Ten Highlights from Trafalgar’s 2016 Americas

One of our top travel partners, Trafalgar, just released their 2016 Americas Itineraries brochure, covering all their travel offerings through North, Central and South America. It’s always a good time to book your next Trafalgar vacation, but before you do, take a look at some of the more unique itineraries being offered.

  • A private music performance in Nashville. Included on Trafalgar’s 10-day Tastes & Sounds of the South tour is a private performance by John Carter Cash, son of Johnny and June Carter Cash. The younger Cash performs original material as well as some of his parents’ hits.
  • A barbecue cook-off on a historic road. Trafalgar’s Route 66 tour offers the same route as the famous highway and historic landmark that served to help migrate Americans west.  The 15-day tour runs from Chicago to Los Angeles, and while in St. Louis, you’ll have the chance to learn how to barbecue from a world renowned “Pit Master”, sample some of his classic meats, and even get the chance to participate in a BBQ cook-off with your fellow travelers.
  • The Old West cowboy experience. The Western Frontiers tour will lead you through the Badlands, taking you on a journey of the Old West and the frontier lifestyle. In Montana, you’ll get to stay at a campsite hosted by a resident cowboy, who will serve you an authentic cowboy-style cookout and regale you with songs and tales of the frontier.
  • Meet the Canadian Mounties. The Canadian Rockies contain one of the most popular and well-regarded winter vacation destinations in the world. You’ll get to explore Banff like few others, alongside and through the eyes of a bona fide Mountie, as part of Trafalgar’s Iconic Rockies and Western Canada tour.
  • Meet local artists in Peru. In the Highlights of Peru tour, you’ll spend some time alongside Peru’s textile weavers, learning how they practice their craft and the traditions and techniques that have been passed down for generations, making up a unique part of their cultural history.
  • Stay in Yellowstone’s original luxury hotel. Built in 1937, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in Wyoming was the first hotel of its class built within the National Park, and on Trafalgar’s Secrets and Winter Wonders of Yellowstone tour, you’ll have a chance to stay there and experience Yellowstone’s natural hot springs and wildlife.
  • Visit Maui and meet a local Hawaiian family. On Trafalgar’s nine-day Best of Hawaii tour, you’ll get to spend some time on a local farm, learning about sustainable agriculture, and joining the family who owns and works the farm for a lunch made with their own fresh ingredients.
  • Eat a meal with a world-renowned Mexican chef. Don Miguel is perhaps Merida’s most famous chef, dedicated to the preservation of the traditional cooking methods of the Mayans. On Trafalgar’s Treasures of the Yucatan tour, you’ll get to meet him and have an exclusive dinner with him.
  • Stay in a historic hotel and experience American history. Boston’s Omni Parker House has been open since 1855 and is notable not only for being the preferred destination of presidents and other famous figures, but for boasting the kitchen where the Boston cream pie was invented. On Trafalgar’s East Coast USA Canada tour, you’ll get to tour the hotel and stay there.
  • Discover the “Salad Bowl of the World.” Salinas Valley, California, is in the number-one vegetable-growing region in the world. The incredible bounty and diversity that thrive there are how it got its nickname. On the Northern California tour, you’ll be able to learn more about the region and have the ultimate farm-to-table dining experience from its fresh produce, all paired with local California wines.

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