No WIFI on Your Flight? Make the Most Out of Your Time!

Traveling is just the start of your big adventure! When you’re setting out on a journey of a lifetime, your flight is a great time to be productive before you get to your final destination. Ask Yulanda who toured Europe and Luis who explored Africa, who both had plenty of relaxing time on their flights. Here are some of our favorite ways to make the most of your travel time.

Read a Book

Stop by a bookstore to pick out a few books about the country you are exploring. You can brush up on the local language and make a list of foods to try when you get there. Usually paperback books are easier to travel with because they are lighter and won’t weigh down your carry on. Check out your local library’s collection of books and magazines or ask your friend to lend you a few of their favorites.

If you’re worried about the space and weight of books, e-readers are a great alternative. You can search for travel books and magazines and have a digital version delivered right to your device. Most e-readers have over 20 hours of battery life and are easy to use.

Work on a Puzzle

Sudoku and cross word puzzles are a perfect way to have some fun on your flight. Sometimes, they have a puzzles page in your in-flight magazine. Your best bet is to pick up a book of puzzles before your flight or you can check out what the airport store has to offer. Don’t forget to bring a pencil (mechanical with extra lead) or a pen if you’re experienced puzzler!
Catch up on Movies

If you have a tablet or laptop, plane rides are the perfect time to catch up on your favorite TV series or watch those movies you’ve been meaning to get to. Amazon Prime members have the ability to download movies to their devices to watch offline. Another options is renting movies and shows through iTunes, which you can also watch without an internet connection. Try to find a movie that was filmed in the same country or city that you are visiting. If your laptop has a CD drive, go through your DVD collection and bring a few of your favorites. Don’t forget to pack your headphones in your carry on.

Charge all your devices fully before boarding and pack all your chargers so you can recharge your electronics for the flight home.

Listen to Music and Podcasts

You’ll still have access to your offline phone, so not only can you listen to all the music you have loaded up on your phone, but you can also listen to podcasts. There are so many different types of podcast, everything from audio books, to educational topics, to news and politics. They even have travel guide podcasts where you can get advice from locals and past visitors and learn more about the culture of your destination. Pick a handful and download them when you have access to WIFI before your trip.
Now that you have a full list of fun and productive flight activities, start deciding what continent is next on your list. Australia and New Zealand is nice this time of year and Eastern Europe is beyond beautiful. Call your travel agent, at 1-800-935-2620 and ask for their advice or click to get a quote online.

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