Review: Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

By: Donna Humble, Senior Travel Consultant

I have always wanted to see the Redwood trees. I just could not wait to go on this trip with Pacific Coast Adventure with Globus. If you like adventures in the outdoors, this is a great tour. The tour began in Seattle where there are many things to see and do. Many of the people on the tour had never been there. It would be advisable to go one day before the trip to do some of them. I have been to Seattle and went to the Space Needle, as well as Boeing.

Boeing plant is huge and we saw the planes being assembled. Many people work in the plants to do these jobs. The airlines buy planes and add their logo to the sides of the planes. It is quite interested to see the process being done on the places which take days to complete.

We also went to Pike Place which is an outdoor market that sells fresh fish. There are two guys who throw fish from one to the other. Luckily they catch them. I tried to get a picture but it happens so quickly!

Next stop was the visitor’s Center at Mt Saint Helen’s where in 1980 there was an eruption which blew the top off the mountain. That was really terrible because some people lost their homes and some lost their lives.

The bus took us to the most photographed sight in Oregon which is Multnomah Falls. It is a famous place for visitors to view and take pictures of.

Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

The next day we went to see the large sand dunes which you would never know was near the highway because there are lots of trees along the highway which cover them. We got to go on a dune buggy ride up and down the large dunes. Something which I will never forget. This was fantastic experience for everyone.

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That evening we had a salmon bake. We got to see the Chef preparing the fish. It was delicious.

Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

Next day it was on to Gold Beach for a boat ride. That was lots of fun.

Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

While driving to San Francisco, we made two stops- one to see what they call the Big Tree which is a Redwood. Then we went to Founder’s Grove for the Redwood Grove walk through the forest where there are lots of giant Redwood tree. Some have fallen but many are still standing.

Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

I know they would be big but they are awesome and live to be 1800 years. It is definitely a wonderful trip and with lots of fun things for everyone.

Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

In San Francisco we got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, twin peaks and Fisherman’s Wharf. I have been there several times but enjoyed seeing all of this again.

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By: Donna Humble
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