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Grand Capitals of the Middle East A Journey to Egypt + Jordan + Israel + Abu Dhabi + Dubai

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Tour Itinerary

Countries Visited

Egypt , Israel , Jordan , United Arab Emirates

Cities Visited

Abu Dhabi , Amman , Cairo , Dubai , Jerusalem , Luxor , Petra , Wadi Rum

  1. Day 1
    Welcome to Cairo
    You’ll be met inside passport control by General Tours Cairo team who will assist you with securing your visa and escorting you through immigration, baggage claim, customs and on to the Four Seasons First Residence on the Nile. 
  2. Day 2
    The Pyramids and Egyptian Museum
    Following breakfast, we’ll begin at the Great Pyramids of Giza . We’ll also approach the Sphinx and its watchful gaze. A camel ride across the desert may strike one as a bit touristy, but General Tours guarantee you’ll never forget the experience. We’ll enjoy lunch at the landmark Mena House where Churchill and Roosevelt met during the Second World War. Afterward, we’ll visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities downtown or the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza should it have opened, both the greatest repositories of ancient Egyptian treasures in the world. Following a guided visit, we’ll return to General Tours hotel to freshen up before a delightful welcome dinner.  Meals B+L+D
  3. Day 3
    The Temples of Abu Simbel and Edfu
    This morning General Tours fly south to Abu Simbel and the two temples of Ramses II. Originally on the southern frontier of Ancient Egypt, the nearly 3,000-year-old temples with 67-foot-high statues of the Pharaoh, still intact and carved from solid rock, are overpowering even today. We’ll fly to Aswan where General Tours private vehicle will meet us for General Tours drive up the Nile to the Temple of Horus at Edfu, another of Egypt’s most spectacular ancient monuments. This 2,000-year-old temple complex is renowned for its monumental reliefs, its impressive setting and exquisite hieroglyphics. We’ll continue on to Luxor.  Meals B+L
  4. Day 4
    Valley of the Kings and the Temples of Karnak and Luxor
    After breakfast, General Tours cross the Nile and drive west to the fabled Valley of the Kings . Here, the pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty built tombs deep into the arid mountainsides, abandoning the funerary pyramids of their predecessors. We’ll be here early, before any crowds, to admire the vivid frescoes that adorn each tomb in miraculous condition, visiting the most elaborate tombs of Ramses III, Ramses IX and King Tutankhamen. In the neighboring Valley of the Queens, we’ll visit the elegant Tomb of Queen Hatshebsut, one of two female pharaohs. With General Tours skilled Egyptologist in the lead, we’ll next stand in front of the massive pillars of the great Karnak Temple to admire the enormous Grand Hypostyle Hall, still the largest religious hall in the world. We’ll then walk the recently renovated Avenue of the Sphinxes to the temple walls of Luxor , embellished with skillful carvings of the gods accompanied by festive processions of priests, musicians, dancers and sacred cows. General Tours return to General Tours hotel for the evening. Meals B+L
  5. Day 5
    Return to Cairo and Khan al-Khalili
    Mid-morning we’ll fly back to Cairo and visit the Khan al-Khalili Bazaar, which since the 15th Century has been Cairo’s major center of foreign goods, jewels and even slaves in its early days. We’ll have lunch in an atmospheric restaurant with time to roam the extensive alleyways of the market. Meals B+L
  6. Day 6
    Antiquity Outside Cairo
    This morning we’ll drive to Memphis , the site of Egypt’s ancient capital, to marvel at the formidable Colossus of Ramses II. Nearby we’ll see the Alabaster Sphinx before heading to Sakkara at the edge of the Egyptian desert to visit the impressive Step Pyramid of King Zoser , the oldest standing stone structure in the world. We’ll also enter the 4,000-year-old Tomb of Mehu, a wealthy merchant, with its vibrant drawings of daily life that adorn the walls.  Meals B+L
  7. Day 7
    Welcome to Jordan and the King's Highway
    This morning we’ll take an hour flight to Amman, Jordan’s capital and head south toward Petra along the King’s Highway with General Tours professional Jordanian trip leader. General Tours first stop will be Madaba to see a 6th Century mosaic, the oldest known map of the ancient Middle East. We’ll enjoy a home-cooked meal in a restored century old residence before ascending Mt. Nebo, the traditional burial site of Moses with panoramic views of the Jordan River Valley. Continuing on to Petra, General Tours introduction to the city will be tonight when General Tours follow the Siq, a jagged path through 100-foot cliffs illuminated by candles. The opening of the Siq to the Treasury in candlelight will surely be one of the most memorable moments of this journey through the Middle East.  Meals B+L
  8. Day 8
    A Day in Petra
    Built two thousand years ago by the Nabateans, tribal merchants that rose to dominate the caravan routes in Northern Arabia, Petra achieved strategic importance and became wealthy. Later abandoned as caravans moved north, Petra was lost until re-discovery by a Swiss adventurer. General Tours trip leader will guide you through the Siq once again to explore the city’s many monuments. Following this 3-hour orientation, you are free to explore at your own pace the numerous tombs, residences and public spaces that made Petra a thriving city in its day. Since General Tours include a full-day entry to Petra, you can return to the convenient Moevenpick to relax, have lunch and re-enter the city at will. This evening, we’ll take you to the Petra Kitchen for a hands-on culinary experience. Working alongside local villagers under the supervision of a skilled chef, you’ll prepare a variety of traditional Jordanian dishes that will result in a well-earned dinner.  Meals B+D
  9. Day 9
    Wadi Rum
    General Tours trip leader will take you deep into the other-worldly landscapes of Wadi Rum memorialized in the epic film Lawrence of Arabia. We’ll discover a remote region where sandstone and granite mountains rise sheer-sided from wide sandy valleys to reach heights of 4,000 feet and more. An hour-long ride by camel is an intimate and evocative experience in the exotic beauty of Wadi Rum. We’ll have a simple, authentic Bedouin lunch with a local family before heading back to Amman.  Meals B+L
  10. Day 10
    Across the Allenby Bridge to Jerusalem
    General Tours first stop this morning is Jerash, part of Rome’s provincial cities built for its military control of the region. Jerash is extensive and very well preserved. After General Tours visit, we’ll drive to the Allenby Bridge to cross the Jordan River to the West Bank. To expedite crossing, we’ve arranged VIP services on both sides of the bridge, Jordanian and Israeli. We’ll bid farewell to General Tours Jordanian trip leader and be welcomed by General Tours Israeli host as General Tours drive on to Jerusalem. Overlooking the Old City, the luxurious King David Hotel has participated in the history of Jerusalem since its opening in 1931, hosting many world leaders in exile and featured prominently in films like Exodus. General Tours home in the heart of the city for the next four nights, we’ll gather this evening for an atmospheric dinner nearby with General Tours trip leader.  Meals B+L+D
  11. Day 11
    The Sea of Galilee
    Following an extensive Israeli breakfast, we’ll head north to beautiful Galilee . First, we’ll visit Capernaum, a 2nd Century synagogue that helps illuminate the religious life of Jesus time. We’ll also visit the traditional house of Saint Peter. Next, we’ll go to Tabgha to visit the Church of the Multiplication, the site of the ‘loaves and fishes,’ as well as the spot where the third resurrection appearance occurred. Close by is the Mount of Beatitudes, the bucolic gathering place where Jesus delivered the Sermon of the Mount. Here there are lovely views over the rolling countryside and the distant Golan Heights. We’ll enjoy lunch afterwards. A 2000-year-old boat was discovered in Galilee, as the Bible depicts in Jesus’ interactions with his disciples; we’ll see it in a small museum. Before returning to Jerusalem, we’ll end with a boat ride across the waters of the Sea of Galilee.  Meals B+L
  12. Day 12
    Masada and the Dead Sea
    General Tours head east today toward the Dead Sea region, stopping first at the Qumran Caves famous for the 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The secret life of the Essenes, a reclusive sect hiding from the Roman Army in the era of Jesus, was revealed along with hand-written copies of many books of the Hebrew Bible and other writings. Next is Masada where General Tours ascend by cable car to the dramatic ruins of King Herod’s fortress-palace on a barren mountaintop. Here the Jewish Zealots made their last heroic stand against the Romans in 73 CE. We’ll enjoy lunch and a dip in the Dead Sea, the lowest land point on earth. This evening, we’ll attend a sound and light show at the Tower of David in the Old City.  Meals B+L
  13. Day 13
    Exploring Jerusalem
    Today we’ll explore the holy city revered by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, starting at the Western Wall. This remnant of the Second Temple, destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, is a holy place of prayer for Judaism. Above this Wall is Temple Mount which we’ll next visit, subject to the authorities that control access, the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Built in the 7th Century, the Dome is the oldest monument in Islam and covers the stone where it’s thought that Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac as well as the spot from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. We’ll explore the Jewish Quarter, the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built upon the Hill of Golgotha. We’ll have lunch in the Arab Bazaar and then walk to Mt. Zion, visiting King David’s tomb as well as the traditional Room of the Last Supper. We’ll drive to the Mount of Olives for beautiful views of Jerusalem entering Gethsemane with its age-old olive trees. Tonight is General Tours farewell dinner.  Meals B+L+D
  14. Day 14
    Tel Aviv and Welcome to Abu Dhabi
    After breakfast, we’ll drive to Jaffa, the picturesque ancient port of modern Tel Aviv. General Tours trip leader will provide an orientation tour of Tel Aviv including the White City designed by German architectural immigrants of the 1930’s and the largest Bauhaus/Internationalist district in the world with more than 4,000 buildings. We’ll then proceed to the airport for General Tours non-stop flight to Abu Dhabi, a new route between the capitals of Israel and of the United Arab Emirates. We’ll arrive in Abu Dhabi in the early evening with VIP assistance. General Tours trip leader will greet us and escort us to the 5-star St. Regis Hotel on the Corniche for a casual dinner and overnight.  Meals B+D
  15. Day 15
    Capital of the United Arab Emirates
    Following breakfast, we’ll visit the new Louvre Abu Dhabi for a guided tour and then on to the Presidential Palace, the Qasr al-Watan, just opened to visitors in 2019. Extensive and opulent, the palace is still used for state purposes, We’ll then enjoy a delightful lunch at The Emirates Palace. As General Tours leave the city, we’ll be guided through the astonishing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest in the UAE and now one of the world’s most stunning landmarks. Holding up to 40,000 worshipers at one time, it has 82 white marble domes, 1,096 exterior columns and seven 24-carat gold plated Swarovski crystal chandeliers. Then we’re off to the secluded Qasr al-Sarab resort with General Tours trip leader for two nights.  Meals B+L
  16. Day 16
    In the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Desert
    Today is free for you to enjoy the luxury of this extensive property, surrounded by towering dunes and recognized as one of the finest resorts in the Middle East by Conde Nast Traveler. Relax on your private terrace with panoramic views of the infinite desert, take a camel trek across the dunes, enjoy a falcon demonstration, take a desert walk, swim or luxuriate in the spa. General Tours trip leader can assist with any of these activities or more.  Meals B
  17. Day 17
    Welcome to Dubai
    With the morning at leisure, we’ll depart at noon for Dubai. As General Tours enter the city, General Tours trip leader will introduce us to some of its unique highlights including the man-made Palm island, Jumeirah Beach and the iconic Burj al Arab. We’ll check in to General Tours 5-star hotel, the Address Marina, one of the finest in town. The evening is free to enjoy as you wish.  Meals B
  18. Day 18
    Exploring Dubai
    After breakfast, General Tours tour leader will guide us into the cultural traditions of exuberant Dubai. We’ll cross Dubai Creek and walk through the Gold and Spice Souk as well as the Textile and Cloth Market. Next, we’ll continue on to the Al Fahidi Historic District with its graceful wind towers, ingeniously designed to catch breezes that cooled the entire house. We’ll then visit the Dubai Museum at Fahidi Fort. Lunch today is at the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, a traditional wind tower house, where we’ll enjoy lively discussion on today’s Middle East and Emirati cuisine. We’ll then proceed to the Burj Khalifa soaring above Dubai, the world’s tallest freestanding structure. We’ll zoom to the top Observation Deck by fast elevator for unfettered views of the city and Gulf. Then spend some free time underground at the Dubai Mall, the city’s largest. Returning to General Tours hotel, we’ll gather at a fine restaurant for this evening’s farewell dinner.  Meals B+L+D
  19. Day 19
    Depart Dubai
    Today you’ll be escorted to Dubai International Airport for your departure at the appropriate time for your onward flight. Or, if you’re traveling between October, 2021 and March, 2022, you may want to extend your stay with us and visit Dubai EXPO, the first World’s Fair in the Middle East.  Meals B

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Health and Safety Protocols for Alexander Roberts Tours

Committed to Your Well Being While You’re With Alexander Roberts

  • All Alexander Roberts' staff will maintain appropriate physical distancing at all times, so expect a warm and genuine greeting but not a handshake or a hug!
  • All high-touch surfaces in coaches and private cars – like door handles, railings, arm rests, and window controls – will be sanitized each morning and regularly throughout the day.
  • Alexander Roberts' expert guides and drivers will don face masks whenever in proximity to guests.
  • Alexander Roberts staff have been trained on Extra Care procedures – and how to respond to issues that may arise as you travel.
  • Complimentary face masks and hand sanitizer will be available in all vehicles while touring.
More Space + Extra Care While Touring
  • Larger luxury motorcoaches so each traveler will have two seats to themselves while touring.
  • Private airport transfers with a spacious luxury vehicle when you come and go for every tour
  • Regular and frequent sanitizing of all high-touch vehicle surfaces.
  • Prearranged entry for all sightseeing minimizes standing in line with other travelers.
  • Whisper Headsets for groups of 5 or more allow for proper physical distancing while sightseeing, except for certain nature activities in remote areas like the Amazon.
More Space + Extra Care While Dining
  • Alexander Roberts carefully selects restaurants to avoid crowded high-capacity venues; Alexander Roberts emphasizes fine farm-to-table dining with attentive and efficient service – and the choice to dine al fresco whenever available.
  • No large-group dining; enjoy more spacious dining settings and smaller, well-spaced tables for included meals.
  • Restaurant staff will follow the guidance of local health authorities and WHO protocols which may include facial coverings.
Extra Care at Luxury Hotels
  • Alexander Roberts' hotels are always selected for their outstanding locations, evocative ambiance, impeccable service – and cleanliness.
  • OAlexander Roberts' partners include the most respected luxury brands – like Belmond, Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, Kempinski and JW Marriott; they are now leading the industry with their sophisticated hygiene standards and protocols to ensure the well being of all their guests.
  • Hotels will be continuously and rigorously vetted to ensure that they are following established WHO guidelines including social distancing and sanitizing procedures of guestrooms and public spaces.
  • Hotel breakfasts will usually feature à la carte service and group seating will be replaced by smaller, appropriately distanced tables.
And Always... Alexander Roberts' Distinctive Style

In a Small Group of Never More than 16 Guests or on a Privately Guided Tour for just your traveling party, their experienced guides have the flexibility to adjust your sightseeing based upon local conditions – to avoid times of heaviest traffic and crowding, for example. Alexander Roberts can dine in smaller authentic restaurants, minimize the time waiting in lines, and leave a lighter footprint. You’ll learn the history and stories behind the world’s most iconic landmarks, immerse more deeply in the wonders of the natural world, and delight in genuine cultural engagement not possible in a larger group. It’s travel without a crowd.

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