The Best Things To See In Ecuador With G Adventures

Ecuador with G Adventures is a favorite travel destination for many reasons. Whether you’re looking for amazing treks, beautiful beaches, or historical cities, Ecuador has it all. Travel with G Adventures and discover why it is the best place to experience any time of the year.


The capital of Ecuador was founded by Spain on the ruins of an Inca city. Quito is full of churches, parks, museums, and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site for how well preserved the historic center is. Very close to the capital is a town called Mitad del Mundo, Middle of the World, where they marked exactly where the equator divides the town! In what other country can you get a picture like this?

Otavalo Market

North of Quito is Otavalo, surrounded by volcanoes like the Imbabura Volcano. However, what makes this town stand out is the Otavalo Market in Plaza de Ponchos. In this market, indigenous people dress in traditional clothing and sell gorgeous textiles, handcrafted jewelry, paintings, and wood carvings. G Adventures includes a traditional weaving lesson on their visit to Otavalo, in their National Geographic Ecuador: Amazon, Hot Springs & Volcanoes.


This town is known for its remarkable hot springs and bodies of water. The Cabellera de la Virgen Waterfall is one of many in the area, the waterfall leads to pools of thermal water. To view this and a dozen more waterfalls, it’s best to take the Ruta de las Cascadas. You can rent a bike and travel the trails or simply walk through them. In the Ecuador Encompassed tour by G Adventures, they take you from Quito to Banos and you get to spend three days discovering the hidden gems of this town.

National Parks in Ecuador

There are more than 15 natural reserves in the country and 10 national parks. When visiting the parks and reserves in Ecuador, nature is undisturbed and the trials are rocky. You can explore Llanganates National Park with G Adventures for two days, and spend the night under the stars in Ecuador Multisport tour. The park is located very close to Banos and has about 40 lagoons, a legend of a treasure, and is home to certain species in danger of extinction.

Beaches in Ecuador

Anybody can find the perfect setting in one of the many beaches in Ecuador. They range from nameless quiet shores, to modern and trendy. Mompiche is a small fishing town in the northern part of the coast of Ecuador, with dark sand and calm areas. Montanita has more nightlife and the busy beaches are popular for surfing. Spend a week exploring a part of the diverse coast in Ecuador Beaches & Coastal Adventure tour.

The mountains, forests, and beaches make it the perfect destination for adventurers. The rich culture is demonstrated through the food, clothing, and their famous city. Ecuador with G Adventures gives you the full experience of travel.

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