SITA World Tours – Your Gateway to Exotic Destinations

At, we like to highlight certain travel operators from time to time on our blog. Today we’ll be introducing you to SITA World Tours, in operation since 1933, and with a wide range of itineraries all around the world, including some places no other travel agencies will go. Keep reading to learn more about the itineraries and destinations offered.

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All Around the World

Many tour operators focus on specific parts of the world. Europe is very popular for guided tours; Alaska and the Caribbean tend to be common for ocean cruises. What makes SITA unique is a range of offerings on every inhabited continent. You could safari in Kenya or take a tour of South Africa. You could visit the Middle East or the historic sights of India. You can visit the sites of cultural and historical significance in Thailand and Vietnam, the beaches of Indonesia, or take a river cruise along the Yangtze in China. These are just a handful of examples in two continents;  SITA offers itineraries in South America, Europe, and Australia / New Zealand, as well.

Recently, SITA has expanded its European offerings to include both new areas of the continent, including the Baltic and Scandinavian regions, and to include new types of tours. Most notable among these are the country road small group tours that allow you to see the countryside, the smaller towns where people live, and all the other out-of-the-way places that make for a quaint and authentic experience.

Every Type of Tour

You may have gathered this from the descriptions of the tours in the last paragraph, but SITA offers a wide variety of travel options as well.

SITA offers some particularly unique transportation and touring options. For example, you could take one of their Luxury Train Voyages, seeing the sights in both city and countryside while traveling in a luxurious manner that harkens back to a different era. SITA’s Women’s Travel Group is another unique option for women who wish to travel with their female friends– or to make new ones on the voyage.

Of course, SITA also offers more common options, such as guided tours and cruise extensions.  The company’s wide range of expertise that comes from eighty-plus years of experience is put to use in every aspect of the vacation. SITA’s offerings for certain tours are classified into luxury, deluxe, and standard programs, so you can choose the one that both befits your budget and how much freedom and flexibility you have.

If you have children and want to bring them along, SITA offers a line of Family Friendly Journeys that are curated to be appropriate for all ages and to suit the various needs of family members of different ages and tastes.

If you’re interested in world travel, SITA World Tours is one of the best companies you could book for your venture. If you are ready to book your next adventure with SITA, visit or call us at 1-800-935-2620. One of our experienced travel partners will help you find the right vacation for you at the best possible price.