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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Spectacular Alaska! 201910GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,449
Grand Alaskan Adventure 201907CosmosEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$1,779
Nature's Best: Alaska with Alaska Cruise 202013GlobusTour & CruiseFairbanks, AKVancouver$2,909
9 Day Classic Alaska09Gate1EscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,599
Jewels of Alaska (Summer 2019)07Insight VacationsEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,375
Grand Alaskan Adventure With Alaska Cruise 201913CosmosTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$2,519
Alaska Kenai & Denali Adventure08G AdventuresEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,249
Grand Alaskan Adventure with Alaska Cruise 202013CosmosTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$2,469
Spectacular Alaska! 202010GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,158
Nature's Best: Alaska 202007GlobusEscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$2,429
Majestic Alaska with Cruise Verandah Stateroom Summer 202017TrafalgarTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$5,843
Majestic Alaska Summer 202010TrafalgarEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,083
Grand Alaskan Adventure 202007CosmosEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$1,729
Alaska and the Yukon with Cruise Verandah Stateroom Summer 202021TrafalgarTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$7,458
Ultimate Alaska & the Yukon 202013GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,833
Alaska and the Yukon with Cruise Ocean View Stateroom Summer 202021TrafalgarTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$6,658
Majestic Alaska with Cruise Inside Stateroom Summer 202017TrafalgarTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$4,843
Spectacular Alaska! with Alaska Cruise 202016GlobusTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$3,638
Jewels of Alaska (Summer 2020)07Insight VacationsEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,606
Alaska & The Yukon 201912CosmosEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,819
Alaska and the Yukon Summer 202014TrafalgarEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$4,298
Alaska and the Yukon with Cruise Inside Stateroom Summer 202021TrafalgarTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$6,133
Majestic Alaska with Cruise Ocean View Stateroom Summer 202017TrafalgarTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$5,363
Ultimate Alaska & the Yukon with Alaska Cruise 202020GlobusTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$4,673
Grand Alaska 202015TauckTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$7,490
6 Day Alaska with Northern Lights - Thursday Departure06Gate1EscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$1,399
Alaska's Iditarod with Fairbanks 202011GlobusEscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$3,256
Alaska's Iditarod 202008GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,186
Alaska's Kenai Peninsula06IntrepidGuided/HostedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$1,550
Alaska & the Yukon 202012CosmosEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,659
Highlights of Alaska15G AdventuresEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,899
9 Day Classic Alaska09Gate1EscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,549
Alaska's Iditarod 202108GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,499
Alaska's Iditarod with Fairbanks 202111GlobusEscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$3,619
Jewels of Alaska and Cruise Inside Stateroom (Summer 2019)14Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$4,935
Jewels of Alaska and Cruise Ocean View Stateroom (Summer 2019)14Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$5,360
Alaska & The Yukon With Alaska Cruise 201919CosmosTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$3,669
Alaska & the Yukon with Alaska Cruise 202019CosmosTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$3,319
6 Day Alaska with Northern Lights - Sunday Departure06Gate1EscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$1,299
Jewels of Alaska with Glacier Discovery Cruise Inside Cabin (Summer 2020)14Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAnchorage, AKVancouver$4,058

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