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Chobe River Cruises 2023/2024

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Chobe Travel Guide

Most people, who plan an African safari vacation, do not consider taking one of the featured Chobe River cruises. These river cruises make it easy for you to appreciate nature and spot the unique wildlife that can only be seen in Africa. Chobe River cruises allow you to see Botswana and the abundant wildlife in Chobe National State Park. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Chobe river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Chobe Travel Guide
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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Jun 02, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Jun 02, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Jun 04, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Jun 04, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Jun 09, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Jun 09, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Jun 11, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Jun 11, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Jul 14, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Jul 14, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Jul 16, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Jul 16, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Jul 21, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Jul 21, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Jul 23, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Jul 23, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Aug 04, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Aug 04, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Aug 06, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Aug 06, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Aug 11, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Aug 11, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Aug 13, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Aug 13, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Sep 01, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Sep 01, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Sep 03, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Sep 03, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Sep 22, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,599
Sep 22, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,599
Sep 24, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,599
Sep 24, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,599
Oct 13, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,499
Oct 13, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,499
Oct 15, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,499
Oct 15, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,499
Nov 03, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg11$11,199
Nov 03, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenCape TownJohannesburg16$11,199
Nov 05, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgJohannesburg14$11,199
Nov 05, 2023AmaWaterwaysZambezi QueenJohannesburgArusha18$11,199

Chobe Travel Guide

Chobe River Cruises Highlights

  • Observe hippopotamus and crocodiles in their natural habitats.
  • See a variety of bird species, including threatened and endangered birds.
  • Watch the regular steam crossings of the elephants that live in Chobe National Park
  • Spot wandering leopards and lions, frequently seen in Chobe National Park.
  • Listen to knowledgeable guides, as they entertain you with facts and details about places, animals, and activities.
  • Enjoy cool drinks and beverages while reviewing the incredible scenery.
  • Visit the town of Kasane – noted as being the town where Liz Taylor and Richard Burton renewed their wedding vows in 1975.
  • See Victoria Falls – one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 
  • Visit Table Mountain in Cape Town by cable car.

Chobe River Cruises Travel Tips

  • Wear hiking boots that fit well and cushion you while you walk.
  • Choose to travel the Chobe River during the dry season from May through November. At this time, the river provides water for a large number of animals, including elephants, lions, and hippos.
  • Flights from the U.S. to Africa can be lengthy. Therefore, plan to fly to your city of embarkation about two days before you leave on your journey.
  • Consult with your doctor to see what vaccinations or malaria antibiotics you may need.
  • Check to see if you will need a visa along with your passport. Make sure all the information on your travel documents is correct.
  • Always make sure you have easy access to your passport and visa, if required.

Chobe River Cruises Things To Do

  • Cape Town, South Africa
    Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Town normally will be the beginning city for your safari Chobe River cruise. Located on the southwest coast of South Africa, the port city sits on a peninsula below the amazing flat-topped Table Mountain. The spectacular mesa offers a panoramic view of Cape Town and the surrounding area.

    Best Time To Visit

    According to U.S. World Travel, the best times to visit Cape Town are from March to May or from September to November. Because these are shoulder seasons, they provide milder temperatures, reduced river cruise prices, and are less crowded.    


    You Should Know

    One of the highlights of visiting Cape Town is seeing Table Mountain, which is reached by cable car. From the top, you can observe sweeping views of the harbor as well as the boats, as they drift in and out of the bay. Robben Island, which is located off the coast of Cape Town, features the prison that once held Nelson Mandela. The prison has been transformed into a living history museum.  
  • Boulders Beach
    Boulders Beach

    Boulders Beach is one of the beaches that make up Table Mountain National Park. It is unique, as it is home to African penguins. The area is a marine protected area to ensure the protection of the penguins, which are listed as endangered species. 

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to see Boulders Beach is during the peak season for breeding, or from February to May. Visit the beach in the late afternoon, around 4:00 pm. That is when the birds return to their nests. If you want to avoid crowds, visit the beach in April and May, with the exception of Holy Week.    


    You Should Know

    Around 60,000 visitors visit Boulders Beach annually, and it's important not to be invasive of their habitat. Wheelchair-accessible boardwalks wind through the beach's dunes so visitors can view the nesting penguins and their chicks.
  • Johannesburg

    Another major river cruise stop on a Chobe River cruise is Johannesburg, South Africa, also called Joburg by the locals. Many Chobe River cruises may start in this town instead of Cape Town. Johannesburg is unique, as it does not lie next to the coast, or sit along a river or lake. That is why this South African city is known as the world's largest dry port. Instead, the city's waterways include spruits (streams) and canals, which link to major waterways.

    Best Time To Visit

    According to the U.S. World Travel, the best times to visit Johannesburg are from March to May or from September to November. These low travel seasons see fewer crowds and reduced river cruise prices, as the weather is warm and dry.    


    You Should Know

    Johannesburg began as a gold mining town. The city is home to the world's largest man-made forest, which features 10 million-plus trees. The trees reduce greenhouse emissions and lessen city noise.
  • Kasane

    Your Chobe River cruise adventure truly starts in Kasane, which is located in northeast Botswana near the borders of Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia. The town is also known as the gateway to Chobe National Park. The Caracal Biodiversity Center, located in Kasane, serves as a shelter for rescued wildlife.

    Best Time To Visit

    If you want to visit the waterfront in the town, it is best to go from May to October, which are considered dry months. If you plan a river cruise safari, you will see more wildlife in the area from August to October. However, the temperature can climb and become stifling during these peak viewing months.    


    You Should Know

    Nearby Kazungula Village is home to a crocodile farm. Entry to the farm is free for children up to 10 years old. The Kazungula Snake Park in Botswana, features 50 species of snakes, including the deadly Boomslang. If you visit the Kasane police station, the large space in the Baobab tree behind the station was once used to house prisoners.
  • Chobe National Park
    Chobe National Park

    A major part of the Chobe River cruise experience involves visiting Chobe National Park. The park, which is located in northern Botswana, is the most diverse park in the region, and the third-largest park in the country. You can see all types of wildlife, with the exception of the rhino. 

    Best Time To Visit

    While the months of May through July are normally bone-dry and feature cold nights, the temperatures begin to rise quickly with the approach of the rainy season. If you visit the park in August through October, you will experience super-hot temperatures. However, you will also see more wildlife.    


    You Should Know

    While the park features the largest concentration of elephants in the world, it has a large array of animals as well, including crocodiles, leopards, lions, hippos, and many more. The park is home to 9 types of owls, including the Southern White-faced Owl, the Spotted Eagle-Owl, the Pel's Fishing owl, and the Pearl-spotted owlet.
  • Victoria Falls
    Victoria Falls

    Victoria Falls is a cascade found on the Zambezi River in southern Africa. It provides a habitat for several unique animals and species of plants. The falls are surrounded by a rainforest, which constantly sees "rain," due to the waterfalls' spray. During a walk through the jungle, you will come upon 19 viewpoints for observing the falls. While viewpoints 1 through 15 are located on the Zimbabwe side, viewpoints 16 through 19 are situated on the Zambian side of the cascade.

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to see Victoria Falls is between February and May. That time falls directly after the area's summer rains, thereby causing the waterfalls to display the world's largest volume of falling water.     


    You Should Know

    You can view the falls from two countries - Zimbabwe, which offers the largest area for viewing the falls, or from Zambia. Victoria Falls is only one of two places in the world that displays moonbeams. David Livingstone, who was a British missionary and explorer, was the first European to discover Victoria Falls, he named the falls in honor of the British monarch, Queen Victoria.
  • Impalila Island
    Impalila Island

    Impalila Island is a great addition to Chobe River cruises, as it provides an insight into African tribal life. The isle is located where the Chobe River meets the Zambezi River in Namibia. Most visits to Impalila Island consist of a walking tour that gives the traveler an up-close look at village activities.

    Best Time To Visit

    While this is a year-round destination, it is best to see the attraction during the dry season, or from April to October, especially if this is your first trip to Africa.    


    You Should Know

    If you take a walking tour, you can watch mat weaving being done and see how the locals ground corn into flour. Support villages by buying locally made crafts, including wooden jewelry, bowls, or animals. You can also watch dance entertainment, with the option to join the activity. During the dance, village women wear traditional garb.
  • Serengeti Game Reserve
    Serengeti Game Reserve

    Another Chose River cruise option, the Serengeti Game Reserve, gives you a chance to see the Great Migration. During the migration, you can see thousands of wildebeest crossing the Mara River. This dramatic trek begins in the northern Serengeti plains in Tanzania – an ideal way to conclude your river cruise holiday.

    Best Time To Visit

    If you want to integrate your river cruise travel with the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park, you need to plan a trip from July to October.     


    You Should Know

    The Serengeti wildebeest migration features the migration of wildebeest, as well as a large number of zebras, including smaller numbers of gazelles and impalas. You have the best chance of seeing the great migration during August or September.

Chobe River Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

A Chobe River cruise can be taken year-round, especially if your main goal is to spot wildlife. You also need to consider the length of the river cruise and what attractions you want to include on your itinerary.

  • Dry Season - April to October

    April to October marks the dry season, which, generally, is an ideal time for a first-time river cruise adventure in Africa. When water holes dry up, the animals begin to migrate to the Chobe River. During the dry season, the temperatures begin to climb in August until they peak in October. The temperature can reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit during this time.

  • Wet Season - November to March

    The wet season occurs from November to March. During this period, you can witness the migration of large herds of zebra and flights of birds. January and February represent the dampest months. Showers often occur in the afternoon and, while they are heavy, they are also short-lived.

Chobe River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Chobe River Cruises?

    Unlike other river cruises, Chobe River cruises do not stop at a large number of ports-of-call. Instead, your itinerary will primarily include wildlife viewing, hiking, and village-related activities. The Zambezi Queen is often used for Chobe River Cruises and is also chartered by AmaWaterways.

  • What’s Included on Chobe River Cruises?

    You can customize a luxury river cruise experience, choosing the best dates to see the sights on your Chobe River adventure. Regular amenities include Michelin-rated meals, interesting off-river excursions, and visits to villages. Airport transfers are also included in the river cruise price.

  • What’s the Best River Cruise of Chobe River Cruises?

    The best river cruise is a trip that meets with your budget and travel itinerary. You can choose from river cruises that last from 4 days to 15+ days, so there is a river cruise journey that will work with any budget. One of the better river cruise lines to consider is AmaWaterways.

  • How Much Do Chobe River Cruises Cost?

    Chobe River Cruise prices depend on the time of year you go, the length of the river cruise, and what is included in your travel plans. Generally, if you want to make this type of river cruise really special, you need to spend about 12 days traveling. On average, you will pay around $3,600 per person for this type of river cruise experience. While other river cruises may be lower in price, this per person rate reflects travel to all the above-listed attractions.

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