Simple Ways to Stay Active on a Cruise

An ocean cruise is one of the most relaxing and stress-free ways to vacation. Having so much planned for you and taken care of, being able to see different destinations while not having to move from hotel to hotel, having fine dining provided for you every meal… a cruise offers the best of so many vacation worlds, it may almost be seen as decadent.

It’s no wonder, then, that many people tend to overindulge themselves on a cruise. The average cruise-goer puts on between 5 and 10 pounds during their vacation. You can avoid this, though, and still have a great and relaxing vacation. It’s never been easier to stay healthy and active on a cruise, and with a few simple tips in mind, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation that doesn’t have any downsides for your health.

Gyms and Fitness Classes

Most cruise ships nowadays have onboard gyms, so you can get some exercise as you need it, when you need it. In addition to these gyms, ships often offer a series of fitness classes. With a group and instructor, you can participate in yoga, pilates, and more. Do whatever you enjoy– or try something you’ve always wanted to try.

Shore Excursions and Stairs: Walk Everywhere

Walking is a simply, easy, low-impact way to burn calories and get your blood and muscles moving. You’ll have lots of time to lounge on the ship, but when docked, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in shore excursions, both on your own or with a guided tour. Stay on your feet– taking a walking tour of a city, for example, instead of a bus tour. Some destinations will offer even more active options, like biking tours. You may even find you want to visit a beach area and rent some water-sports equipment.

Back on the ship, be mindful of ways you could pass up an opportunity to be sedentary for more exercise. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator from deck to deck is the most obvious one. Walk whenever you can.

Eat Healthy

It sounds obvious and it’s easier said than done, but it still works. With so much gourmet dining available, it’s easy to indulge in things you might not be able to regularly. At the same time, remember that indulgences should be kept small. More and more cruise lines are offering healthier dieting options on their ships, including vegetarian, gluten-free. and more. Even if you don’t have any specific dietary restrictions, it’s always wise to seek the healthier options on a menu. Many cruise ships serve fresh fish, for example, which is generally healthier than red meat.

With these simple dietary and exercise tips, you can easily enjoy your cruise and still stay in shape. Now that you’re prepared, visit or call 1-800-627-3753 when you’re ready to book your next cruise, and we’ll help you get the best price on the right vacation.