The Top 5 Winter Destinations For 2019

It might seem like the cold season brings a stop to your vacations, or that you have to wait months before heading out on your next adventure. Nevertheless, this winter season is the perfect opportunity to visit new destinations.

Narvik, Norway

Located in northern Norway, Narvik is the ideal winter destination. This city provides the best access to the northern lights during the colder months due to clear skies and high altitudes. Narvik is surrounded by mountains and the perfect view of one of Norway’s iconic fjords, Ofotfjord. Plus, nearby are the famous Lofoten Islands, characterized by small fishing villages and known as a great scenic spot.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you truly want to experience a winter wonderland, go to Amsterdam. Snow and lights decorate the canals and buildings, the streets are less crowded with tourists and if the weather is just right, you can skate on frozen canals!. Oliebollen, dutch doughnuts, are sold everywhere during the days leading up to Christmas and on New Years’.

Montana, USA 

From extreme sports to luxurious hot springs and resorts, Montana has something for anybody. The snow-covered mountain ranges are picture-perfect, and the high-speed slopes are a rush of adrenaline. The best part is that dog-sledding camps are open. Feeling the cold air on your face while these fast pups take you around the scenery, is a must!

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Helsinki, Finland

Discover city life in Helsinki! The capital has many attractions, making it one of our top winter destinations. Like the Sibelius Monument, Senate Square, and in December there is a Christmas Market. Helsinki is the best place to taste local food. There are countless restaurants all over the city offering both traditional and revamped Finnish flavors.

Kyoto, Japan

Walk around Kyoto and admire the festive lights that decorate the metropolitan area. Visit the traditional shrines and temples covered in snow, completely transforming the view. Relax in the nearby town of Kurama, known for outdoor hot springs. And who would pass up the opportunity to visit the snow monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park lounging in hot springs?

Traveling during the winter season is an opportunity to discover festivities around the world. So pack your warmest outfits and start your wintertime escapade!