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Egypt Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
08G AdventuresEscorted$999
13CosmosTour & Cruise$2,059
10TrafalgarTour & Cruise$2,250
13CosmosTour & Cruise$2,569
10TrafalgarTour & Cruise$2,185
10Insight VacationsEscorted$2,435
09GlobusTour & Cruise$3,017
08G AdventuresEscorted$599
13CosmosTour & Cruise$2,561
13CosmosTour & Cruise$3,096
19Insight VacationsTour & Cruise$7,065
13TrafalgarTour & Cruise$2,625
12Insight VacationsTour & Cruise$3,325
13Insight VacationsTour & Cruise$4,185
13Insight VacationsTour & Cruise$2,950
15Insight VacationsTour & Cruise$4,735
09KeyTour & Cruise$1,155
10G AdventuresEscorted$1,199
16G AdventuresEscorted$1,599
17G AdventuresEscorted$2,199
12G AdventuresEscorted$2,299
19G AdventuresEscorted$3,999
09KeyTour & Cruise$1,630
09Alexander RobertsTour & Cruise$4,199
10Abercrombie KentTour & Cruise$6,495
05KeyRiver Cruise$735
11KeyTour & Cruise$1,885
11Abercrombie KentEscorted$5,795
10Abercrombie KentTour & Cruise$7,295
10Abercrombie KentTour & Cruise$7,495
08SITA WorldTour & Cruise$1,695
10MayflowerTour & Cruise$1,399
08ContikiRiver Cruise$1,275
07HomericTour & Cruise$1,380

Learn More About Egypt Tours

The cradle of civilization, Egypt and its Nile River Valley provide visitors with an exotic, empowering travel experience. On an Egypt tour, you can trace living history back 5,000 years, and witness some of the greatest natural wonders of the world.<br> <br> Egypt vacations typically include time in Cairo, with its magnificent Egyptian Museum filled with King Tutankhamun's treasures. In nearby Giza, admire the massive Great Sphinx and the amazing Great Pyramid. Still more ancient structures you might witness on an Egypt tour include the 40-foot statue of Ramses II, the Alabaster Sphinx and the "step pyramid" in Sakkara, which dates to an incredible 27th century B.C.<br> <br> Most Egypt tours are actually "cruise tours," with an included river cruise along the Nile. These usually begin in Luxor, where you see the Luxor Temple containing countless columns, statues and sphinxes. You will likely tour the massive Karnak Temple, with colossal statues and obelisks, as well as the Avenue of the Sphinxes. The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, on the west bank of the Nile, are where generations of pharaohs and nobles were buried in splendid crypts cut into cliffs.<br> <br> All along the Nile River enjoy marvelous vistas, including white-clad farmers with their donkeys and water buffalos as they work the lush fields. In the distance, watch a fiery sunset in the desert dotted with palm trees. Don't forget your camera!

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