Experience Cuba for the First Time with Globus

With the United States re-opening diplomatic relationships with Cuba for the first time in over fifty years, Americans will soon be able to return to traveling to the island nation not far off the coast of Florida. As of right now, the only legal way an American citizen can travel to Cuba is through a “People to People” program, which mandates that travelers have at least three “meet the people” experiences, per day, where they interact with local residents and learn more about Cuban life, both the everyday and the historical and cultural roots of the country.

Globus Tours is operating a series of these “People to People” travel packages, that focus on providing a personal, first-hand experience of Cuba. These programs are designed not only to meet the legal requirements for travel to Cuba but also to be illuminating and enlightening experiences.

Keep reading to learn more about the three itineraries to Cuba Globus is offering.

Cuba’s Charming Colonial Cities and Havana

This nine-day itinerary will take you through many cultural experiences in Cuba. A flight will take you from Miami to Camaguey, Cuba’s third-largest city. While there, you will visit a local artist, a farmer’s market, and the world-famous Camaguey Ballet Company, among others.

On day 4, you’ll travel from Camaguey to Trinidad. Explore the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture of one of Cuba’s oldest cities, founded in 1514. While in Trinidad, you’ll take a one-day excursion to Cienfuegos, where, among other things, you can visit a cigar factory.

The trip continues from Trinidad with a visit to the Bay of Pigs Museum and three nights in the capital city, Havana. There, you’ll meet musicians from the Cuban Institute of Music, you’ll visit Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban home.

Eastern Cuba’s Hidden Gems

This vacation tour centers around the city of Santiago de Cuba, the second-largest in the country. From there, excursions to rural villages, historic landmarks, and other notable geographic features will fill your next nine days.

This tour will give you lots of opportunities to meet local artisans, craftsmen, and performers. You’ll get to visit, among other places, a print shop, an organ factory, a cocoa farm, and a rum distillery.

While in Santiago de Cuba, you’ll stay at the Hotel Encanto Ordono, originally founded in 1927, declared a National Monument in 2004, and recently restored. In Biran, you’ll be able to visit Fidel Castro’s childhood home.

Grand Cuba from Coast to Coast

Globus Tours’ deluxe Cuba package, the Grand Cuba tour is a 17-day adventure that combines the itineraries from both the Colonial Cities and Hidden Gems tours. Start with the eastern Cuba itinerary before traveling to Camaguey, where your tour will engage in the itinerary for the Charming Colonial Cities and Havana. This is the most complete way to see Cuba, and the most thorough experience of Cuba an American can currently have.

Besides Globus, Affordable Tours partners with other travel operators who offer packages to Cuba. See a more complete list here. If you’re interested in taking a trip to Cuba, or if you just want more information, visit our website or call us at 1-800-935-2620 to speak to one of our professionals.