Be Part of a Great American Tradition and Visit the U.S. National Parks

America is a vast country, diverse in geography and natural features. Many of America’s most beautiful landscapes and landmarks fall under the purview of the National Parks Service. This federal agency exists to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of America’s most marvelous features, to provide a place for wild flora and fauna to thrive in America, and to provide locations where visitors can tour and observe the beauty of the geological features and wildlife, while learning about the history behind each location.

Through, you can book a number of vacations that take you through some of America’s most notable national parks and the regions where many of them are located. First, though, learn more about where you might travel on a national parks tour and what you might see.

A great number of America’s parks are located in the Rocky Mountains. If your goal is to see as many different parks as possible, you may want to look into tours that focus on the area. One example vacation in this style is the National Parks & Canyon Country 2014 tour from Cosmos tours. Over twelve days, you’ll visit a number of national parks as well as other famous landmarks and historical sites. On the national parks side, you’ll visit:

  • Badlands National Park in South Dakota, where you’ll visit the famous Black Hills and the Crazy Horse Memorial. You’ll also visit what may be America’s most famous national monument, Mount Rushmore.
  • Further along the trip, you’ll visit Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful, its famous geyser.
  • From there you’ll get to spend time in Grand Teton National Park and view the mountains of the same name.
  • In Utah, you’ll visit both Bryce Canyon National Park and view its beautiful sandstone cliffs, and Lake Powell in Zion National Park.
  • Of course, a trip through the Mountain Time Zone isn’t complete without a visit to Grand Canyon National Park, and that greatest of all natural landmarks in America, the Grand Canyon itself.

Outside of those stops, the tour will start in Denver; take you through some famous Wild West towns in Deadwood, South Dakota, and Cody, Wyoming; pass through Jackson, Wyoming, and Salt Lake City; and finally end up in Las Vegas.

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Of course, this tour is just one example. US National Park tours are popular because so many national parks are located in such relative proximity that they’re easy to plan around. But you don’t have to take a trip to the Rockies to visit national parks, and you don’t have to visit as many as you can on one trip. You may just want to visit one or two, and they exist all over the U.S., from California to Texas to Maine to Alaska. You can get a better idea of what travel packages are offered by visiting the , and if you’re looking for something specific, our expert agents are always on hand to help you find the vacation you need.

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