Luxury Travel with Abercrombie & Kent

Tour companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some tour companies offer independent travel, where the traveler receives suggestions for activities but is mostly free to follow his or her muse. Some specialize in small group tours, which allow for intimate activities most tour groups can’t participate in– and often comes with interaction with locals and participation in their customs.

Abercrombie & Kent is one of our more unique partners in luxury travel: While they offer small luxury group tours across the globe, the company also tries to find unique travel experiences for its customers, in terms of location, transportation, and experiences.

Abercrombie & Kent is a large enough company to have 52 offices staffed with over 2,500 employees worldwide, but they still maintain a personal touch with their service. The company was founded in 1962 by the Kent family, frequent safari-goers with a family farm in Kenya. (At the age of sixteen, Geoffrey Kent became the first person to motorbike from Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa.) It’s that love of travel that they brought to the company that has allowed Abercrombie & Kent to grow and succeed. (And succeed it has, not only in terms of the company it is today, but the numerous awards it has won.)

Abercrombie & Kent does offer a wide variety of cruises, tours, and other vacations. However, I wanted to focus on two of the more unique vacations they offer, ones you might not find elsewhere.

African Safari

Abercrombie & Kent bring five decades of experience to African safari tours. That experience is what allows them to have partnerships with local guides and camps and to understand the lay of the land.  They have Safaris for every kind of experience:

  • for those who want a small group tour with boutique luxury lodging, there’s the Luxury Lodges edition;
  • for those who want to focus on seeing wildlife, Wildlife Safaris;
  • the Under Canvas edition for those who want the experience of staying in tented camps, a la Ernest Hemingway or Teddy Roosevelt,
  • Photo safaris for those who are interested in the most picturesque landscapes and wildlife;
  • And Family Safaris with a dedicated guide, for those who have children and want to bring the whole family.

Abercrombie & Kent not only brings years of experience and award-winning service to their African safari tours, they are committed to preserving the natural habitat of these vacations, through responsible tourism as well as their philanthropic organization, AKP.

Private Jet Tour

The ultimate experience in luxury touring is on Abercrombie & Kent’s private jet tours. The company is offering two 26-day itineraries for 2016, one of which is Geoffrey Kent’s hand-selected itinerary that he will be traveling on as well.

A private jet is not only the most luxurious way to travel, it provides experiences that would be impossible in one travel package. Your 26-day itinerary will literally circumnavigate the globe– the tours aren’t called “Around the World by Private Jet” for nothing. See locations as diverse as Greenland, Easter Island, Uzbekistan, Colombia, and the Philippines in one trip.

If any of this excites you, there are even more vacation possibilities we haven’t covered here. Visit or call 1-800-935-2620 to learn more about Abercrombie & Kent from one of our professionals.