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Tour Itinerary

The enduring buzz of Cairo's bustling city streets and imposing Great Pyramids of Giza launch your discovery of Ancient Egypt. Cruise down the Nile to Kom-Ombo, past Luxor, and explore the Valley of the Kings.

Countries Visited


Cities Visited

Aswan , Cairo , Dendera , Giza , Kom Ombo , Luxor

  1. Day 1
    Welcome to Cairo
    Delve into the antiquities of Egypt on this epic journey which begins in the effervescent Egyptian capital. As you transfer to your hotel for a day at leisure, you’ll feel the intoxicating buzz of this lively city – the perfect introduction to an unforgettable opportunity to learn about Egypt’s ancient past and exciting present. You may choose to relax after your trip, or experience the energy of Cairo for yourself at the Khan El-Khalili souk where the sounds and smells are almost overwhelming.Accommodation: Ramses Hilton
  2. Day 2
    Admire the Wonders of Giza
    Immerse yourself in a history that spans millennia during a full-day excursion to the old kingdom of Egypt. See the Colossus of Ramses II and the Alabaster Sphinx at Memphis. Visit the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, then marvel at the Great Pyramid of Giza and the mighty Sphinx.Accommodation: Ramses Hilton
    Meals:   Breakfast
  3. Day 3
    Fly to Luxor and Embark on Your Nile Cruise
    We fly to Luxor this morning and embark on a guided tour of the Karnak Temple Complex, before boarding our cruise in time for lunch. Later this afternoon, marvel at Luxor's Temple and visit Luxor Museum to see an astounding collection of archaeological treasures, including items from Tutankhamun’s tomb.Accommodation: Nile Cruise
    Meals:   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner
  4. Day 4
    Explore Ancient Dendera
    Pay tribute to the Goddess Hathor at Dendera Temple, a soaring structure built around 330 BC.  Beautifully preserved and elaborate in its design, every inch of this impressive sand-coloured structure is mesmerising and you’ll see many of its halls, shrines and unique features such as the sun dial and replica Dendera zodiac, tracing the images of Taurus and Libra.  You’ll learn about Dendera’s role as one of the major capitals of ancient Upper Egypt before sailing to Kom-Ombo for the night.Accommodation: Nile Cruise
    Meals:   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner
  5. Day 5
    Journey to Aswan
    Today, we travel to Aswan, which for centuries held the important strategic role of being Egypt’s southern frontier and gateway to the rest of Africa. Today it is a tranquil, modern city, most known for its High Dam, Nubian villages and Philae Temple, built to honour Egyptian goddess Isis. We arrive just in time for dinner, watching the buzz of the city from the comfort of our boat as day turns to dusk and another wonderful day sailing along the Nile comes to a close.Accommodation: Nile Cruise
    Meals:   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner
  6. Day 6
    The High Dam and More in Aswan
    On your sightseeing visit to Aswan, you’ll see first-hand how the ancient Egyptians could not have chosen a more stunning place to honour the goddess of love and you’ll learn how the Temple of Isis on Philae Island was very nearly lost underwater when the Aswan Dam was built in the 1960s. Beyond the incredible beauty and tranquillity of this structure, you’ll hear how Isis earned the title 'Mother of God' before your visit to the Unfinished Obelisk, which lies semi-carved from the solid bedrock and remains as a testament to Aswan’s heritage as the centre for stone quarries in ancient Egypt. Our final stop today is a visit to the High Dam, the world’s largest embankment dam which took 11 years to build and ended the cycle of flood and drought along the Nile River.Accommodation: Nile Cruise
    Meals:   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner
  7. Day 7
    Onwards to Philae and Kitchener’s Island
    Your travels today could see you join a once in a lifetime Optional Experience to Abu Simbel, carved into a solid rock cliff in Egypt’s Nubian Valley. As you approach the imposing Great Temple, you’ll marvel at the four-seated colossi on either side of the entrance and the elaborate engravings carved out of the stone depicting great victories and paying homage to the gods. Later, you’ll set sail in a traditional felucca around the Botanical Gardens on Kitchener's Island, given to Lord Horacio Kitchener who transformed the island into a haven for rare exotic birds and unusual plants.Accommodation: Nile Cruise
    Meals:   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner
  8. Day 8
    Off to Ancient Kom-Ombo
    We visit the roofless Temple of Kom-Ombo, a highlight on our trip along the Nile, where we’ll learn how the temple was built to honour two gods, Horus the Elder and Sobek. The Temple has a perfectly symmetrical design, the two sides a mirror of each other with one side dedicated to the crocodile god, the other to the falcon god. You’ll learn all about the mythical link the two gods shared and why the Nile crocodile, which gathered in great numbers at this bend in the Nile, were of such importance to the ancient Egyptian priests.Accommodation: Nile Cruise
    Meals:   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner
  9. Day 9
    Sail to Stunning Luxor
    Watch how the river gives life to an arid landscape and the people who live within it as you sail down the Nile to Luxor, once an ancient Egyptian capital and today one of the world’s most epic open-air museums. Every moment spent exploring the Valley of the Kings will leave you enthralled as you trace its many treasures, from the tomb of Tutankhamun to the temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor. You’ll feel that same thrill the Egyptologists who first discovered what lay beyond these walls must have felt as they explored these incredible ancient sites.Accommodation: Nile Cruise
    Meals:   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner
  10. Day 10
    Disembark and Fly to Cairo Connect with Locals
    We disembark at Luxor, Connect With Locals as you enjoy a traditional Be My Guest experience with freshly baked bread, honey and mint tea. Explore the fascinating complex of mortuary temples and tombs, including Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, the Colossi of Memnon and the Valley of the Kings. We take a return flight to Cairo where we'll enjoy an evening at leisure to soak up the buzzing atmosphere for which the city is famous. This evening consider an evening meal on board a floating restaurant with some lively Egyptian entertainment.Accommodation: Ramses Hilton
    Meals:   Breakfast
  11. Day 11
    Discover Colourful Cairo Dive Into Culture
    The buzz of Cairo is undeniable, and you’ll get to feel it first-hand as you embark on an unforgettable sightseeing tour through the effervescent Egyptian capital. History buffs will love the visits to the Hanging Church of St. Mary and the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Old Cairo, built 700 years ago as a spiritual hub for the region. You’ll also see the Alabaster Mosque and Citadel of Cairo, a medieval Islamic-era fortification which served as the seat of the Egyptian government for almost seven centuries. Later, you’ll head to the celebrated Egyptian Museum, where you’ll Dive Into Culture and discover the museum’s unbelievable array of artefacts, from mummies and sarcophagi to jewellery and King Tutankhamun’s treasures. This evening, take your seats at the dazzling sound and light show at the Great Pyramids.Accommodation: Ramses Hilton
    Meals:   Breakfast
  12. Day 12
    Farewell Cairo
    Our expedition at its end, say a fond farewell to your newfound friends. Find out more about your free airport transfer at trafalgar.com/freetransfers.
    Meals:   Breakfast

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Dining Summary

  • 11 Breakfast (B)
  • 8 Lunch (L)
  • 7 Dinner (D)

Be My Guest

  • Luxor: Enjoy an exclusive Be My Guest encounter on the banks of the Nile where your hosts, the El Boerey family, will share their stories about family life in a typical Luxor village. Savour a local culinary tradition of warm mint tea and freshly baked local bread with honey.

Dive Into Culture

  • Cairo: Enjoy a visit to Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, home to a remarkable collection of Egyptian antiquities including the world-famous ‘Mask of Tutankhamun’.

Iconic Experience

  • Giza: Enjoy a day gazing at the Great Pyramids of Giza and its treasures - the Step Pyramid of Saqqara and the Colossus of Rames II.
  • Karnak: Stand amid a vast forest of columns in the largest temple complex known to man as your Egyptologist explains the significance behind it. Walk the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes, see the of Rameses II and the Hypostyle Hall.
  • Luxor: Spend the day discovering the wonders of the Luxor Museum.
  • Dendera: At the Temple of Hathor, see a rare depiction of Cleopatra and Caesarian.
  • Aswan: Admire the picturesque setting of Aswan and its iconic sites as you embark on a sightseeing tour of the city. Learn about the beautiful Temple of Isis and the contentious construction of the Aswan Dam.
  • Kitchener's Island: Sail around Kitchener's Island and its Botanical Gardens in a traditional felucca.
  • Kom Ombo: Discover the temple of Kom-Ombo and discover the wonders of the duo gods Horus the Elder and Sobek.
  • Valley of the Kings: Discover the ancient history behind the final resting place of Egypt's Pharaohs at the Valley of the Kings.
  • Cairo: Spend your day enjoying the sights of the Hanging Church of St. Mary or embark on a journey to see the ancient Citadel and the Alabaster Mosque.

Must-see Highlights

  • : Explore Luxor and Cairo with a Local Specialist
  • : Visit the temples of Karnak, Luxor Museum, the temple dedicated to Goddess Hathor at Dendera, Luxor Temple, the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae, the Temple at Kom-Ombo, Queen Hatshepsut's Temple and the Colossi of Memnon in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • : View the Step Pyramid in Sakkara, the Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, the High Dam and the Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan, the Botanical Gardens on Kitchener's Island, the Citadel, Alabaster and Sultan Hassan Mosques in Cairo
  • : See the Ramses II statue and Alabaster Sphinx in Memphis, the Sound and Light show in Giza
  • : Sail in a felucca across the Nile

Whats Included

  • : The services of a professional English speaking Egyptologist / Travel Director throughout your journey
  • : Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted
  • : All porterage and restaurant gratuities
  • : All hotel tips, charges and local taxes
  • : Breakfast daily and up to half of your evening meals
  • : Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras
  • : Audio headsets for flexible sightseeing
  • : Luxury air-conditioned coach with Wi-Fi in most countries or alternative transportation (such as rail journeys)
  • : Return flight from Cairo to Luxor
  • : Seven-night luxury Nile Cruise
  • : Flight from Luxor to Cairo
  • : Optional Experiences and free time

Whats Included

  • The services of a professional English speaking Egyptologist / Travel Director throughout your journey
  • Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted
  • All porterage and restaurant gratuities
  • All hotel tips, charges and local taxes
  • Breakfast daily and up to half of your evening meals
  • Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras
  • Audio headsets for flexible sightseeing
  • Luxury air-conditioned coach with Wi-Fi in most countries or alternative transportation (such as rail journeys)
  • Return flight from Cairo to Luxor
  • Seven-night luxury Nile Cruise
  • Flight from Luxor to Cairo
  • Optional Experiences and free time

Health and Safety Protocols for Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar has introduced these enhanced hygiene protocols – for you and team members.

You can travel with Trafalgar and be assured that their team has put numerous new measures in place to elevate their hygiene standards and protocols. The well-being of guests and team has always been, and always will be, their primary concern.

In this new, fast changing Covid-19 era, Trafalgar is doing all they can to adapt to new requirements and expectations. Here are some important new steps and procedures that they have implemented to enhance hygiene protocols, to comply with physical distancing requirements by relevant government authorities and to give you the peace of mind when you are traveling during these new times.

Expertly Trained Travel Directors

Travel Director training equips them with enhanced hygiene and physical distancing procedures. During your trip, they will operate with a duty of care and monitor the hygiene etiquette of the guests, reacting and advising as needed, to ensure high standards are maintained. Before you travel, Trafalgar will also keep you well informed about new protocols required in these areas, and ask that you cooperate with and heed the advice and direction of Travel Directors while on your trip. The Travel Directors have preventative measures in place to try and ensure your well-being and in the event that any unexpected issues arise on trip, they will activate additional protocols.

Stringent On-the-Road Protocols

The customized luxury coaches are sanitised before the start of your trip and have always been kept to very high standards. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Trafalgar have taken additional measures to elevate hygiene and sanitary practices in accordance with guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and as required, applicable government regulations. The Driver training provides them with the latest hygiene protocols. They will clean and disinfect all surfaces including handrails, door handles, tables, seats, air-conditioning filters and overhead lockers on a daily basis. All the guests are asked to follow hygiene practices recommended by the World Health Organisation including the thorough and regular washing of hands and sanitising when required. Hand sanitiser is freely available on board for your use throughout the day. Please bring your own washable face mask and gloves with you, and additional hand sanitiser to make you feel comfortable, as these will be required to be worn in public in some countries. Should an unexpected situation arise, additional face masks, rubber gloves, antiviral sprays and wipes will be available for guest distribution on all trips.

A Full Team of Support 24/7

It’s not just your Travel Director and Driver who will be taking care of you. Behind the scenes, the operations and guest support teams are in contact with them and on call 24/7, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Physical Distancing

Adapting to the right size groups, based on government distancing requirements, you can rest assured that you will travel with the comfort of your own personal space. Have peace of mind that all of the experiences, hotels and restaurants you’ll enjoy on your trip have been vetted to ensure they adhere to physical distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Trusted Partners, Exceptional Standards

Trafalgar is very selective in who they work with and choose to only use hotels, restaurants, ground handlers and venues that take the well-being of the guests as seriously as Trafalgar does and agrees to meet expected guidelines and specifications. Trafalgar only works with establishments that they are confident will consistently adhere to their high standards.

Always in the Know

As part of The Travel Corporation (TTC) , Trafalgar is kept up to date with all government advisories and travel alerts on a daily basis and is continually in touch with all of the partners on the ground in each destination. Also, rest assured that during your trip, the teams work to ensure the supplier partners (hotels, restaurants, museums and other venues) are also applying the same standard to these new hygiene and distancing protocols, to the extent possible.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Can we get inside the Giza Pyramid?

While this tour does view the Pyramids at Giza it does not go inside any of them. You can go inside the Pyramids at an additional cost and if there is time permitting. The best way to to do this would be to purchase an extra day at the start or end of your tour so you can participate in an optional excursion to the inside of the Pyramids at Giza.

Question: When you visit the Valley of the Kings, do you actually go into any of the tombs?

On Day 10 you explore the fascinating complex of mortuary temples and tombs, including Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, the Colossi of Memnon and the Valley of the Kings.

Question: what type of boat is used for Nile cruise?

The accommodations listed on the itinerary are: Nile Cruise MS Miriam, MS Medea or MS La Traviata or a boat that is similar. For example, the MS Miriam is 72 meters, has 60 cabins with in suite, full sized bathrooms, with TV, AC, and common appointments. There is a tastefully furnished restaurant and full bar service onboard. The top deck has fitness equipment and pool.

Question: How many suitcases can I take with me on my trip?

Each person is allowed one "check-in," and one "carry-on." Remember to take all valuables with you as "carry-on", because electronic equipment, cameras, laptops, jewelry, business documents and money are not covered by the airlines' liability, so always carry them aboard with you.

Question: Is Airfare Included in the Price?

Airfare from your point of origin to and from the trip is not included in the land price.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating
Professional Staff
Repeat with Operator
Value for Money

Ratings based off 32 reviews - currently showing 10 reviews with comments only

Great trip filled with unforgettable sights. Jam packed with Egypts incredible historic sights coupled with a relaxing 7 day cruise on the Nile River truly memorable vacation!

Our trip to Egypt was incredible. Due to the times, we were shocked to see we were the only ones on our 12-day trip. Had a tour guide plus a driver everywhere we went. The guides were outstanding. So much knowledge. I did understand there would be a wellness type person also, and there was not. The drivers did spray our hands with sanitizer almost always,

We met our Tour Director on the 2nd day. I highly suggest that Tour Director (s) should send email with picture ID before a day or 2 before arrival. This was our experience with other travel companies. I found this very helpful. We were also disappointed in this particular trip since the hotel didn't know at all about Gate 1's Tour Director. We have no information whatsoever what time we will be meeting upon our arrival. No schedule posted or just a little courtesy to inform clients about who to contact or at least a note to Gate 1 travelers the time we are expected to meet through the front desk since we took our own flight. The only way we found it because we saw someone who had the ID of Gate 1. Most of us who joined the tour had similar experience. First impression is lasting!

Overall an awesome experience. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. The selection of sites was thoughtfully put together. I did not like the fact that while on the boat the WiFi signal was not av at available in my room and very weak in designated parts of the boat. The room was often too cold and I learned late in the cruise that the boat was not outfitted with heat.

This trip exceeded my expectations! Everyone was professional and knowledgeable. The guides were wonderful and helpful! The only negative comment I would have about traveling to Egypt was that it was not handicapped accessible. While I expected the monuments to be a challenge, I did not expect the boat ( ship) to only have stairs, and it was 4 flights to get from our cabin to dinner. But the wonderful staff and food on the ship compensated for the difficulty going up and down! It was wonderfully orchestrated from the moment we arrived until we left...A trip of a lifetime!

my only issue was the lack of support for child accommodations and pricing before the trip but once at the destinations they were fully accommodating

Traflager- All expected expenses were not disclosed prior to trip. Tipping became tedious and bottled water was not provided on the river boat even though you could not drink the water onboard. The hotels in Cairo were Not acceptable - mold & mildew.

Boat and rooms were very old and food was same exact same dishes all three meals everyday and all days on boat all 11 days...

The trip was amazing from start to finish!

Traffalgar exceeded above and beyand my expectation.

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