Norwegian Invites Guests to Feel Free At Sea

 Norwegian Cruise Line recently announced a change to their branding. An all new global branding campaign will replace the line’s current slogan, “Cruise Like a Norwegian,” with the new “Feel Free.” This new slogan will emphasize Norwegian’s commitment to providing the freedom and flexibility needed for each travel to have an individual experience.

The campaign not only includes new promotional materials, but also includes special deals being offered as part of Norwegian cruise packages. Keep reading to learn how Norwegian plans to promote its new brand– and how you can benefit from that promotion.

Free At Sea

To launch the “Feel Free” brand campaign, Norwegian has created some advertising spots to promote the change. The first spot features a new song from Pitbull created for the campaign, called “Feel Free,” over a video of people engaged in active lifestyles, shot largely aboard the Norwegian Escape. The video concludes with a call to “get on a ship and cruise the world.” Other such spots will follow.

Choose From Four Amazing Offers

Norwegian has also chosen to re-brand and modify its “Freestyle Choice” promotion to reflect the new campaign. From now through April 10, Norwegian will offer the Free at Sea promotion, which will allow cruisegoers to choose from one of four offers, each of which include amenities that can represent as much as $1600 in value. Here are the four free offers you can choose from with the Free at Sea promotion:

  • The Ultimate Beverage Package includes free beverages during your journey,
  • The Specialty Dining Package covers your meals at the on-board restaurants,
  • Free shore excursion credits in the amount of $50 per port
  • A Wi-Fi package that includes up to 250 minutes free usage.

Free At Sea: Choose From 4 Offers Now!

Guests who take a Hawai’ian cruise will do so aboard the Norwegian vessel Pride of America, which has her own, unique Free at Sea offer:

  • A free one-night pre-cruise hotel stay,
  • A Specialty Dining Package similar to the general one offered by Norwegian,
  • Free pre-paid gratuities for the first two guests of your stateroom,
  • Shore Excursion Credit in the amount of $50 per port.

Freestyle Choice Hawaii! 

If the promotions involved in Norwegian’s new campaign interest you, there’s never a better time to book a cruise than now. Visit the website or call 1-800-627-3753 to speak to one of our professionals who can help you find the right vacation.