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Croatia Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Jewels Of Slovenia & Croatia 201408CosmosEscorted$1,399
Highlights of Eastern Europe Preview 201518TrafalgarEscorted$3,899
Treasures of the Balkans (2014)18InsightEscorted$4,125
11 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia (Thursday Departure)11Gate1Escorted$989
10 Day Croatia & Slovenia10Gate1Escorted$1,849
Europe In Depth 201531GlobusEscorted$6,039
From Vienna To Istanbul 201515GlobusEscorted$3,569
2014 - 11 Day Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia11CIEEscorted$2,064
Europe In Depth With Extended Stay In London 201532GlobusEscorted$6,339
Europe In Depth 201431GlobusEscorted$6,499
Jewels Of Slovenia & Croatia 201508CosmosEscorted$1,553
Country Roads of Croatia (Preview 2015)15InsightEscorted$3,699
2014 - 9 Day Dalmatian Sunshine Tour09CIEEscorted$1,870
2014 - 9 Day Croatia Express09CIEEscorted$1,765
East Meets West 201514GlobusEscorted$3,348
Highlights of Eastern Europe 201418TrafalgarEscorted$3,925
2014 - 11 Day Dubrovnik To Venice11CIEEscorted$2,598
12 Day Affordable Croatia &Slovenia (Thursday Departure)12Gate1Escorted$1,199
East Meets West 201414GlobusEscorted$3,189
Blue Danube To The Black Sea - Cruise Only From Bucharest to Vienna 201511GlobusRiver Cruise$4,199
Blue Danube To The Black Sea From Vienna To Bucharest 201414GlobusRiver Cruise$4,789
Blue Danube To The Black Sea - From Bucharest to Vienna 201514GlobusRiver Cruise$4,839
Blue Danube To The Black Sea - From Vienna to Bucharest 201514GlobusRiver Cruise$4,839
From Vienna To Istanbul With Aegean Cruise 201522GlobusTour & Cruise$5,004
Blue Danube To The Black Sea With Istanbul - From Vienna to Istanbul 201517GlobusRiver Cruise$6,638
Blue Danube To The Black Sea With Istanbul - Westbound 201517GlobusRiver Cruise$6,638
Blue Danube To The Black Sea From Vienna To Istanbul 201417GlobusRiver Cruise$6,638
Europe In Depth With Extended Stay In London 201432GlobusEscorted$6,799
North Sea - Black Sea Cruise From Bucharest to Amsterdam Cruise Only 201523GlobusRiver Cruise$8,199
North Sea - Black Sea Cruise From Bucharest to Amsterdam Cruise Only 201524GlobusRiver Cruise$8,429
North Sea Black Sea Cruise Amsterdam to Bucharest 201524GlobusRiver Cruise$8,679
North Sea - Black Sea Cruise With Istanbul - Istanbul to Amsterdam 201527GlobusRiver Cruise$10,228
North Sea - Black Sea Cruise With Istanbul From Amsterdam to Istanbul 201527GlobusRiver Cruise$10,478
Highlights of Austria Slovenia and Croatia Preview 201515TrafalgarEscorted$3,750
Imperial Capitals and the Dalmatian Riviera 201416InsightEscorted$3,865
European Heritage - Superior Cabin (Preview 2015)36InsightTour & Cruise$10,925
European Heritage - Premier Cabin (2014)36InsightTour & Cruise$11,596
2014 - 14 Day Zagreb to Venice14CIEEscorted$3,015
11 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia (Sunday Departure)11Gate1Escorted$1,029
The Balkans and Venice 201414TrafalgarEscorted$3,375

Learn More About Croatia Tours

On a Croatia tour, you'll enjoy a variety of historic sightseeing attractions, as well as mountainous countryside and gorgeous coastal scenery. It is a country of wondrous natural beauty - from its 1,185 islands off the coast in the Adriatic Sea to its eight national parks. The most popular national park to visit on a Croatia vacation is Plitvice Lakes National Park, with a string of 16 lakes that are brilliant green and blue.

Zagreb in the north is Croatia's capital city, where you'll find the awe-inspiring neo-gothic Cathedral built inside a medieval fort; Dolac, the colorful central marketplace; and pretty Maksimir Park, one of Europe's earliest public gardens. Split, on the sunny central coast, is known for the palace that the Roman Emperor Diocletian had built in the early 4th century; the well-preserved fortress still stands today in Old Town Split.

Many Croatia tours include overnights in Dubrovnik; on the coast, it is also a port city for European cruises. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city's gleaming marble streets are lined with Baroque buildings and beautifully sculpted Renaissance fountains and facades. A chain of uninterrupted walls measuring more than 6,000 feet surrounds the city - one of the most beautiful and solid fortifications in the Mediterranean.

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