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Tour Itinerary

Discover the wonders of North and South Cyprus on this 13-day tour of the Mediterranean's best-kept secret. Travel from Famagusta in Turkish-controlled Northern Cyprus to Nicosia, a lively city that is Europe's last divided capital. Explore ancient ruins, cathedrals converted to mosques, untouched coast and rugged mountains on this immersive adventure. Along the way, be humbled by Cypriot hospitality, stunned by charming villages and satisfied by hearty meals of fresh produce and regional delicacies.

  1. Day 1
    Merhaba! Welcome to Northern Cyprus. Enjoy an included transfer from the airport to the accommodation at any time today. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm. If you arrive with time to spare before the meeting, perhaps explore a little on your own. If you’d prefer to ease into your tour, perhaps avail yourself of the resort’s private beach.
    Meals: Dinner
  2. Day 2
    Begin your day with a morning visit to the ancient city of Salamis. Once a thriving port city, Salamis served many dominant groups over the course of history including the Assyrians, Persians, Egyptians and Romans. Continue on to St Barnabas’ Monastery, dedicated to St Paul’s good Cypriot friend Varnavas (Barnabas) who carried out missionary work on the island. Return to your accommodation for a short time before venturing out in the late afternoon to the old walled part of Famagusta. Take a guided walking tour of the city, beginning with the Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque, a 14th-century structure originally constructed as a cathedral. Converted to a mosque after the fall of the city to the Ottoman Empire in 1571, it makes a fascinating and appropriate place to begin our tour. Explore the antiquates of this colourful city and learn both its medieval and Silk Road history as well as events around the 1974 coup that split the island in half. Following the tour, you may either return to your accommodation or choose to stay in town for an optional dinner at a local eatery.
    Meals: Breakfast
  3. Day 3
    Famagusta – Karpass – Famagusta
    Rise and shine for a journey to the tip of the island, the rugged Karpass Peninsula. Covered with abandoned churches, many of which have been repurposed as barns, Karpass is both beautiful and another place where the region’s political land religious struggles are visible in the ruins. Visit the Apostolos Andreas Monastery, which is believed to have stood since Byzantine times and according to legend was founded by a shipwrecked Saint Andrew. Continue to Buyukkonuk, a traditional Cypriot village where residents have been working together to preserve local culture and heritage. Meet with some local friends of Peregrine to learn some traditional bread and cheese making skills, including a cheeky tasting afterwards. Stay for dinner at a local tavern, where meals are prepared using fresh produce like carob pekmez and zivania – a local firewater made from grape skins. If you have the energy, talk to your leader about an optional sunset hike, arguably the best way to see the peninsula is on foot. Return to Famagusta.
    Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  4. Day 4
    Enjoy a leisurely start to you day, with a mid-morning departure for Kyrenia. On the way, stop for a short hike and picnic lunch at the 12-century Church of Christ Antiphonitis. After a short walk through a wooded mountain area, arrive at a picturesque spot and enjoy a meal with a view over the harbour. Continue and arrive in Kyrenia in the afternoon. Check into your hotel and then enjoy an evening at your leisure. If you’d like to sea the city from the water, ask you leader about an optional sunset cruise. Or maybe settle in at a taverna for a seafood dinner and a snifter of Cypriot brandy.
    Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  5. Day 5
    Hit the streets on a walking tour of Kyrenia’s Old Town this morning. The winding alleyways reveal a quaint mix of old stone buildings with colourfully restored architecture along with the spectacular remains of the abandoned 16th-century Chrysopolitissa Church. Take a visit to the Venetian Castle that guards the city, taking in the sea views from the top of the fortifications. In the afternoon, visit St Hilarion Castle, where crumbling remains of towers rise from rough rock. Exlore the castle and then continue to Bellapais to explore its beautiful Gothic monastery. Bellapais and its monastery gained some international renown after Lawrence Durrell published his memoir Bitter Lemons about his time there. Mentioned frequently in this memoir is the Tree of Idleness, where locals gather to sip coffee and chat. Two local trees vie for this title and the true location of the tree is unknown.
    Meals: Breakfast
  6. Day 6
    Enjoy some free time this morning to explore or relax at your own pace. Please note you must comply with hotel check out times, so perhaps check out and then grab lunch before taking your private transfer to Kormakitis at 2 pm. Arrive in Kormakitis (Turkish name Kormacit), where locals speak Greek and Aramaic, and most belong to the Catholic Maronite Church. Begin exploring with a visit to St George Cathedral Church and a small ethnographic museum to get a better understanding of the village and its sui iuris church. Check into your charming local guesthouse and spend a few hours at your leisure. As night falls, come together with the local community for a dinner of soft Anari cheese, bulguri (wheat-based cereal) and rabbit.
    Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  7. Day 7
    Get ready for an entire day of guided exploration around the wild west of Cyprus. Begin with the 18th-century Church of St Mamas and its attached archaeological and icon museums. Visit the ancient Greek city of Soli, which dates back to the 11th century. Explore the amphitheatre and gaze at the remarkable mosaics that remain in the Basilica of Saint Auxibius. After working up an appetite today with all the rambling through ruins, enjoy dinner in Baglikoy eco village. Feast on Cypriot classics in this charming village, then return to Kormakitis for the evening.
    Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  8. Day 8
    Troodos Mountains/Lofou
    Make sure you have your passport ready for the border crossing today to the south of the island. Cross the Astromeritis checkpoint and continue into the Troodos Mountains, the largest range in Cyprus. Stop for a strong coffee and a stroll in the village of Kakopetria then continue to the elaborate Kykkos Monastery. Spend some time exploring the grounds of the monastery, which was founded at the end of the 11th century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos. In the late afternoon, arrive at your feature stay in Lofou, which will be in old houses converted to boutique lodgings. On arrival your afternoon and evening are free, so perhaps head out to explore the tranquil cobblestone streets.
    Meals: Breakfast
  9. Day 9
    Troodos Mountains/Lofou
    Spend a relaxing day exploring the mountain villages of the Troodos. Though the exact schedule will vary today, expect to taste local produce and wine, visit markets and enjoy a picnic lunch. Explore the adorable village of Omodos, a beautiful place to while away a few hours by wandering winding alleyways and shop for traditional arts and crafts in converted rural homes. Return to Lofou for an evening at your leisure.
    Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  10. Day 10
    Journey from mountains to Paphos, a city on the southwest coast. Inhabited for more than 10,000 years, Paphos is home to an impressive array of ruins. Waste no time and begin exploring with a visit to the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, where relics dating from the Middle Ages stand in among incredible scenery. See the remarkably well-preserved murals of the House of Dionysos, the tall columns of the House of Theseus and a crumbling fourth-century BC theatre. Spend some time exploring, then check in to your hotel. The rest of your afternoon and evening are as clear as a Cypriot summer sky. If the season is right, maybe ask your leader about an optional turtle watching tour.
    Meals: Breakfast
  11. Day 11
    Make the 30-minute drive to Polis, a historic town where legend say Aphrodite enjoyed rendezvous with her lover Adonis. Visit the natural grotto of the Baths of Aphrodite, and its botanical garden, shaded by an old fig tree, amidst lush greenery, legend tells that the Ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite used to bathe in the waters. Return to Paphos and enjoy a free afternoon and evening. Perhaps use the rest of the daylight hours to visit the Tombs of the King, a nearby ancient necropolis used by local nobility that you can explore for a tiny fee. Ask your leader about how best to spend your time this afternoon and evening.
    Meals: Breakfast
  12. Day 12
    Travel to Nicosia, the last divided capital city in Europe. Known as Lefkosa to the Turkish locals and Nicosia to the Greek locals, the city is a fascinating mixture of cultures and architectural styles. Visit the Selimiye Mosque, another former cathedral converted with the addition of minarets after the Ottoman takeover. Marvel upon the interior’s whitewashed walls and examine traces of Gothic architecture that remain among the Ottoman-style refurbishment. Enjoy a tasting of zivania, a traditional pomace brandy. This evening maybe gather your group and head out for a dinner of succulent souvlaki or sheftalia (lamb and pork sausages).
    Meals: Breakfast
  13. Day 13
    Your tour of Cyprus comes to end today after breakfast.
    Meals: Breakfast
Countries Visited


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  • Famagusta- Salamis Ancient Site
  • Famagusta - Church of Apostolos Barnabas
  • Famagusta - Old City Walking Tour
  • Buyukkonuk - Bread & Cheese making
  • Karpas - Apostolos Andreas Monastery
  • Karpas - Hike and Golden Beach Panorama
  • Karpas - Antiphonitis Monastery Visit and Picnic
  • Kyrenia - Bellapais Monastery
  • Kyrenia- St. Hilarion Castle
  • Kyrenia - Sunset Boat Cruise
  • Kyrenia - Venetian Castle
  • Kormakitis - Traditional Maronite Dinner
  • Kormakitis - Old and New St Georges Churches
  • Kormakitis - Baglikoy Eco Village Dinner
  • Morphou/Guzelyurt - St Mamas Monastery
  • Lefka - Soli Basilica and Theater
  • Marathasa Valley Troodos - Agios Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery
  • Marathasa Valley Troodos - Kykkos Monastery
  • Marathasa Valley Troodos - Winery Visit and Tasting
  • Marathasa Valley Troodos - Local Produce Tasting and Picnic
  • Paphos - Archaeological Park
  • Akamas - Aphrodite Bath
  • Lefkosa - Nicosia Walking Tour
  • Lefkosa - Nicosia - Zivaniya Tasting (Peregrine Moment)

12 Breakfast(s) Included
3 Lunch(es) Included
3 Dinner(s) Included

Style: Peregrine

Health and Safety Protocols for Peregrine Tours

Protection against COVID-19 as well as other transmissible diseases requires enhanced protocols in hygiene and sanitation. We will put in place additional measures, in line with government health advice and with global health authorities (including the WHO and CDC) to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Hand Hygiene
Handwashing is one of the most important safety measures to prevent the spread of disease. Intrepid will actively reinforce its importance by:

  • Implementing a handwashing policy that dictates when, how often and for how long all staff, leaders and crew must wash their hands on-trip.
  • Promote the importance of hand hygiene to customers through signage and online customer material.
  • Contract suppliers that have hand hygiene protocols in place
  • Contract suppliers that provide hand sanitizer in public places (where applicable)
  • Educate staff, leaders, crew and suppliers on the importance of hand hygiene via training.

Respiratory Hygiene
Practicing good respiratory hygiene prevents the spread of disease by reducing the number of droplets in the air when you sneeze or cough. Intrepid will:

  • Actively reinforce its importance to customers through signage and online customer material.
  • Educate staff, leaders, crew and suppliers on the importance of respiratory hygiene via training.
  • Contract suppliers who have respiratory hygiene protocols in place.

In addition, in areas with high community transmission and/or places that are difficult to maintain physical distancing, we recommend the the following at-risk people also wear them. Intrepid follows the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) that masks should only be used as part of a comprehensive prevention strategy and that the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene must also form part of the strategy.

Medical/Surgical Masks
On our trips, regardless of destination, the following people must wear medical/surgical masks:

  • Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19 regardless of whether or not they have been tested yet.
  • People caring for people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases (outside of hospitals/clinics).

In addition, in areas with high community transmission and/or places that are difficult to maintain physical distancing, we recommend the the following at-risk people also wear them.

  • People over 60
  • People with underlying health conditions
Intrepid will:
  • Provide medical/surgical masks as part of the First Aid Kits carried by leaders.
  • Educate leaders, crew, staff and customers on the correct method to wear, handle and dispose of a mask.
  • Require all customers, leaders and staff to comply with any local regulations or requirements that require the use of a mask in public or in certain places

Fabric Masks
Intrepid follows the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) that it is not necessary for the public to wear fabric masks generally.

However in certain circumstances, in places where community transmission of COVID-19 is high and/or physical distancing is not possible (e.g. on public transport, in shops or in other confined environments) then a fabric mask can be a useful barrier to prevent the spread of virus.

Fabric masks be purchased commercially or handmade, and are generally not standardised like medical masks. Fabric masks should:

  • Cover the nose, mouth, and chin
  • Be secured with elastic loops or ties
  • Include multiple layers
  • Be washable and reusable.

Protection against COVID-19 as well as other transmissible diseases requires enhanced sanitation processes. Intrepid will take the following measures:

  • Require all suppliers to detail their cleaning and sanitation protocols
  • Audit/monitor all suppliers on their cleanliness and sanitation.
  • All cleaning and disinfecting products must be approved by health authorities (e.g. WHO).
  • All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned between guests with all high touch surfaces in shared areas regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizer should be available in public areas.
  • There must be a process in place for customers to escalate any concerns regarding hygiene or sanitation.
  • Staff must be trained and able to answer questions regarding safety protocols in place.
  • All tents must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between use.
  • If staying at a campground, ensure all bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels. If the area is remote, with limited facilities and/or minimal staffing, then customers should be informed to bring their own hygiene equipment.
  • All mini buses, transfers, charters, overland trucks must be thoroughly cleaned between guests with all high touch surfaces in shared areas regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizer should be made available
  • Close top bins with bin liners should be available on board and disposed of at every stop
  • Must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day
  • Tables and chairs must be disinfected after each guest use
  • Avoid buffets where possible. If buffets are used, prevent customers from handling food and operating machines (e.g. self-serve coffee stations)
  • Either disinfect shared use objects (e.g. table salt) between guest use. Where possible, Intrepid will try to source safe alternatives to single serve packaging.
  • Staff must be trained and able to answer questions regarding safety protocols in place.
  • Preferred: Provide hand sanitizer to guests at the door before entry
  • All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guest us
  • Staff must be trained and able to answer questions regarding safety protocols in place.
Contactless/low touch
Limiting the number of surfaces touched by large numbers of people helps prevent the spread of disease. Therefore, it is important to proactively move towards contactless or low touch solutions for travel. Intrepid will:
  • Prioritise contactless/low touch as a key feature when sourcing new tech or solutions.
Brand Material
  • Remove any paperwork required on the ground (e.g. signing forms, feedback cards)
  • If details must be entered using a shared device (e.g. insurance details), then it must be disinfected between each customer. Preference is to move entirely to digital solutions.
  • Accommodation should provide online check in (no paperwork)
  • Contactless keys (e.g. QR codes)
  • Contactless tech (e.g. lights)
  • Online ticketing for attractions and transport
  • Online payment

Physical Distancing
Physical distancing is important in the preventing the spread of COVID-19 as it can be transmitted via droplets sprayed when coughing, sneezing, singing, yelling etc…
Intrepid will take the following measures:

  • Require all suppliers to detail their physical distancing protocols
  • Follow local regulation and advice on the need for physical distancing.
Accommodation Intrepid operates product that is based on twin share accommodation and allows single travellers the chance to share accommodation with a stranger.
We will continue to offer this as an option. Single supplements are available for single travellers who do not wish to share a room. We will work closely with accommodation suppliers to ensure increased availability of single rooms.

  • Consider whether it is appropriate to offer single tents for solo travellers as customers will be much closer together then in a traditional room.
  • Consider whether staggering meal times may reduce the number of people sharing a dining tent.
Intrepid will consider the following factors when designing or amending transport options on trips.
  • Local laws or requirements regarding physical distancing on transport
  • Hygiene protocols of the transport provider
  • Level of active community transmission in the destination
Possible risks include:
  • Using designated seating on transport. Customers have assigned seats throughout the trip.
  • If trip is longer than 15 minutes and air conditioning is available, it must be set to external airflow rather than to recirculation or windows should be opened for the duration of the trip.
  • Designing or amending itineraries to reduce the duration of travel.
  • Increasing the size of the vehicle, using multiple vehicles.
In Public
  • Educate all leaders, crew, staff and customers to maintain a 1.5m distance wherever practical in public (e.g. queueing at a museum).
  • Proactively design product to avoid crowds by visiting attractions at off-peak times.
  • Proactively design product to avoid crowds on public transport or at airports where practical.
  • Follow local regulations on table spacing and guest seating in restaurants. Wherever possible, try to ensure groups are sitting at their own table without strangers in restaurants.
  • Proactively design product that focuses on experiences that assist with physical distancing (e.g. picnics over crowded marketplaces) if relevant for that destination.
Health Screening & Tracking
Screening for COVID-19 helps isolate anyone with COVID-19 symptoms and stops the spread of disease. It is likely to become more common for future travellers.

Pre-Departure (Brand Material)
Customers should be informed as part of ‘Essential Trip Information (ETIs) or other similar trip notes if their trip is likely to include any of the following:
  • Testing for COVID-19 before being able to pass through immigration and/or board planes.
  • Negative test results to be uploaded for visa purposes.
  • Thermal temperature checks in airports, train or bus stations, major hotels or attractions.
Pre-Departure (Customers)
Pre-departure, all customers are required to fill out an online questionnaire (“self- declaration/assessment” form) to identify any high-risk customers before travel.

Extra qualifiers will be included to address customers with symptoms that can be contributed to pre-existing conditions (e.g. breathlessness to asthma).

Customers answering YES to any question should be removed from the departure and appropriate arrangements made.

COVID-19 Testing
Intrepid will not require a negative COVID-19 test as proof of health from customers or leaders at this stage unless it is required by local law or regulations.

This is partially due to the lack of availability of testing for people with no symptoms in many parts of the world and may change in due course.

On Trip
  • Ask customers, leaders, crew and staff to monitor their own health
  • Display appropriate signage on COVID-19 symptoms
  • Educate leaders, crew and staff on how to identify COVID-19 symptoms
  • Describe COVID-19 symptoms in group meetings
Removal of customers, leaders, crew
If customers, leaders or crew show symptoms of COVID-19 and are either unable to or unwilling to be tested, Intrepid reserves the right to remove them from our trips to prevent any risk to others.

Flexible Booking Conditions
Customers will be supported by flexible booking conditions to stay home if unwell or displaying symptoms

Flexible Work Conditions
Intrepid will support leaders and crew to stay home rather than lead a trip if they are unwell or displaying symptoms. Schedules will need to be created with back up availability of leaders/crew.

Data Collection & Health Tracking
Intrepid will assist government health departments in tracking and tracing any customers, staff, leaders, crew or suppliers at risk of contracting COVID-19 via exposure to a known case and/or outbreak by providing relevant details in line with privacy laws and regulations.

COVID Tracking apps
Intrepid strongly recommends that customers and staff download COVID tracking apps (e.g. COVIDSafe in Australia, StayHomeSafe in Hong Kong) to assist in reducing the spread of disease within their communities.

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8 nights (Hotel Resort Style) 2 nights (Guest House) 2 nights (Guest House Troodos - Feature Stay)

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Each person is allowed one "check-in," and one "carry-on." Remember to take all valuables with you as "carry-on", because electronic equipment, cameras, laptops, jewelry, business documents and money are not covered by the airlines' liability, so always carry them aboard with you.

Question: Is Airfare Included in the Price?

Airfare from your point of origin to and from the trip is not included in the land price.

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