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Around Iceland Cruise by Small Ship (2020 Itinerary)

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Jun 03, 2021
Jun 13, 2021
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Tour Itinerary

  1. Day 1
    Day 1 - Arrive Reykjavik

    On arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted escorted to the Alda Hotel, where spacious Deluxe Rooms have been reserved for General Tours guests. After breakfast, explore Reykjavik with General Tours fine Icelandic guide. With their keen insights and some fun stories, you’ll get to know their city from the lively harbor district and vibrant university area to the colorful Old Quarter with its traditional wooden homes. From the glass-domed Pearl, an innovative building that showcases sustainable Icelandic architecture and design, you’ll have terrific views of Reykjavik. You’ll also see the Hofdi House, the simple, turn-of-the-century clapboard house where Presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met in 1986, the historic event that effectively marked the end of the Cold War.  Meals B

  2. Day 2
    Day 2 - The Blue Lagoon + Embarkation
    After breakfast and check-out, we’ll take you to one of Iceland’s most famous natural wonders. The geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon originate more than 6,000 feet below ground and reach the Earth’s surface at temperatures that usually range from 98 º to 104º. On its way to the surface, these waters absorb silica and other minerals that give the Lagoon its distinctive and captivating blue color.
    After this invigorating experience, we’ll take you to the pier to board the Ocean Atlantic. Enjoy a welcome drink as you meet General Tours Expedition Leader for a briefing about the upcoming voyage and General Tours ship’s health, wellness and safety procedures. Then gather with your fellow passengers for your first onboard dinner. Throughout their cruise, A+R guests will enjoy complimentary house wine, beer and soft drinks with all shipboard lunches and dinners. Meals B+D
  3. Day 3
    Day 3 - The Westman Islands

    Just 9 miles off the southwest coast of Iceland, you’ll find 15 small, emerald green islands that rise sharply from the sea. It’s no wonder that poets have compared this lovely archipelago to gems in a silver ring. As General Tours pass close to Surtsey Island , born of volcanic activity less than 60 years ago, you’ll want to be on-deck for views and the chance to observe a variety of marine birds including puffins and graceful gannets.
    Later this morning, we’ll step ashore on Heimaey, the only inhabited island in the archipelago. In 1973, a volcanic eruption buried nearly 400 homes under a deep layer of ash and all 5,000 island residents were forced to evacuate. Most have since returned, and you’ll have a chance to experience the daily life of Heimaey’s 4,000 residents and to see some of the homes that have only recently been excavated. You can learn more about the island’s dramatic history at the Eldheimar Geological Museum. Back onboard, sit down to another congenial dinner as General Tours Captain charts a course for the southeastern corner of the island. Meals B+L+D

  4. Day 4
    Day 4 - Art + Culture of East Iceland

    Go ashore in Djúpivogur with its centuries-old trading history to see its fine old homes and to experience its modern cultural scene. Unique outdoor art installations including one by famed Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðmundsson are among the highlights. Known as The Eggs of Merry Bay, Guðmundsson’s 34 giant eggs set along the waterfront are a whimsical tribute to the 34 species that nest in the area; each stone specimen accurately depicts the shape, color and pattern of the egg it represents!  At the Cultural Center, set in an 18th-century house, you’ll find more artwork on display along with exhibits on village history and culture.
    Djúpivogur is a delight to explore on your own! But if you prefer an organized tour, you can join an available 7-hour excursion that will get you close to Vatnajökull Glacier. Covering more than 8% of Iceland’s land mass, this veritable ice cap is the largest glacier in Europe. Venturing out in a 4WD Super Jeep, the best type of vehicle for exploring Iceland’s remote and rugged terrain, this excursion takes you to Hoffellsjökull, one of the outlet glaciers that winds its way down from the vast expanse of Vatnajökull to flow into a pristine lagoon.
    Back onboard, the Ocean Atlantic navigates along Iceland’s eastern coast, a ruggedly beautiful land of deep fjords. This isolated region has the lowest population density in Iceland and its few hardy residents earn their living mainly through fishing. Conditions permitting, you’ll want to be on deck as General Tours ship navigates past the spectacular Mjóifjörður – flanked by high mountains with steep cliff sides and numerous waterfalls. Meals B+L+D

  5. Day 5
    Day 5 - Ashore in Seydisfjordur
    This day dawns to find General Tours Captain skillfully navigating the pristine waters of Seydisfjordur. Situated along the island’s eastern coast, this winding 10-mile long fjord is hailed for its wild beauty – with it steep rugged terrain and numerous small rivers and creeks tumbling down the mountainsides and into the sea. Reaching the end of the fjord later this morning, you’ll step ashore to explore the eponymous town of Seydisfjordur. Founded by Norwegian settlers as a fishing outpost in 1870, this friendly community of about 700 residents is quite isolated - but remains connected to Denmark and the Faroe Islands by weekly ferry service. With its colorfully painted homes and a pretty blue church clustered along the waterfront, you may recognize Seydisfjordur from several scenes in the 2013 Ben Stiller film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
    With ample time here in this beguiling town, you may wish to join an available hiking excursion to Skálanes. Set at the eastern end of the fjord, this 3,000-acre nature reserve promises abundant natural beauty and a chance to see some of the wildlife inhabitants of Iceland’s East Fjords region like reindeer, Arctic fox and mink. Birding enthusiasts will be excited to learn that the reserve is also home to nearly 50 avian species including red-necked phalarope, golden plover, black-tailed godwit and impressive birds of prey like the Merlin and gyrfalcon – Europe’s largest falcon.  Meals B+L+D
  6. Day 6
    Day 6 - Grimsey Island on the Arctic Circle
    Having rounded Iceland’s northeast corner, the Ocean Atlantic arrives this morning on the island of Grimsey. Situated about 25 miles north of Iceland, this is the only part of the country crossed by the Arctic Circle. The waters surrounding Grimsey have been known since Viking times for abundant marine life and ancient sagas cite the island as a land rich in fish and birds. Although there are only 100 residents, the bountiful offshore fishing banks have resulted in a flourishing local economy and there are daily flights between Grimsey and Iceland.
    Going ashore today in General Tours ship’s Zodiacs, you’ll have a chance to experience life on this speck of land and to observe its magnificent birdlife. During the summer nesting season, the avian population far outnumbers the human residents – with thousands of birds representing nearly all the seabird species that visit Iceland each year. Black guillemot, common murre, northern fulmar, black-legged kittiwake and snow bunting are just some of the species that you are likely to encounter. In addition, Grimsey is famed for having one of Iceland’s largest tern nesting sites and one of its largest Atlantic puffin colonies! The cries of these birds can be heard 24 hours a day over the bright Arctic summer when the sun barely sets. Back onboard, sit down to another congenial dinner accompanied by complimentary house wine and beer.  Meals B+L+D
  7. Day 7
    Day 7 - Akureyri
    After a leisurely morning of cruising and lunch onboard, you’ll step ashore in the friendly town of Akureyri. Second in population after Reykjavik, Akureyri is the cultural and economic hub of northern Iceland. Your time here is unplanned so you can explore its welcoming streets and businesses at your own pace. Over the last several decades, Akureyri has drawn a large number of artists, microbrewers and chefs, so you’ll find plenty of galleries, cafes and pubs waiting to welcome you. Close to the waterfront, the Akureyri Botanical Garden is a kaleidoscopic oasis of color with 400 native plants and thousands of imported species. From Akureyrarkirkja (the Lutheran Church), you’ll have splendid views of the town and its delightful coastal setting.
    If you prefer organized sightseeing, General Tours have arranged for A+R guests to enjoy a complimentary guided excursion including a light lunch. Leaving the harbor to travel eastward into the rugged interior of northern Iceland, you’ll visit the spectacular Godafoss Waterfall; behold these thundering cascades as General Tours guide shares the 1,000-year-old legend of how they came to be known as the Waterfall of the Gods. Before returning to ship, you’ll also experience the island’s powerful geothermal forces as you discover steaming fumaroles, bubbling mud pools, and the fascinating lava landscapes that surround Lake Mývatn.  Meals B+L+D
  8. Day 8
    Day 8 - The Magnificent Westfjords
    An unforgettable day unfolds as General Tours explore the Westfjords, a pristine peninsula on the island’s northwest coast. Starting off this morning as General Tours cruise off the ruggedly beautiful coast of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve along the northwest tip of Iceland, we’ll be less than 200 miles from Greenland. Protected since 1975, these pristine waters shelter dolphins, seals and 20 species of whales including humpback and beaked whales. On land, the uninhabited mountains and shores are rich with birdlife. Venturing into Hornvik Bay, hailed as one of Iceland’s most scenic spots, we’ll see soaring cliffs where millions of seabirds nest.
    In the afternoon, the Ocean Atlantic will venture into Isafjardardjúp, a remarkable system of eight fjords – each one more scenic than the one before. At the mouth of Hestfjördurm, one of the eight spectacular fjords, we’ll step ashore to explore Vigur Island. Thrill to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, sea and sky - and a chance to marvel at the aerial acrobatics of soaring Arctic terns. Home to fewer than a dozen people – including one family that has farmed the land for six generations - Vigur Island shelters thousands of birds including Arctic puffins, black guillemots, eider ducks, oystercatchers and purple sandpipers. After stopping for a cup of coffee and a chance to mail a postcard from the world’s smallest post office, we’ll return to ship to continue General Tours voyage.  Meals B+L+D
  9. Day 9
    Day 9 - The Pristine Western Coast
    Even if you’re not an early riser by habit, General Tours encourage you to be up and out on deck early this morning, as General Tours ship navigates past Látrabjarg Cliff. Rising 1,400 feet from the Atlantic, these spectacular rocky faces stretch for more than 8 miles along the westernmost point Iceland. Notably for birding enthusiasts, these are among Europe’s biggest and most well-known bird cliffs - home to millions of seabirds including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills. Safe from foxes and any other predators, the birds are fearless and provide stunning opportunities for observation and photography.
    Also highlighting this final day of cruising are the dramatic cliffs, lava fields and rocky beaches of the Snaefellsne Peninsula. Here the magnificent glacier-topped peak of the Snæfellsjökull Volcano soars to 5,000 feet. As conditions permit, we’ll make a landing here to spend a bit of time exploring the breathtaking landscapes and rugged seacoast of Snæfellsjökull National Park.  Meals B+L+D
  10. Day 10
    Day 10 - Disembark in Reykjavik + Golden Circle Tour
    After a final onboard breakfast and disembarkation, A+R guests will be met dockside for General Tours private Golden Circle excursion. With General Tours engaging Icelandic guide, you’ll explore Thingvellir National Park, a unique geological site where the North American and Eurasian Continents meet! Reaching the shores of Lake Thingvallavatn, you’ll see the world’s oldest democratic Parliament, founded more than 1,000 years ago. This pastoral region is also home to family farms where you’ll have a chance to see diminutive Icelandic horses.
    Then experience the geothermal powers of General Tours planet as you visit an area known for its geysers and hot springs. Behold the thundering cascades of Gullfoss Waterfall, one of Iceland’s most iconic sites, and gaze down upon Kerið Lake, deep inside a 3,000-year-old volcanic crater. Return to Reykjavik for an overnight at the Alda Hotel where spacious Deluxe Rooms have been reserved for General Tours guests.  Meals B
  11. Day 11
    Day 11 - Farewell, Iceland

    We’ll take you to the airport today for your homeward flight. Meals B

Countries Visited


Cities Visited

Akureyri, Grindavik, Reykjavik

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