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While is known for providing quality cruises at affordable prices (hey, it’s right there in the name), we also partner with deluxe and high-end travel companies to offer their levels of luxury at a price more in line for the average person. Tauck, one of these companies, has some special events planned for 2014 that may interest you.

Tauck’s Philosophy

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Tauck believes that when you book a deluxe vacation by them, you don’t want to have to worry about the details and you don’t want to be stressed with decisions. A vacation should be energizing, not draining. Tauck provides an inclusive pricing structure with their vacations, so that every part of the trip is included. You don’t ever have to plan to spend money on some part of the trip, and Tauck won’t try to sell you any “upgrades” or “options” while you’re on vacation. In exchange for this inclusive pricing, Tauck uses their years of experience and partnerships with local hotels and tourist destinations to offer a complete travel experience. All the destinations are planned and paid in advance, and Tauck’s expertise and knowledge of travel destinations allows the company to plan vacations that provide unique experiences off the well-worn typical tourist paths, a level of comfort and luxury in hotel and dining experiences, and a well-coordinated tour that feels neither rushed nor wasteful of time.

Tauck’s Partnership with BBC Earth

In October, Tauck announced they were entering an exclusive partnership with BBC Earth. The intent of this partnership is to provide travelers with more options to both educate themselves about and explore the natural world. BBC Earth’s natural history documentaries are among the mostly highly viewed and respected in the world, with titles such as Planet Earth, Life, The Blue Planet, and Frozen Planet having reached over 500 million people to date worldwide. Tauck plans to bring the level of excellence and expertise behind the making of those documentaries to their tours.

Part of this experience will be specially planned travel events and tours taking advantage of BBC Earth’s experience to explore nature. The first such travel package will be taking place in July, in conjunction with the theatrical release of the 3D version of Walking With Dinosaurs, a film produced by BBC Earth and named after its series of documentaries first aired around the turn of the century. “Walking With Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time” is a family-oriented, dinosaur-themed tour taking place in and around Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is home to one of the world’s largest dinosaur museums, and with good reason; Alberta is home to some of Earth’s richest fossil beds.

To book this tour, or to learn more about Tauck’s other travel options, visit us at today or contact one of our tour agents by calling 1-800-935-2620.

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