Globus Welcome Back Credit: A Better Program For Repeat Travelers

Globus family of brands (GFOB) are leaders in the travel industry providing amazing vacations for their clients. When people travel with Globus, Cosmos, Monograms or Avalon Waterways, they can be certain that the quality and level of customer service will be top notch.

Globus family of brands are always looking for ways to say thank you to their return travelers, which is why they just launched the popular, Welcome Back Credit to their return clients. This Welcome Back Credit is replacing the discontinued Journeys Club program.

Starting on June 5, 2018, GFOB passengers who travel in 2019 will now receive up to a $250 credit per person to use on their next vacation, based on the brochure price of the tour. Travelers are automatically enrolled and can use their credit when traveling with any GFOB company. Travelers will receive their credit within a week of returning home and have 2 years to book and deposit a vacation with their credit.

To help with the transition, another exciting change is any traveler who is currently enrolled in the Journeys Club with receive a $150 credit to use on an upcoming vacation (booked and deposited before December 31, 2018) with Globus family of brands.

As of now, Escape By Globus tours are excluded from the Welcome Back Credit. Please check with your travel consultant for details.

The Globus Welcome Back Credit is a simple way to save when traveling the world since there is no enrollment or membership number for clients to keep track of. provides new and past travelers discounts on 480 GFOB vacations.

Questions? Please contact at 1-800-935-2620 with any questions about GFOB Welcome Back Credits or to redeem any GFOB credits.


  1. We returned from a Globus tour to eastern Canada in July. When will I get notice of the Welcome Back reward that we should receive as a result of this trip?

    1. Hello, you should have received an email from Globus, or from your travel consultant, detailing the amount of your credit that will be applied to your next Globus vacation. Since you haven’t heard from them yet, I suggest reaching out to Globus to make sure you are in their system. Hope you had a great trip!

  2. Just booked a tour for next Spring with Globus, which would have been our 8th! Once I got the booking I noticed we did not receive the Journey’s Club discount and found out it was discontinued! Needless to say we will not be taking tour #8 with Globus as I have now cancelled the booking and requested our travel agent to look at other companies!

    1. You sound like you love traveling! Yes Globus did discontinue their Journey’s Club discount but they did replace it with the Welcome Back Credit. So it is still possible to receive savings for traveling with the Globus Family. The Welcome Back Credit was designed to make it easier and more beneficial for travelers. Globus values customer comments so we’ll be sure to pass along your feedback to them. Thanks for reading and have a great trip!

  3. hi…my friend &i just returned fr the tour ,we booked (highlight of the south pacific) october
    of 2018,departure date oct 8 -26 2019,i wonder if we’ll get the $250 credit each….
    thank u!!!

    1. What an exciting and beautiful trip! If you booked your trip with us, we will be able to look up the amount of your welcome back credit. Have a great time!

  4. Hello. I’m trying to figure out why Globus had to drop the Journey’s Club and go to a new (and confusing) Welcome Back credit club. My wife and I are looking at Globus tours for this year and have almost booked. My TA said that we can’t get the “Welcome Back” credit for some unknown reason. We were on a Globus tour last June which ended on the 24th. I thought we would get the credit for our next tour which is (hopefully) in October of this year. I have looked all over on-line to try to figure out if I should pursue this issue or just keep shopping.
    Again, I don’t know if I’m even in the right place to ask, but I thank you for any help you can give me.
    Thank you,
    Dave Jouvenat

    1. Hello. Globus Family replaced their Journeys Club with Welcome Back Credits, so all Journeys Club rewards expired 12/31/18. Starting for trips taken in 2019, you will be rewarded up to $250 per person. The amount of Welcome Back Credit is relative to how much your actual trip cost. So, if you do end up traveling with Globus Family in October, you and your wife will each receive a Welcome Back credit on your next Globus Family journey.
      Because there is no enrollment or memberships and the credit is a dollar amount not a percentage, the Welcome Back Credit was designed to make it easier for travelers. Plus, you can redeem your credit on Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways trips, even if you earned your credits on a different Globus Family brand previously.
      We work very closely with the Globus Family and know they value customer feedback so will pass along your comments to the Globus Family; We know they want this transition to be as simple as possible and to be more beneficial to the traveler.
      Affordable Tours’ travel consultants are here for you 7 days a week to answer any questions and to help with the start of this new loyalty program. Thank you for reaching out.

    2. Call globus themselves, they did the same to us. Just know you don’t get credits on escape tours or Heavily discounted trip. A lot of frustration. You only get $$based on the advertised price of the tour. Not extras added. It’s a joke

      1. Hello and thanks for the info! Yes the Welcome Back Credit is based on the brochure price of the land portion of the trip. There are very few exceptions, namely, Escapes by Globus and Cosmos Lite. Your travel consultant will let you know if you book one of these trips so you’ll be aware ahead of time if your trip is eligible for the Welcome Back Credit. You can also redeem your credit on any GFOB brand (Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways) even if you earned your credits on a different Globus Family brand previously. Overall, our travelers are finding this loyalty program very beneficial.
        We work very closely with the Globus Family and know they value customer feedback so will pass along your comments to the Globus Family. Affordable Tours’ travel consultants are here for you 7 days a week to answer any questions about the Welcome Back Credits 1-800-935-2620

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