Surprising Laws In Europe

Europe has peculiar laws, like handling salmon in suspicious circumstances is illegal in the UK and kissing on train platforms is banned in France. To avoid making locals angry and disagreeable encounters with the police here are a few laws to keep in mind on your next vacation.

Don’t Wear High Heels in Greece

In 2009, high heels were banned in ancient sites of Greece to protect the monuments from damage caused by the spiky shoes. Food and drinks were also banned after the Odeon in Athens had more than 60 lbs of chewing gum under its marble seats.

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Don’t Run out of Gas on Germany’s Autobahn

The Autobahn runs through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and provides a faster route from city to city. Make sure to fill up your tank before entering Germany’s government-owned highway or you could receive a fine of €70 or more for stopping in the middle of this high-speed chaos.

No Swim Suits in Spain

If you swim in Spain’s beaches, make sure to throw on clothes over your bikini or trunks before you enter the streets. In Barcelona, wearing your bathing suit far from the beach could mean a fine of up to €295. Mallorca implemented the same law with a €500 fine if you are caught wearing swimwear on public transport, shops, the city center, or museums.

Don’t Make Noise on Sundays

In certain parts of Europe, a good night’s sleep is taken seriously. In Germany, noise levels are kept to a minimum on holidays and for Sonntagsruhe, Sunday rest, by law. People are advised to keep quite from 10 pm to 6 am during the week and in Switzerland quiet hours are designated by law.

There are still many more quirky laws in Europe and all over the world, but common sense and being respectful in general is probably enough to keep you from breaking any strangely specific law.

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