CostSaver from Trafalgar – Value Tours Without Compromise

Here at, we take our name and the promise that implies seriously. We do everything we can to bring you the most affordable vacations– but, just as seriously, we maintain a high standard of quality. We don’t offer affordable vacations from unreliable sources. That’s why we’re proud to highlight the CostSaver series of value tours from Trafalgar. Trafalgar has long been one of our trusted partners, having operated since 1947, and they bring the same standards to their high-end touring that they do to CostSaver’s series of European itineraries.

Some of the benefits you can count on in a CostSaver travel package include:

  • Transfers to and from the airport included
  • An expert travel director trained by Trafalgar
  • 3- and 4-star hotel accommodations
  • A sightseeing tour in all major cities
  • Local specialists
  • Itineraries that allow for free time
  • A range of optional experiences and the freedom to choose
  • Luxury air-conditioned transportation
  • Baggage handling, hotel charges, and local taxes included

CostSaver runs a wide range of itineraries in Europe. Whether you want to focus on a particular locale or take a broader, longer tour, CostSaver has an affordable itinerary to accommodate you. CostSaver itineraries can run as little as $91 per day per person, and rarely much more than that.

Guaranteed Lowest Prices on CostSaver from Trafalgar Vacations 

Local Experts and Sightseeing

CostSaver’s budget prices does not prevent Trafalgar from offering a full helping of local specialists and guides. These are the people whose expertise and connections can get you exclusive experiences at famous landmarks, or help you skip long lines at popular tourist destinations. Beyond that, the local partners’ intimate familiarity with their regions makes it possible for them to guide you to unique experiences you may not have been aware of. Sometimes, this includes obscure landmarks that are important to the locals; other times, it’s a chance to experience local culture. The local experts are also well versed in the history of the location, and will have stories and details for you to help bring the people and places in them alive.

Itineraries With Free Time

In addition to guided tours and selected sights, CostSaver itineraries offer a substantial amount of free time. Trafalgar knows that everyone wants something unique from a vacation, and the surest way to give the tourist what they want is to let them decide for themselves. Of course, you won’t be on your own when it comes to deciding; local experts and tour guides are there to provide you with recommendations for how to do you what you want to do.

Budget vacations don’t have to compromise on quality. CostSaver’s European itineraries from Trafalgar are more proof of that. If you’re interested in booking a CostSaver vacation, visit our website at or call 1-800-935-2620. One of our travel partners will work with you to find the right vacation package at the best price.