5 Movies Filmed In Italy

movies filmed in Italy

From Tuscan landscape to the cities of Rome, Venice to Naples, Italian movies have always featured both the Romanesque architecture and beautiful landscapes as backdrops to their stories. Avid movie watchers are able to gain a look into the beauty and magnificence that this country has to offer through movies filmed at the sites and scenery of Italy. Here are 5 movies filmed in Italy guaranteed to whet your appetite for Italian exploration.

Roman Holiday

movies filmed in Italy

A 1953 classic movie with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, Roman Holiday is the story of a princess who decides to explore Rome in incognito. Along the way, she meet Joe Bradley, a reporter, who shows her the sites, with a little romance on the side.

Just like in the movie, trace the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn and see the Trevi Fountain, one of the oldest sources of water in Rome. After throwing in a few coins over your shoulder, head over to the piazza in front of the Pantheon and grab a bite to eat at a street café on the square, and then take a seat to people watch on the Spanish Steps.

A Room With A View

movies filmed in Italy

Taking place in the early 19th century and under the strictures of its society, Lucy Honeychurch embarks on a grand tour with her companion of Florence. The movie centers around the importance of obtaining a room with a view while visiting Florence.

Today, in a city known for art and architecture of the Renaissance, you can explore all those places made famous by the movie. See the 15th century Villa di Maiano in the rolling hills outside of Florence and appreciate the art and history gathered there. Take a nice jaunt across the Ponte Vecchio, a 14th century bridge that crosses the Arno and famous for its shops built along its length. Then amble along the Piazza della Signoria, the political heart of the city.

movies filmed in Italy

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Under The Tuscan Sun

movies filmed in Italy

Experience the Tuscan countryside just like Frances Mayes in Under The Tuscan Sun. When she impulsively buys an Italian villa, she begins to restore it and connects with the locals. The charismatic hilltop towns and rolling vineyards might just inspire you to buy a villa while visiting Tuscany! Discover the country by visiting the food and wine mecca of the region. Take a bike tour and immerse yourself in the local culture as you traverse the countryside or meander the streets of quaint cities that dot the region.

La Dolce Vita

movies filmed in Italy

Get a glimpse of Rome with La Dolce Vita with the main character, Marcello Rubini. This is one of the great movies filmed in Italy that shows off the glitz and glamour of the Eternal City. From the view of Saint Peter’s Square from a helicopter to iconic sites. Get a taste of “the sweet life” when in Rome and take the time to stroll along the fashionable Via Veneto, just like in the film. Enjoy a visit to coffee shops, historical hotels, and lots of shopping.

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Eat Pray Love

movies filmed in Italy

This movie is based on a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert and shows Julia Robert’s character taking a journey of self-discovery to Italy, Bali, and India. For the first part of her travels, you’ll see Rome’s famous sites like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and of course the Trevi Fountain.

Like Julia Roberts, you can also explore Italy through food. You can still sample gelato in the same San Crispino shops, or try Jewish cuisine in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome. Don’t miss a trip to Naples for some of the best pizza in the world or a trip to Venice for some coffee in Italy’s oldest café.

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From the romantic landscapes to the world famous monuments, it’s easy to see why movies have been filmed in Italy. Whether you wish to explore the sites of Rome, relax in Tuscany, or take a gastronomic tour through Italy, these movies are inspiration. Plan a trip to Italy that best fits your needs and however you decide to do it, you can’t go wrong exploring all the delights that Italy has to offer.

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