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NEW! 2020 Now Open for Sale! There's no better time than now to tour the United States and Canada, a wellspring of natural beauty, tranquility and hospitality. Globus Journeys United States and Canada vacations offer a multitude of possibilities, from well-preserved National Parks, New England's Fall Foliage to the Canadian Rockies.

Escorted Tour

Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Calgary Stampede 202004GlobusEscortedCalgaryCalgary$1,231
Tournament Of Roses 201905GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA$1,949
Tournament of Roses 202005GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA$1,871
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 201905GlobusEscortedAlbuquerque, NMAlbuquerque, NM$1,569
Enchanted New Mexico with Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 202006GlobusEscortedAlbuquerque, NMAlbuquerque, NM$1,826
Great Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies 201907GlobusEscortedCalgaryCalgary$3,397
Yellowstone Winter Wonderland 202107GlobusEscortedJackson Hole, WYJackson Hole, WY$3,050
Yellowstone Winter Wonderland 202007GlobusEscortedJackson Hole, WYJackson Hole, WY$2,996
Great Resorts of the Canadian Rockies 202007GlobusEscortedCalgaryCalgary$2,655
Nature's Best: Alaska 202007GlobusEscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$2,429
Music Cities: Nashville & Memphis 201907GlobusEscortedNashville, TNMemphis, TN$2,079
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta with Santa Fe 201907GlobusEscortedAlbuquerque, NMAlbuquerque, NM$1,989
Music Cities: Nashville & Memphis 202007GlobusEscortedNashville, TNMemphis$1,889
Québec Winter Carnival 202107GlobusEscortedMontrealMontreal$1,864
Colorful Newfoundland 201907GlobusEscortedSt. John'sSt. John's$1,752
Québec Winter Carnival 202007GlobusEscortedMontrealMontreal$1,734
Eastern Canada Winter Adventure 202007GlobusEscortedMontrealMontreal$1,703
Colorful Newfoundland 202007GlobusEscortedSt. John'sSt. John's$1,601
America's Canyonlands Escape 202007GlobusEscortedLas Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV$1,349
Canyonlands Escape 201907GlobusEscortedLas Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV$1,289
Canadian Rockies Winter Adventure 201908GlobusEscortedVancouverCalgary$3,331
Canadian Rockies Winter Adventure 202108GlobusEscortedVancouverCalgary$3,255
Canadian Rockies Winter Adventure 202008GlobusEscortedVancouverCalgary$3,176
Mackinac Island & The Great Lakes 201908GlobusEscortedDetroit, MIChicago, IL$2,529
Oregon's Coast, Cascades & Craft Beers 201908GlobusEscortedPortland, ORPortland, OR$2,509
Tournament of Roses with San Diego 201908GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CASan Diego, CA$2,469
Southern Charms 201908GlobusEscortedAtlanta, GAAtlanta, GA$2,389
Tournament of Roses with San Diego 202008GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CASan Diego, CA$2,366
Oregon's Coast, Cascades & Craft Beers 202008GlobusEscortedPortland, ORPortland, OR$2,357
Mackinac Island & the Great Lakes 202008GlobusEscortedDetroit, MIChicago, IL$2,357
Cape Cod & the Islands 202008GlobusEscortedBoston, MABoston, MA$2,339
Canyon Country Adventure 201908GlobusEscortedScottsdale, AZLas Vegas, NV$2,289
Alaska's Iditarod 202108GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,249
Canyon Country Adventure 202008GlobusEscortedScottsdale, AZLas Vegas, NV$2,231
Enchanted New Mexico with Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta & Santa Fe 202008GlobusEscortedAlbuquerque, NMAlbuquerque, NM$2,196
Alaska's Iditarod 202008GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$2,186
Southern Charms 202008GlobusEscortedAtlanta, GAAtlanta, GA$2,141
Pacific Coast Adventure 201909GlobusEscortedSeattle, WASan Francisco, CA$2,799
Classic Fall Foliage 201909GlobusEscortedBoston, MABoston, MA$2,779
Northern California's Finest 202009GlobusEscortedSan Francisco, CASan Francisco, CA$2,762
Cape Cod & the Islands 400th Mayflower Anniversary 202009GlobusEscortedBoston, MABoston, MA$2,699
Pacific Coast Adventure 202009GlobusEscortedSeattle, WASan Francisco, CA$2,645
Historic Trains of the Old West 202009GlobusEscortedDenver, CODenver, CO$2,645
America's Historic East 201909GlobusEscortedWashington DCPhiladelphia, PA$2,599
Classic Fall Foliage 202009GlobusEscortedBoston, MABoston, MA$2,555
Glacier National Park & the Canadian Rockies 202009GlobusEscortedCalgaryCalgary$2,552
America's Historic East 202009GlobusEscortedWashington DCPhiladelphia, PA$2,474
Jasper Dark Sky Festival Canadian Rockies Adventure 202009GlobusEscortedVancouverCalgary$2,429
Québec Winter Carnival with Toronto 202109GlobusEscortedMontrealToronto$2,428
Eastern Canada Winter Adventure with Toronto 202009GlobusEscortedMontrealToronto$2,353
Historic Cities Of Eastern Canada 201909GlobusEscortedTorontoMontreal$2,344
Québec Winter Carnival with Toronto 202009GlobusEscortedMontrealToronto$2,338
Historic Cities of Eastern Canada 202009GlobusEscortedTorontoMontreal$2,066
Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton 202009GlobusEscortedHalifaxHalifax$2,051
Great Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies With The Rocky Mountaineer 201910GlobusEscortedCalgaryVancouver$5,680
Great Resorts of the Canadian Rockies with the Rocky Mountaineer 202010GlobusEscortedCalgaryVancouver$4,569
Great Resorts of the Canadian Rockies with the Calgary Stampede 202010GlobusEscortedCalgaryCalgary$4,189
Spectacular Alaska! 201910GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,449
California Classics 201910GlobusEscortedSan Francisco, CALos Angeles, CA$3,279
Southern California With Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Parks 201910GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CALas Vegas, NV$3,259
Spectacular Alaska! 202010GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,158
Best Of The Hawaiian Islands 201910GlobusEscortedHonolulu, HIMaui, HI$3,029
California Classics 202010GlobusEscortedSan Francisco, CALos Angeles, CA$2,978
Best of the Hawaiian Islands 202110GlobusEscortedHonolulu, HIMaui, HI$2,969
Southern California with Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Parks 202010GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CALas Vegas, NV$2,906
America's National Parks 201910GlobusEscortedRapid City, SDSalt Lake City, UT$2,879
Spirit of the American West 201910GlobusEscortedDenver, CODenver, CO$2,869
Discover Glacier National Park, Hells Canyon & Washington Wine Country 202010GlobusEscortedSeattle, WASeattle, WA$2,852
Pacific Coast Adventure with Portland Rose Festival 202010GlobusEscortedSeattle, WASan Francisco, CA$2,825
America's National Parks 202010GlobusEscortedRapid City, SDSalt Lake City, UT$2,735
Spirit of the American Wild West 202010GlobusEscortedDenver, CODenver, CO$2,672
America's Musical Heritage 202010GlobusEscortedNashville, TNNew Orleans, LA$2,663
Glacier National Park & the Canadian Rockies with the Calgary Stampede 202011GlobusEscortedCalgaryCalgary$3,502
Alaska's Iditarod with Fairbanks 202111GlobusEscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$3,369
The Classic Lodges & Parks of the West 202011GlobusEscortedRapid City, SDSalt Lake City, UT$3,356
Historic Trains of the Old West with Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 201911GlobusEscortedDenver, CODenver, CO$3,299
Alaska's Iditarod with Fairbanks 202011GlobusEscortedFairbanks, AKAnchorage, AK$3,256
Historic Trains of the Old West with Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 202011GlobusEscortedDenver, CODenver, CO$3,176
Enchanting Canyonlands 202011GlobusEscortedLas Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV$3,167
Majestic Rockies 201911GlobusEscortedVancouverCalgary$3,078
America's Historic East With Stay In Washington DC 201911GlobusEscortedWashington DCWashington DC$3,019
America's National Parks with Denver 201911GlobusEscortedDenver, COSalt Lake City, UT$2,999
America's Historic East with Extended Stay in Washington DC 202011GlobusEscortedWashington DCWashington DC$2,904
America's National Parks with Denver 202011GlobusEscortedDenver, COSalt Lake City, UT$2,892
Majestic Rockies 202011GlobusEscortedVancouverCalgary$2,725
Quebec in Depth with the Gaspe Peninsula 202011GlobusEscortedMontrealMontreal$2,487
Spirit of the Rockies 202012GlobusEscortedVancouverVancouver$5,084
New England and the Hudson Valley 201912GlobusEscortedNew York, NYNew York, NY$3,899
Southern California With Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Parks With Las Vegas 201912GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CALas Vegas, NV$3,509
New England and the Hudson Valley 202012GlobusEscortedNew York, NYNew York, NY$3,473
America's Musical Heritage with Extended Stay in New Orleans 202012GlobusEscortedNashville, TNNew Orleans, LA$3,033
Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton with Ocean Train to Montreal 201912GlobusEscortedHalifaxMontreal$3,024
Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton with Ocean Train to Montreal 202012GlobusEscortedHalifaxMontreal$3,023
Newfoundland & Labrador 201912GlobusEscortedCorner BrookSt. John's$2,579
Newfoundland & Labrador 202012GlobusEscortedCorner BrookSt. John's$2,376
Passage through New England & Eastern Canada 202012GlobusEscortedBoston, MABoston, MA$2,259
Majestic Rockies With The Rocky Mountaineer 201913GlobusEscortedVancouverVancouver$4,741
Majestic Rockies with the Rocky Mountaineer 202013GlobusEscortedVancouverVancouver$4,314
Great Canadian Rail Journey 202013GlobusEscortedTorontoVancouver$4,190
California Classics with San Diego 201913GlobusEscortedSan Francisco, CASan Diego, CA$3,899
Grand Hawaii Vacation 201913GlobusEscortedHonolulu, HIMaui, HI$3,849
Ultimate Alaska & the Yukon 202013GlobusEscortedAnchorage, AKAnchorage, AK$3,833
Grand Hawaii Vacation 202113GlobusEscortedHonolulu, HIMaui, HI$3,743
California Classics with San Diego 202013GlobusEscortedSan Francisco, CASan Diego, CA$3,558
Maritimes Adventure 201913GlobusEscortedBoston, MABoston, MA$3,393
Grand Western Canada Vacation 202013GlobusEscortedVancouverVancouver$3,197
Maritimes Adventure 202013GlobusEscortedBoston, MABoston, MA$3,059
Historic Cities of Eastern Canada with Ocean Train to Halifax 202013GlobusEscortedTorontoHalifax$3,022
Majestic Rockies with the Calgary Stampede 202014GlobusEscortedVancouverCalgary$3,978
Parks & Canyons Spectacular 202014GlobusEscortedRapid City, SDLas Vegas, NV$3,869
Eastern US & Canada Discovery 201914GlobusEscortedNew York, NYBoston, MA$3,782
Eastern US & Canada Discovery 202014GlobusEscortedNew York, NYBoston, MA$3,478
Exploring America's Great Parks 201915GlobusEscortedLas Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV$4,299
Western Explorer 201915GlobusEscortedLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA$4,079
Exploring America's Great Parks 202015GlobusEscortedLas Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV$4,067
Parks & Canyons Spectacular with Denver 202015GlobusEscortedDenver, COLas Vegas, NV$4,046
Quebec in Depth with the Gaspe Peninsula & Ocean Train to Halifax 202015GlobusEscortedMontrealHalifax$3,535
Eastern US & Canada Discovery with New York City 201916GlobusEscortedNew York, NYNew York, NY$4,565
Eastern US & Canada Discovery with New York City 202016GlobusEscortedNew York, NYNew York, NY$4,144
Exploring America's Great Parks With Stay In Las Vegas 201917GlobusEscortedLas Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV$4,589
Exploring America's Great Parks with Extended Stay in Las Vegas 202017GlobusEscortedLas Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV$4,392
Grand Western Canada Vacation with Alaska Cruise 202020GlobusEscortedVancouverVancouver$3,932

Tour and Cruise

When you combine a cruise with your tour package you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy part of your vacation by land staying overnight in some locations at hotels, taking in the local life and exploring day trips in your area, then enhance the remainder of your vacation on a cruise taking in all the benefits a ship has to offer.

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