Vacation in Luxury with Paul Gauguin Cruises

If you are interested in cruising the Pacific Ocean, you may have heard of Paul Gauguin Cruises, who specialize in cruises to the island nations of Tahiti, Fiji, and those in the South Pacific.

By focusing on a small, boutique itinerary and a small number of ships, Paul Gauguin Cruises is able to deliver an experience luxurious and unique to a degree not found elsewhere, of a quality reflective of the artist whose name it bears.

Paul Gauguin Cruises is part of the Pacific Beachcomber family of travel. With Pacific Beachcomber’s resources behind them, PGC is allowed to offer things such as stays in award-winning hotels, unique shore excursions, and more.

In December 2012, PGC commissioned a second, smaller luxury ship. The Tere Moana spends summers in Europe and winters in the Caribbean and Latin America, bringing the same level of quality and luxury to those destinations.

The Paul Gauguin

The m/s Paul Gauguin was specifically designed for travel around the island nations in the Pacific, from Indonesia to the South Seas. Many of the seas around these island nations are shallow, and many of the ports small and unreachable by the larger vessels. The Gauguin combines a design crafted to maximize the ease and comfort of your trip with onboard amenities that do the same, such as the spacious staterooms, luxury spa, dining, and especially the Gauguines, who serve as both staff and entertainment, with stories that bring the Tahitian culture to life.

The Tere Moana

A small, intimate vessel, the m/v Tere Moana can accommodate 88 guests. The deluxe spa and the two fine-dining restaurants onboard combine with the high level of personal service allowed by the smaller passenger manifest. The Moana has already won awards in its short life, having been named “Best New Small Ship” and “Best Way to See the Greek Isles” by‘s editors.

The Private Retreats

The most exclusive feature of all at Paul Gauguin Cruises is Motu Mahana, their private island retreat located off the cost of the Society Island of Taha’a. You’ll get to spend a day as you wish, either relaxing on your own, or participating in some of the programs and tours PGC has provided. You could just eat, drink, read, get a massage, and relax. Or you could learn how to open a coconut as the chefs do, go on a snorkeling adventure, or listen to the local musicians.

If you take a French Polynesia cruise on The Gauguin, you’ll have a chance to stop on PGC’s private beach off the coast of Bora Bora, where gorgeous white sands, clear waters, and the idyllic Mount Otemanu in the background await you.

On special itineraries, the Tere Moana provides a beach day at Virgin Gorda, the third-largest of the Virgin British Islands. You’ll be able to relax on the beach if you like, or to pursue the rich natural history of the region, which, among other things, include nature trails and preserves and an abandoned 19th-century copper mine that has been converted into a national park.

If this kind of experience excites you, you can learn more about Paul Gauguin Cruises by visiting our website or calling 1-800-627-3753 or 1-800-708-9007. One of our experienced professionals will be on hand to answer your questions and help you get the best value on your vacation.