6 Best Summer Family Vacations With Gate1

Summer is here, with perfect weather and more than enough time to make the greatest memories of the year. Take advantage of that time and make your summer unforgettable by planning your family vacations with Gate1 Travel to any of these exceptional destinations.


The Croatian summers are infused with Mediterranean heat and breeze and create the perfect conditions for the fjaka. The Dalmatian word for a contagious state of mind with a more tranquil, calmer way of life. Gate1 Travel cruises on the stunning coast, tours Dubrovnik Old Town, Krka National Park, Split, and Sibenik, which host the International Children’s Festival every summer, from June to July.


Witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World when you visit this tropical destination. In Cambodia and Vietnam, Gate1 travels to Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom and the Buddhist temple Angkor Wat and visits the Silver Pagoda and Royal Palace. The whole family will love the ride in an ox-cart around the rich countryside. Plus, you visit five of the most popular cities in Vietnam.

South Africa

Spend four nights in Cape Town and you will still want to go back after. Discover both the astonishing harbor city and the captivating nature that surrounds it. The port is home to many landmarks like the Cape Wheel, Bo-Kaap Museum, Table Mountain, and many others. For your family members that love animals, South Africa is also home to part of Kruger National Park where most of the wildlife lives and safaris take place.

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This country has everything for the whole family. Elegant restaurants, modern coffee shops, breath-taking national parks, interactive museums, plus welcoming culture. Whether you visit the western or eastern part, Canada has plenty of diversity and you are for sure to find your next adventure here. Plus, kids have free entrance to all parks, historic sites, and museums all over the country.


Visit the land of Pharaohs, and the site of one of the earliest civilizations in Egypt. Uncover the mysteries of the Nile Valley in 12 Day Classic Egypt with 7 Day Nile Cruise through private tours from the fantastic Gate1 team when you visit the city Cairo, the Pyramids of Piza, the island Temple of Philae dedicated to the goddess Isis and other historical landmarks while you cruise the Nile. A dream come true.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an explorers’ ultimate playground. Natural trails promise unbothered nature where the whole family can discover native wildlife, Gate1 travels to Arenal Volcano National Park and Monteverde Reserve in most of their tours. In Tortuguero, you’ll get the opportunity to take a boat and see a variety of sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach, as well as learn how the ecosystem works on a private light hiking tour in a rain forest nearby.

Gate1 Travel provides great family experiences in any location, and they offer tours all over the world. Your family vacations with Gate1 will be completely planned, arranged, and facilitated so they will be stress-free and you can enjoy the time exploring unique activities with your family.