Ponant’s Summer 2016 Luxury Cruise Collection

One of our top luxury cruise providers, Ponant, has just released its 2016 summer calendar. Ponant specializes in exclusive vacations to ports only available to their smaller ships, with the kind of intimate service only possible with small groups, including their French-inspired cuisine. Their list of itineraries and cruise packages for next summer spans across the entire Northern Hemisphere, so wherever you’re looking to go you can find a package from Ponant.


The Arctic

Ponant has a range of offerings in the Arctic, which makes for an exceptional cruise destination due to its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. Among the bright, jagged ice sheets and the near-constant sun (it is a summer cruise, after all), you can spot narwhals, seals, and polar bears.

If you prefer something a little closer to civilization, Ponant has itineraries that visit Iceland, the “land of volcanoes” at the edge of the Arctic Circle. Ponant also has itineraries that visit Greenland and the Kamchatka Peninsula in far east Russia, which both have their own natural beauty and native peoples.

North America

Not quite as far north, the wide expanse of Alaska provides a great variety and beauty of nature. The sub-Arctic forests are gorgeous and unspoiled, and contain many unique and protected forms of wildlife. That only scratches the surface of Alaska’s natural beauty. In addition to that, you can experience the rich culture of the Native Americans who have lived in Alaska for thousands of years.

On the other side of North America, Ponant offers cruise routes in the Atlantic off the coasts of Canada and the Northern USA. National Parks, the St. Lawrence River, the beaches and cottages of Newport, Rhode Island, and even New York City itself can be part of your sight-seeing itinerary.


Ponant has cruise offerings through multiple areas of Europe. Their Northern Europe cruises can take you through the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, to see the sights of Scandinavia and the ancient Celtic castles of Ireland, among other things.

Their Western Mediterranean cruises visit many of Western Europe’s most famous and culturally rich destinations, such as the Cinque Terre and the cities of Seville, Spain and Marseille, France. You can also take a golfing cruise and visit some of Europe’s finest courses.

The Eastern Mediterranean lineup will take you to the Old World and some of the most ancient civilizations on the planet, from the Greek Islands, to the lost city of Pompeii, to the remnants of Ephesus, once one of the great and powerful cities of early human history, in what is now Turkey.

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