Mysteries of the Mayan World with Monograms

mayanworld_linfamilypictureMy family vacation with Monograms was a wonderful way to introduce my sons—ages 4 and 6—to the fascinating culture of the Mayans in Mexico. Throughout our five day trip, we were enthralled by the archaeological ruins, pleased with our attentive service from our local guides, and happy that so many travel details were pre-arranged by Monograms, which made our vacation hassle-free.

When we arrived to the Cancun airport, our personal tour guide and chauffer greeted us. I immediately felt at ease as I learned that these two very nice gentlemen would be with us for the duration of our vacation. This is the best thing about Monograms itineraries in Central and South America: you are independently escorted throughout your entire trip.

We first rode to Chichen Itza in a very clean and comfortable van. The driver was incredibly cautious on the road, which was important to me, as I was traveling with my young children. When we arrived at The Lodge at Chichen Itza, we immediately saw the ancient “Mayan Observatory” from the lobby of the hotel. It was at this moment that my kids became overly excited. Finally, the moment they had been waiting for: the ruins were in sight!

“Our Mayan cooking lesson was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

We found the hotel quaint, clean and with plenty of character. We stayed in a poolside bungalow, which was absolutely charming. The hotel grounds were well kept and beautifully manicured. The following morning we walked to the entrance of the Chichen Itza archeological site through the hotel’s private entrance. This place is mesmerizing and breathtaking. How could the Mayan’s have built such impressive structures at that time in history, we wondered. Our guide had an immense amount of knowledge about the history and richness of this ancient sacred place and shared many stories that immersed and enthralled even my youngest son.

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The following day we took a day trip to colonial Merida, the capital of the Yucatan. Here we enjoyed a walking tour of the city and ate at the main square. That evening we arrived at Uxmal, where our hotel—The Lodge at Uxmal—was, again, very quaint, and our poolside cabana was lovely.

Next, we explored the Uxmal archaeological site with our wonderful tour guide. The history and stories were unrivaled, and my children learned a great deal about this stunning and mystical place. It was in Uxmal where my sons climbed their very first pyramid; they continue to talk about this truly unique adventure.

children_mayancookinglessonOur Mayan cooking lesson was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We were taken to an actual Mayan hut in the woods and got to learn about a Mayan dish called “Pollo Pibil.” My children participated in the cooking process and watched as the chicken was placed in the “Mayan Stove,” which was really a hole in the ground. After a short trip to nearby Kabah, we got a chance to eat the chicken we had cooked for lunch. The chicken melted in our mouths—truly amazing!

After our archeological adventure we were driven straight to our tropical oasis in Cancun, where we spent a glorious three days at an oceanfront hotel. Our beach stay was a perfect complement to our tour of ancient ruins in the interior of the Yucatan.

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