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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Classical Greece with Idyllic Aegean 7-Night Cruise 202016GlobusTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,588
Best of Greece with 7Day Idyllic Aegean Cruise Deluxe Summer 202017TrafalgarTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,854
Aegean Odyssey Idyllic Superior Summer 202011TrafalgarTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,409
Best of Greece with 7Day Idyllic Aegean Cruise Moderate A Summer 202017TrafalgarTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,184
Idyllic Aegean with 7-Night Cruise 202011GlobusTour & CruiseAthensAthens$2,349
Aegean Odyssey Idyllic Deluxe Summer 202011TrafalgarSmall Ship CruisingAthensAthens$3,709
Aegean Odyssey Idyllic Premium Summer 202011TrafalgarTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,584
Aegean Odyssey Idyllic Moderate A Summer 202011TrafalgarTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,084
Aegean Odyssey Idyllic Moderate B Summer 202011TrafalgarTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,284
Aegean Odyssey Idyllic Moderate C Summer 202011TrafalgarTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,384
Eclectic Aegean with 7-Night Cruise 202011GlobusTour & CruiseAthensAthens$2,286
Athens & 7 Night Idyllic Aegean Islands Cruise 202011CosmosTour & CruiseAthensAthens$2,140
Grecian Fables Idyllic Premium (Summer 2020)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,850
Athens & 7 Night Idyllic Aegean Islands Cruise in Outside Stateroom 202011CosmosTour & CruiseAthensAthens$2,429
Mediterranean Fables Idyllic Premier (Summer 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,750
Mediterranean Fables Idyllic Premium (Summer 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,625
Grecian Fables Idyllic Superior (Summer 2020)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,750
Grecian Fables Idyllic Standard (Summer 2020)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,675
Grecian Fables Premier (Summer 2020)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,975
Mediterranean Fables Idyllic Standard (Summer 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,425
Mediterranean Fables Idyllic Superior (Summer 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,525
Grecian Fables Eclectic Premier - Summer 202015Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,850
Grecian Fables Eclectic Premium - Summer 202015Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,750
Grecian Fables Eclectic Standard - Summer 202015Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,550
Grecian Fables Eclectic Superior - Summer 202015Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,625
Grecian Fables Reverse Premium (Summer 2020)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,850
Grecian Fables Reverse Standard (Summer 2020)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,675
Grecian Fables Reverse Superior (Summer 2020)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,750
15 Day Classic Greece with 7 Day Aegean Cruise15Gate1Tour & CruiseAthensAthens$2,849
11 Day Athens with 7 Day Aegean Cruise11Gate1Tour & CruiseAthensAthens$1,949

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