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SS Maria Theresa

One of Europe's most beloved and longest reigning monarchs, the great Habsburg ruler Maria Theresa, was so extraordinary that we built an entire Super Ship in her honor. Named "Best New River Ship" by Cruise Critic editors her maiden season, the S.S. Maria Theresa features ultra-luxurious accommodations and an array of thoughtful personal touches, ensuring a truly indulgent and unforgettable voyage along the Rhine and Danube Rivers.

    • 443

    • Length
    • 2015

    • Built Year
    • 58

    • Crew
    • 150

    • Pax Capacity
    • 11

    • Suites


Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
May 30, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,779
Jun 06, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,799
Jun 13, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,779
Jun 20, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$3,779
Jun 27, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,199
Jul 04, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,799
Jul 11, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$2,799
Jul 18, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,799
Jul 25, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$2,799
Aug 01, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,799
Aug 08, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$2,799
Aug 15, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$3,199
Aug 22, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,199
Aug 29, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,939
Sep 05, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,229
Sep 12, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,049
Sep 19, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,499
Sep 26, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,049
Oct 03, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,049
Oct 10, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$3,779
Oct 17, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$2,799
Oct 24, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,399
Oct 31, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$2,099
Dec 02, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,099
Dec 09, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,099
Dec 16, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,999
Dec 23, 2021UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest11$5,899
Mar 13, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,999
Mar 20, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,199
Mar 27, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,999
Mar 27, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest12$10,899
Mar 29, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau13$11,799
Apr 03, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,499
Apr 10, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$3,499
Apr 10, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest12$11,399
Apr 12, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau13$11,799
Apr 17, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,799
Apr 24, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,199
May 01, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,199
May 15, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,399
May 22, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,399
May 29, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,399
Jun 12, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,399
Jun 19, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,399
Jun 26, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,199
Jul 03, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,199
Jul 10, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,199
Jul 24, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,199
Jul 31, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,199
Aug 07, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,199
Aug 14, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,199
Aug 21, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,199
Aug 28, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,199
Sep 04, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,599
Sep 11, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,799
Sep 18, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,799
Sep 25, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,599
Oct 02, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,599
Oct 09, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$4,199
Oct 09, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest12$12,099
Oct 11, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau13$12,499
Oct 16, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$4,199
Oct 23, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$2,999
Oct 23, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest12$10,899
Oct 25, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau13$11,299
Oct 30, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$2,999
Dec 02, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,599
Dec 09, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest8$3,599
Dec 16, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3,599
Dec 23, 2022UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest11$5,699

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2015
  • Length: 443
  • Passenger Capacity: 150
  • Normal Crew Size: 58
  • Staterooms: 75
  • Suites: 11


When dining onboard your all-inclusive Uniworld river cruise, you'll be treated to world-class cuisine made from fresh ingredients, locally sourced from the destinations you visit. Uniworld’s farm-to-table approach takes their chefs to regional farms, local markets and artisanal producers to ensure that every meal is an adventure in and of itself. For those interested in healthier dining options, Uniworld's Traveling Lite menu features all of the flavor of their traditional menu, but with fewer calories. Uniworld also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, prepared just for you. If you have a specific meal preference, just ask. Uniworld's chefs will be happy to accommodate.

Age Restrictions

Guests who are under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult that is 21 years of age or older. Guests travelling with younger children are highly encouraged to select one of Uniworld's Generations voyages, offered on select itineraries and ships in Europe. Featuring specially-priced cruises planned around breaks from school and filled with exclusive activities and features for travelers of all ages, Generations voyages include the same matchless service, elegant accommodations and enticing itineraries that you can always expect from Uniworld, with additional programs, events and excursions designed specifically for your world travelers in training. Uniworld recommends a minimum age of 4 years old to cruise on a Generations voyage.


Gratuities for onboard and onshore personnel (ship staff, crew, Cruise/Tour Manager, local experts, drivers) are included on all itineraries in Europe, both during the cruise-tour as well as on any pre- or post-cruise land extensions.


Category Classic
Square Footage: 162

Category Classic

Lavishly appointed riverview stateroom, handcrafted Savoir of England bed, built-in closet, hair dryer, safe, individual thermostat, flat-screen TV with infotainment center and satellite, and bottled water. Marble bathroom with L'Occitane en Provence bath and body products, plush towels, towel warmer, cozy bathrobes and slippers. Located on the Bavarian Deck.

Category French Balcony
Square Footage: 194

Category French Balcony

Lavishly appointed riverview stateroom with a French balcony, handcrafted Savoir of England bed, built-in closet, hair dryer, safe, individual thermostat, flat-screen TV with infotainment center and satellite, and bottled water. Marble bathroom with L'Occitane en Provence bath and body products, plush towels, towel warmer, cozy bathrobes and slippers. Located on the Schonbrunn Deck.

Category Deluxe Balcony
Square Footage: 194

Category Deluxe Balcony

Lavishly appointed riverview stateroom with an open-air balcony, handcrafted Savoir of England bed, built-in closet, hair dryer, safe, individual thermostat, flat-screen TV with infotainment center and satellite, and bottled water. Marble bathroom with L'Occitane en Provence bath and body products, plush towels, towel warmer, cozy bathrobes and slippers. Located on the Hofburg Deck.

Category Suite
Square Footage: 305

Category Suite

Lavishly appointed suite with an open air balcony features handcrafted Savoir of England beds, built in closets, a hair dryer, safe, individual thermostat, flat-screen TV with infotainment center and satellite, and bottled water. Located on the Hofburg Deck.

Category Grand Suite
Square Footage: 410

Category Grand Suite

Lavishly appointed riverview stateroom with a French balcony, handcrafted Savoir of England bed, built-in closet, hair dryer, safe, individual thermostat, flat-screen TV with infotainment center and satellite, and bottled water. The Royal Suite offers extra benefits, including a separate spacious living room, bathroom with a separate rain shower and tub, and secluded toilet and bidet area. Located on the Hofburg Deck.

Life on Board


Baroque Restaurant

While onboard enjoy a delicious meal at the elegant restaurant located on the Schonbrunn Deck.


Viennese Cafe

The Viennese Cafe, open 24/7 enjoy teas, coffee, snacks and much more. Located on the Bavarian Deck.


Bar du Leopard

Indulge yourself with a delicious drink while chatting with friends and enjoying the view at the bar located on the Hofburg Deck.


Habsburg Salon

Sit back and relax at the Habsburg Salon which includes a full-service bar. Located on the Hofburg Deck.


Lipizzan Cinema

Movie lovers can enjoy a varied selection of great films including classics, comedy, adventure, and drama, along with a selection of snacks making going to the movies an even more enjoyable experience. Located on the Bavarian Deck.


Fitness Center

There is a selection of fitness equipment for guest to use located on the Bavarian Deck.



Revitalize your body with a refreshing swim in the heated pool all while viewing the awe-inspiring scenery that effortlessly passes by you. Located on the Hofburg Deck.


Serenity River Spa

While onboard relax and indulge yourself at the Spa with a massage. Located on the Bavarian Deck.

Hygiene and Safety Protocols

Uniworld approaches every cruise with that same thorough diligence. Stringent security and sanitation protocols onboard our ships are nothing new to us. They not only remain top priorities but are being escalated as we face the current challenge. As more information is provided from Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Uniworld will look to adopt their health and safety recommendations and continue to update for your added peace of mind.


  • All outside doors and access to the interior of the ships are locked when docked. Only registered guests can access the ship using a key card.
  • All guests and luggage are verified against the manifest at check-in.
  • Guests have 24/7 access to the front desk.
  • Key card scanners with facial recognition are utilized at the gangway.
  • Cameras are present at the entrance of the ship and in public areas, and are monitored by the reception staff.
  • Trained security staff are posted at the gangway 24 hours a day.
  • Ships are patrolled by trained staff 24/7.
  • All deliveries are thoroughly inspected before being brought onboard.


PLEASE NOTE: While Uniworld believes these protocols to be the appropriate steps in protecting the wellbeing of guests and crew, they will continue to evaluate and make changes if they are deemed to be ineffective or if they negatively impact the wellbeing of guests and crew. Uniworld is actively reviewing additional health and sanitation steps and will add them to these protocols upon approval.


  • All guests must complete a health screening prior to embarkation.
  • Gloves, face masks and small bottles of hand sanitizer will be readily available for each guest.
  • All guests and crew are required to sanitize their hands when entering public spaces, when coming back onboard the ship each day, and before each meal.
  • Housekeeping staff disinfect all public area touch points and hot spots throughout the day, including all handrails and door handles.
  • Fruits, cookies, chips, nuts, candies or other treats are now served to individual guests by the crew only. These treats are no longer available for self-service.
  • Disinfected wipes are available throughout the ship, including at coffee stations and in the public toilets.
  • Any onboard payments are processed using a contactless payment method and credit card machines will be wiped after each pin entry.
  • All coffee table books, magazines and brochures have been removed from public use. Guests will be able to access these reading materials via their complimentary PressReader app on their mobile devices.
  • Crew wash their hands frequently when handling guest luggage. Disembarkation luggage is kept separate from embarkation luggage to avoid cross-contamination.


  • All meals are now served by culinary and waitstaff, with no self-service allowed during buffets.
  • All restaurant dining now has reserved seating, with guests at the same table, with the same people, each day.
  • To limit the total number of guests in a restaurant at a time, they have introduced two seating times for each meal.
  • Items that are usually shared, like bread and butter, are now served to each person individually.
  • All touch points, like chairs and salt and pepper shakers, are immediately disinfected after each seating.


  • All staterooms and suites are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.
  • All air-conditioning filters are cleaned and disinfected on each embarkation day before rooming takes place.
  • Umbrellas are now only available in rooms for individual use, with no shared umbrella stands in public areas.
  • In-room chocolate candy bowls are replaced at the end/beginning of each cruise.


  • All buses are cleaned and wiped with disinfectant before each use.
  • Face masks are also available on the buses, in addition to the staterooms.
  • Vox boxes are sanitized prior to embarkation and after each excursion.


  • All crew receives professional health and hygiene training (HACCP) by an external consultant before each ship begins its sailing season, including training on how to look for symptoms.
  • All crew strictly adhere to social distancing requirements.
  • All crew undergo regular health screenings and are quarantined immediately if symptoms are present.
  • Hand sanitizer is readably available and mandated for use in all crew areas.
  • Crew quarters, public and private, are sanitized regularly.
  • All crew meals are served, with no self-service allowed.

SS Maria Theresa Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 13 reviews about SS Maria Theresa - currently showing 5 reviews with comments only
Reviewed on Nov 03, 2019

Uniworld provided an exceptional experience!

Reviewed on Aug 25, 2019

This was our first river cruise, and we found Uniworld to be a good value and a very positive experience.

Reviewed on Jun 09, 2019

We enjoyed the trip thoroughly


The food was excellent. The waiting staff was unbelievably prompt and courteous. The boat was gorgeous


I was very happy with the trip and my experience. Well done.

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