Touring with Globus in 2014 Offers More Than Great Savings!

One of our partners, Globus, has offered new travel packages for 2014 that come with a number of advantages if you book them early. We’re happy to help you do so at Let’s look at some reasons why you might want to book your Globus travel package early:


Globus is currently offering a 10% discount for select travel packages booked for 2014. By booking early, you can save money, which can be used to extend your vacation, bring home souvenirs or rare finds, or simply saved away for a rainy day. Who doesn’t like saving money?

Click here to see the 2014 preview brochure for Globus Europe and North America

Expert guidance.

While an unguided vacation may seemingly offer more freedom of itinerary, the reality is that with so much to do and see in any vacation spot, a large number of options can actually be paralyzing. It can be difficult to know what’s really worth seeing, what lives up to the hype, and what out-of-the-way, unfamiliar locations are secretly must-see. And even if you do know, it can still be difficult to properly schedule a vacation, since you won’t really know how long any trip or tour will take until you’ve actually gone to the location and seen what you want to see. With Globus, not only do you have expert guides and tour directors to take you through everything that’s worth seeing on your trip, but they also have a schedule prepared that will let you see as much as you wanted to see without feeling rushed or like you missed something. The best part of all: the cost of all those sights is already included in your travel package.

VIP Access. Skip the lines!

Let’s face it—you’re not the only tourist. Many of the sights on your trip will be popular destinations for any and all travelers coming to visit, and getting to see what you want to see may prove difficult or impossible when you have to fight crowds or wait in long lines. Globus’ relationship with many of the destinations on your tour will let you skip the lines and receive special treatment at the attractions you don’t want to miss.


It can be an easy thing to forget about, but getting yourself from point A to point B in a foreign locale is not always easy or automatic. Not only do you have to find a method of transportation, you often have to navigate yourself— or at least, you used to. Globus’ travel packages include transportation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You get where you’re going in comfort. In addition, Globus offers a number of different styles of transportation to get you where you’re going— everything from air travel and cruise ships to trains and deluxe motorcoaches. With Globus, transportation is part of the experience, not just something to sit through to get to your next location.

Hotels in central locations.

An important, underrated part of a vacation is the hotel: Not only do you want something nice enough to make your stay pleasant, but it also needs to be close enough to the major sights that you won’t be spending more time traveling from location to location than you actually will seeing the sights. A Globus package ensures you get a centrally-located hotel, so you can be near the important sights and spend as much time as possible visiting them.

Award-winning service.

Globus doesn’t just do all these things for you, they do them well. See this list of travel awards Globus has won over the last decade, and you can be assured that you are getting a top-flight, reliable vacation package and travel service when you book with Globus.

Book a Globus trip with today and you’ll save money and have all your needs taken care of by an award-winning leader in the guided-vacation industry. Globus is a great way to plan a vacation without having to spend too much money or worry about the details. They’ll take good care of you!

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