5 Top-Rated Attractions In Western Australia

Adventure into the biggest state of Australia, Western Australia. You can discover the Outback regions, visit a dynamic city, interact with adorable wildlife, and rest on the heavenly beaches. Here are the best attractions in Western Australia not to miss.


This young city is full of modern hotels, trendy bars, high-end boutiques, and artistic restaurants. Perth has many different malls and shopping plazas, like the London Court, a small piece of Europe filled with jewelers, cafes, and shops. Urban art is showcased throughout the streets with murals, sculptures, and statues, like the Water Labyrinth. Visit the modish nightclubs, bars, and breweries all over the up-and-coming city.

Rottnest Island

The island is a protected nature reserve, and it is just a ferry ride from Perth. Surfing, snorkeling, and biking are just a few outdoor activities that you can enjoy on the island. You can also watch dolphins, seals and migrating whales from viewing platforms. The main attraction to this place is the Quokka, named the “happiest animal in the world” they are small marsupials that roam around and melt your heart when they smile at the camera.

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Wine Region

In about 50 years, Margaret River grew to be one of the best fine wine producing regions in all of Australia. The area produces Chardonnay, and Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc blends. Cabernet Sauvignon is especially known in this area, the wines are medium to full-bodied with earthy flavors and usually blended with Merlot. Besides world famous wine, Jewel Cave Augusta and Cave Lake can also be delighted in Margaret River.

Ningaloo Reef

Located in the northern part of West Australia, Ningaloo is the perfect place to enjoy the natural charm of Australian beaches and their wildlife. The Ningaloo coast was named a World Heritage Site in 2011 for its ocean and land flora and fauna. One of the species that call this place home is the stunning whale shark, you can swim with the gentle giants sometime between March and November. There is also a humpback whale migration you can observe and other aquatic species that are present year round.

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The countries whitest sand beaches can be found in this town. If you follow the Great Ocean Drive you can see and enjoy all of the marvelous shores. Near this area, there are two pink lakes, Lake Hillier and Lake Spencer. Cape Le Grand NP also has astonishing beaches and hiking trails. That’s not all, you can also encounter sunbathing kangaroos in Lucky Bay. Why would you want to miss any of that?

These attractions in Western Australia and many more experiences await in the magical region.