose Imperial River Cruises

  • They have experience of over 25 years in the travel and tourism industry and they have also maintained a very high customer satisfaction ratio for all these years. 
  • Their tours are very specialized and this is the reason why the tours by Imperial river cruise are very flawless and you will barely notice any mishap on behalf of the staff of Imperial river cruise. 
  • These specialized tours do not only take you to a very few countries but also go across many surrounding states of Europe so that you can have a panoramic view of the entire region. 
  • They have very unique cruise ships that are not only designed for inland waterways but also are very suitable for sea voyages. 
  • Their cruise ships have cabins on the outer side that will allow you to have picturesque views of the passing countryside. These cabins are very comfortable having air conditions, private restrooms with shower. 
  • The suites on Imperial river cruises are not only suitable for the budget-friendly ones but also have luxury suites with Jacuzzi for those who prefer a very extravagant form of cruising. 
  • They offer cruises in multiple languages which is a unique selling point for Imperial river cruises because most of the cruises in this region are either in English or in the native language of the region. 
  • The cuisine on the ship is a very mixed cuisine that provides dining options for anyone who would either like to have an international meal or something from Russian cuisine. 
  • This river cruise tour operator also facilitates you in case if you need to stay some extra nights at the hotel or if you want a pre or post-cruise extension. 
  • They are certified partners of many international organizations like Cruise Lines International Association, Aviator by TripAdvisor, and IATA. These associations make Imperial a credible and authentic tour provider and help you to trust them on the basis of these associations. 
  • This company offers you an opportunity to pay for your package in various different ways such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and PayPal, etc. 
  • Their Russian and Ukrainian river cruise experts will always be there to help you plan the right cruise for your vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Imperial River Cruises

  • What kind of trips can I take with you?

      The people who take trips with Imperial river cruises can expect to go on tours that are specifically for the Russian and Ukrainian regions and these tours include mostly cruising on the water but the land expeditions are also a major part of these river cruises. They offer various packages tailored for luxury as well as economical tours along this region. They have different types of ships available for different types of tours so if you are going to take a tour that is very exquisite then you must check on some of the very high-end cruise ships that this company has in their fleet. 

  • How much would a tour cost?

      The cost of a single voyage will vary a lot due to the fact that every voyage has different facilities and services included in the package. The cost of these voyages also varies with the type of suite that you will choose to stay in. This is a major factor for the variation in the prices of a tour by any river cruise operator because the standard of your suite defines very much the lifestyle you will be having during your stay on the cruise. Although keeping in mind the above points, it is very hard to suggest an average price for an Imperial river cruise but the most basic packages on this cruise may cost you somewhere around $1800 to $5000, depending on your destinations and the length of your stay on the cruise. These prices are for a single person and may not reflect some other charges like taxes, visa cost, and other such facilities.

  • Can I take my family with the guide and not be stuck with other people?

      That totally depends on the size of your group and the number of tour guides that are available on the ship. If you are traveling with a family that has members equal to the group size of the cruise then you can easily take the tour guide with you since in most cases there are a number of tour guides available on the ship that facilitate guests by designating one group of travelers to a single tour guide.

  • Can I tell the agent what I want out of the trip?

      Yes, Imperial river cruises offer a facility to its customers through which they can contact the travel agent and let them know of any special requests that they want to make regarding a tour. To avail of this facility you may contact the toll-free number of this company and by letting the operator know that you wish to make a special request. This service is available for all travelers who wish to take a cruise tour by this company.

  • Do they have support that can help me regardless of what time?

      Yes, their toll-free number is available 24/7 and you may call them if you have any queries regarding your travel plans. They also have a very specialized team to respond to your emails if you need any support. Hence, their email address may also come in handy if you are unable to reach them via phone.

  • What do the guides do for you?

      Their tour guides are very professional and experienced in the services that they provide these tour guides are fluent in English and know many other native languages as well. Most of the tour guides are native to this region of Russia and Ukraine which is the reason why they may also help you to make some local friends when you are on a land expedition.

  • Do they have specialists that are working in each place?

      The Imperial river cruises have been in the industry since 1993 and they have experience of all these years which is why their staff has specialized in the fields of their own. From the experiences of travelers who are consistently using Imperial river cruises as their first option of cruise it is evident that every member of its staff is an expert in its area.

  • What type of way can you travel when you are traveling through Imperial River Cruises?

      The most common way of traveling with Imperial cruises is through the rivers along the coast of Russia but Imperial river cruises claim that it not only masters the art of sailing along the inland waterways but they also have expertise in taking longer journeys and sea voyages that will make a mark down your memory lane forever.

  • Who customizes the itinerary or things you are going to do ahead of time?

      The route taken by these river cruises has been constant for a very long time which is mostly the reason why this company does not have to make any changes in the itinerary and there are barely any major changes in the itinerary for a very long time. These tours have been designed by expert tour managers and have also been tried and tested for more than a couple of decades.

  • Where do you stay while you are at the destinations?

      This tour operator includes a number of hotels in its cruise packages where you can stay while you are on a land expedition.

  • Is there a single supplement that can be used for travelers who are solo?

      An imperial river cruise offers very low single supplements for solo travelers which are usually 50% more than the price of a single person. They also offer voyages that are completely designed for solo travelers and single supplement is waived off for such cruises. These cruises are for a very limited time and offer a very good opportunity for travelers who are going on the tour alone.

  • On average, what is the group size like?

      The group size may vary from one tour to another and you can contact the tour company to know what exactly the group size is going to be on the cruise that you have selected. 

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