Review: European Splendor with Trafalgar

European Splendor with Trafalgar
By: Mason Gonzales, Travel Consultant

I am speechless, but I have to let you how amazing this trip was! I went on the European Splendor with Trafalgar and had the fortune of bringing my mother along with me. I picked this particular itinerary because it was all the countries we always had on the bucket list! We started in Rome to start this memorable trip.


We were met with our driver to take us to our hotel and we were able to relax since we got a prenight. I am really glad we got a night before to catch up on much needed rest. We had three nights in Rome, so we had plenty of time to see why it is one of the most unique cities ever. It was only right that the first optional excursion was the Vatican and Coliseum. It is amazing to come to these places and truly experience them. We couldn’t take pictures of the Sistine Chapel and you get to truly appreciate it when you finally see it.

European Splendor with Trafalgar

Of course we had to go to Trevi Fountain!


European Splendor with Trafalgar

On our way to Florence we stopped in Siena to shop and to have lunch. Every time you turn the corner to see architecture like the Tower of Mangia, it is truly awe-inspiring.


On to Florence! I would say my favorite meals on this trip were in this city. It’s not hard to imagine so because this is where we had our “Be My Guest” dinner at a Tuscan Villa. I was hesitate on taking the optional excursion the next night in Florence for the dinner because I thought it would be very similar to the special, local dinner we had. My director told me otherwise and I am happy I didn’t miss out! Such a great experience with having meals and wine while they serenaded us with music in between breaks.

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On our way to Venice we stopped in Pisa and it was only right we did! You have to see the Leaning Tower. It is very amusing to see everyone try to angle themselves to get a creative picture. You would be crazy not to!


This was by far my favorite city! We started off the right way when you come into Venice with a Gondola ride. If you are not going with your partner, then don’t worry about the Gondola ride being “romantic”.

Anyone can go on a Gondola ride! The optional excursion I was looking most forward to was the island of Burano and it did not disappoint! It is truly a photographer’s paradise. I could spend a whole day on this small, yet beautiful island.


We say farewell to Italy and make our way to Lucerne in Switzerland. It is without a doubt that this country is truly beautiful. We took a lake cruise to admire the breathtaking views and we made our way over to Mt. Pilatus. Later that night, we went to a folklore show and this was by far my Mother’s favorite night!

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On our way to Paris! We made frequent stops along the way for restroom breaks and lunch. We had our farewell dinner and we made our way over to the Seine River for our cruise. We were able to see the Notre Dame Cathedral which is still beautiful. As the night began we saw the Eiffel Tower light up and we made sure to take plenty of pictures!

On our free day in Paris, we decided to make our way over to Disneyland!


We make our last stop on our European Splendor with Trafalgar into London. We had the opportunity to see the changing of the Guards and we went over to Kensington Palace. We ended the stay by admiring the London Eye and Westminster Abbey at night. A great way to close out our vacation. Fun Fact: The Hard Rock Cafe in London was the first location ever…. and we went there for dinner!

Throughout the whole trip, the tour director and bus driver did a wonderful job keeping us together and entertained. It was very effortless and done with impeccable hospitality. Anytime you had a question or needed advice, Julie was eager to help. Our group was very diverse from people coming from Canada, Australia and New Zealand and a mix of couples, sisters, friends, and family. That is what makes it beautiful that we all came together and truly enjoyed each other’s company.

I would definitely recommend European Splendor with Trafalgar to anyone that has not been to Europe or has been once, but has never experienced multiple countries on a trip. This was such a perfect itinerary to get insight on popular cities in Europe that people dream of going to. It was so surreal that I was at each place and that I could say I was there! I am so glad that I decided to take a tour as my first time in Europe because I was able to see it through the tour director’s eyes and truly appreciate each city we were in.

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