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SS La Venezia

S.S. La Venezia brings guests complete luxury while exploring Northern Italy.
The redesign of S.S. La Venezia is inspired by Venetian culture and features four elegantly appointed suites, two dining venues, including an Italian kitchen on the upper deck, spa, library, lounge and bar.


    • 361

    • Length
    • 2020

    • Built Year
    • 44

    • Crew
    • 126

    • Pax Capacity
    • 4

    • Suites


Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Jun 30, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,899
Jul 07, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$2,499
Jul 14, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$2,899
Jul 21, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$2,499
Jul 26, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,999
Jul 28, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,399
Aug 02, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$5,399
Aug 04, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,999
Aug 16, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$3,399
Aug 18, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$2,499
Aug 23, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,399
Aug 25, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,499
Aug 30, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,699
Sep 01, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,799
Sep 08, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$2,999
Sep 20, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$3,999
Sep 22, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,099
Sep 27, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$3,899
Sep 29, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$2,999
Oct 04, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,699
Oct 04, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanIstanbul10$19,694
Oct 06, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,799
Oct 06, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceIstanbul10$18,794
Oct 11, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,199
Oct 13, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,299
Oct 18, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,199
Oct 20, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,299
Oct 25, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$5,099
Oct 27, 2024UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$4,199
Apr 04, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$3,869
Apr 04, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,669
Apr 06, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,059
Apr 06, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$4,859
Apr 11, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$3,869
Apr 11, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,669
Apr 13, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,059
Apr 13, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$4,859
Apr 25, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,949
Apr 25, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,749
Apr 27, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$4,139
Apr 27, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,939
May 02, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
May 02, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
May 02, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanIstanbul10$22,798
May 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaBudapestVenice9$20,398
May 04, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
May 04, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
May 04, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceIstanbul10$21,898
May 09, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
May 09, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
May 11, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
May 11, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
May 16, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
May 16, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
May 18, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
May 18, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
May 23, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
May 23, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
May 25, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
May 25, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
May 30, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
May 30, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Jun 01, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Jun 01, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Jun 06, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Jun 06, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Jun 08, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Jun 08, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Jun 13, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Jun 13, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Jun 15, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Jun 15, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Jun 20, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Jun 20, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Jun 22, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Jun 22, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Jun 27, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Jun 27, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Jun 29, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Jun 29, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Jul 04, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Jul 04, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Jul 06, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Jul 06, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Jul 11, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Jul 11, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Jul 13, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Jul 13, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Jul 18, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Jul 18, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Jul 20, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Jul 20, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Jul 25, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Jul 25, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Jul 27, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Jul 27, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Aug 01, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Aug 01, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Aug 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Aug 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Aug 08, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Aug 08, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Aug 10, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Aug 10, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Aug 15, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Aug 15, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Aug 17, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Aug 17, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Aug 22, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Aug 22, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Aug 24, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Aug 24, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Aug 29, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,049
Aug 29, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,849
Aug 31, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,239
Aug 31, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,039
Sep 05, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Sep 05, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Sep 07, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Sep 07, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Sep 19, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Sep 19, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Sep 21, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Sep 21, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Sep 26, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Sep 26, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Sep 28, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Sep 28, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Oct 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Oct 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Oct 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanIstanbul10$22,798
Oct 05, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Oct 05, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Oct 05, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceIstanbul10$21,898
Oct 10, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,319
Oct 10, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$6,119
Oct 12, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,509
Oct 12, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$5,309
Nov 01, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$3,869
Nov 01, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanRome13$5,669
Nov 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,059
Nov 03, 2025UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceRome11$4,859

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2020
  • Length: 361
  • Passenger Capacity: 126
  • Normal Crew Size: 44
  • Staterooms: 65
  • Suites: 4


When dining onboard your all-inclusive Uniworld river cruise, you’ll be treated to world-class cuisine made from fresh ingredients, locally sourced from the destinations you visit. Uniworld’s farm-to-table approach takes their chefs to regional farms, local markets and artisanal producers to ensure that every meal is an adventure in and of itself. For those interested in healthier dining options, Uniworld’s Traveling Lite menu features all of the flavor of their traditional menu, but with fewer calories. Uniworld also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, prepared just for you. If you have a specific meal preference, just ask. Uniworld’s chefs will be happy to accommodate.


Age Restrictions

Guests who are under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult that is 21 years of age or older. Guests travelling with younger children are highly encouraged to select one of Uniworld’s Generations voyages, offered on select itineraries and ships in Europe. Featuring specially-priced cruises planned around breaks from school and filled with exclusive activities and features for travelers of all ages, Generations voyages include the same matchless service, elegant accommodations and enticing itineraries that you can always expect from Uniworld, with additional programs, events and excursions designed specifically for your world travelers in training. Uniworld recommends a minimum age of 4 years old to cruise on a Generations voyage.



Gratuities for onboard and onshore personnel (ship staff, crew, Cruise/Tour Manager, local experts, drivers) are included on all itineraries in Europe, both during the cruise-tour as well as on any pre- or post-cruise land extensions.



Category Classic
Square Footage: 151

Category Classic

Located on the Torcello Deck.

Category Deluxe
Square Footage: 151

Category Deluxe

Located on the Burano and Mazzorbo Deck.

Category French Balcony
Square Footage: 151

Category French Balcony

Located on the Murano Deck.

Category Suite
Square Footage: 214

Category Suite

Located on the Murano Deck.

Category Grand Suite
Square Footage: 302

Category Grand Suite

Located on the Murano Deck.

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