Fall Foliage Tours

The arrival of Autumn means more than just football season and back-to-school for the kids. It’s the transition from Summer to Winter – the time between the lush green plants of Spring and Summer and the barren branches of Winter weather.

During that transition, of course, the leaves on the trees change color, going from the green of Spring and Summer into the rich variety of brown, golden, and red hues — those traditional Autumn colors. In forests and other areas of free-growing foliage, the changing colors paint a majestic picture rich in contrast, evoking an era of Impressionist painting.

The changing colors of the seasons are such a magnificent sight that many Tour Operators offer Fall Foliage Tours, giving you the opportunity to see these grand visuals of nature up close, while offering Guidance to assist you in making the most of your vacation.

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The Foliage Network

When you take a Foliage Tour, you’ll have an expert guide on hand whose familiarity with the region will make sure you get to see the best locations on your tour.

The best locations often change throughout this sensual season. Weather patterns and extreme seasons (a particularly hot summer, for example) might affect how and when the leaves change color, as well as the length and depth of their coverage. That’s why reports like the Foliage Network are so important; by keeping track of the updated conditions in each region, they provide a valuable resource to supplement a tour. If you want to have the best experience on your tour, you’ll want to take a look at the foliage report for your destination — and if you’re on a guided tour, your guide most certainly will have it.

Variety of Locations

The Foliage Network operates in three major areas of America: The Northeast (New England as well as New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania), The Midwest (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio), and the Southeast (primarily the Appalachian states; West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, along with Maryland and Delaware). These tend to be the best places to see foliage each year, and most of your guided tours will take you to one of these places. (New England is especially popular.)
Although the season generally runs from September to November, the specific dates the foliage projects to be at its brightest and fullest vary each year, another reason the Foliage Network is so valuable. Generally, the colors change earlier and the leaves fall off sooner the further north you go, or the higher in altitude you are.

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