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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Egyptian Escape with Nile Cruise 201909GlobusTour & CruiseCairoCairo$1,339
Best of Egypt08G AdventuresEscortedCairoCairo$892
Egyptian Escape with Nile Cruise 202009GlobusTour & CruiseCairoCairo$1,339
Best of Egypt Summer 201909TrafalgarTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,550
Egyptian Voyager Winter 2019 202009TrafalgarEscortedCairoCairo$2,325
12 Day Classic Egypt with 7 Day Nile Cruise -Cabin C12Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$1,549
Wonders of Ancient Egypt Winter 2019 202012TrafalgarTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,795
11 Day Classic Egypt with 4 Day Nile Cruise -Cabin C11Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,349
Egyptian Voyager Summer 201909TrafalgarTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,372
12 Day Classic Egypt with 7 Day Nile Cruise -Cabin A12Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$1,699
Splendours of Egypt (Winter 2019 2020)12Insight VacationsTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,495
Egypt Upgraded12G AdventuresTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,499
Egypt on a Shoestring08G AdventuresEscortedCairoCairo$679
Wonders of Ancient Egypt Summer 201912TrafalgarTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,960
Best of Egypt Winter 2019 202009TrafalgarTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,103
Best of Egypt, Jordan and Israel22G AdventuresEscortedCairoTel Aviv$4,299
Wonders of Ancient Egypt Summer 202012TrafalgarEscortedCairoCairo$3,125
Egyptian Voyager Summer 202009TrafalgarTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,575
Best of Egypt Summer 202009TrafalgarTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,250
11 Day Classic Egypt with 4 Day Deluxe Nile Cruise & Abu Simbel11Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,699
Egypt & Jordan Adventure15G AdventuresEscortedCairoAmman$2,299
10 Day Classic Egypt with 4 Day Nile Cruise -Cabin A10Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,399
Elegance of the Nile (Winter 2019-20)12Luxury GoldTour & CruiseCairoCairo$5,575
Splendours of Egypt (Summer 2019)12Insight VacationsTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,495
Wonders of Egypt (Preview 2020)09Insight VacationsTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,825
12 Day Classic Egypt with 7 Day Nile Cruise -Cabin B12Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$1,649
10 Day Classic Egypt with 3 Day Deluxe Nile Cruise10Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,399
11 Day Classic Egypt with 4 Day Nile Cruise -Cabin A11Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,449
11 Day Classic Egypt with 3 Day Nile Cruise & Abu Simbel -Cabin A11Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,799
Splendours of Egypt (Preview 2020)12Insight VacationsEscortedCairoCairo$3,450
9 Day Classic Egypt with 3 Day Nile Cruise -Cabin C09Gate1Tour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,199
Elegance of Egypt Cairo Deck (Winter 2019-20)09Luxury GoldTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,025
Luxor-Aswan Experience - Independent05PeregrineIndependentLuxorAswan$652
Egypt: Jewels of the Nile 202010TauckTour & CruiseCairoCairo$7,990
Highlights of Egypt14G AdventuresEscortedCairoCairo$1,499
Elegance of Egypt - Cairo Deck, Summer 202007Luxury GoldTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,325
Elegance of Egypt - Pharaoh Deck, Summer 202007Luxury GoldTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,500
Elegance of Egypt - Pyramid Deck, Summer 202007Luxury GoldTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,675
Elegance of Egypt Pharaoh Deck (Winter 2019-20)07Luxury GoldTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,025
Elegance of Egypt Royal Suite (Winter 2019-20)07Luxury GoldTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,925

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