The Benefits of Small Group Tours

The small group tour is a type of vacation that is fast growing in popularity. partners with several travel companies to provide world-class small group tours.’s travel experts also have years of expertise setting up vacationers with the ideal small group tour for them.

Learn about the benefits of small group tours, what makes them different, and what you can expect on one.

A small group tour carries with it a certain personal intimacy that’s hard to duplicate in a larger group setting. That intimacy is achieved in several ways.

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First, having a small group will make it easier to meet and bond with everyone in your group. A small group size also makes it easier to have a personal relationship with your tour guides. In large groups, it’s too easy to feel like another face in the crowd. A smaller group size will allow for tour leaders who can easily meet your needs with a personal touch.

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Second, a small group tour is one of the best options for a tour that focuses heavily on local culture. When offering small group tours, travel providers often strike up relationships with locals that can be very beneficial to you. Local residents who specialize as tour guides can be a wealth of information about your destination, and local farmers, artisans, and other residents can provide you with a chance to experience their craft firsthand and someone to talk to about life in your locale.

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Similarly, a small group might have experiences available to it that simply wouldn’t be possible in a larger group setting. One common feature on a small group tour, particularly somewhere with a love of cuisine and a diverse selection of local varieties of it, like Italy, is the family-style dinner.

Through a partnership with your tour provider, residents of local villages will invite your group in for an evening of dining at home, in the local fashion. This experience allows you to have a much more authentic portrait of what life is like for the people there, something you couldn’t get from a popular spot for tourists. Of course, such an experience would not be possible to a larger group, because you simply couldn’t fit everyone into the same home.

For a similar example, a group tour might offer you the opportunity to stay in boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other unique local accommodations. With a larger group, it’s simply not possible to accommodate everyone this way.

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A small group tour can offer peace of mind beyond the level of intimacy involved. Since so many activities are pre-planned and unique to the small group tour, the costs for these activities are included in your tour– in fact, in most cases all expenses are included. You can travel knowing that all your needs will be provided, and that if they aren’t, you’ll be on a face-to-face level with your tour guide, who can resolve any problems. has partnerships with a number of companies in the fast-growing market of Small Group Tours. Visit our website to speak to one of our professionals, who can set you up with the tour and provider that are the right fit to you.